Greg in Good Company Rocks You with ‘Carrie’s Song’

If you’ve got some small town roots to massage, then Greg in Good Company has got you covered.

Right before the weekend, this Los Angeles band got very real with their latest single ‘Carrie’s Song’ via SoundCloud.

Get that warm gospel voice, a generous dose of acoustic right before it unwinds into a glorious blend of rustic gospel that permeates your soul?

You should expect that and a lot more with their upcoming full-length album called American Way which is due for release on July 20th.

Go on. Play it again. You know you want to!

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Dhanya Throws Down Gauntlet with Epic Self-titled Debut

Dhanya’s self-titled debut defiantly restores the feeling of gaining control over your own life, especially for those who aren’t used to having it, whether it was denied from them or part of the struggle in one’s growth.

Unfortunately, that kind of philosophical introspection congests everything throughout our culture and is often adopted and passed on by people who are modestly or humbly unqualified or ill-suited to do so. Dhanya, however, shows that she’s the perfect vessel for this kind of contemplation.

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Bad Reed’s ‘Self-Titled’ EP Creatively Overcomes Adversity

(Brantford, Ontario, Canada) – In a interview with Louder Than War, when Bad Reed was asked about who writes the music, the band said that everyone did and that nothing was off the table.

This is right because when you listen to this Bad Reed’s self-titled EP, there’s the obvious sense that there has to be some method to the madness in creating the varied dynamics in the music, on the first track, just before Sydney Sollazzo starts singing.

According to the interview, it was trial and error where they spent several days out of each week for a year, developing songs for the three track EP.

The first track is titled  “Punch It”, which they’ve just released a video for, but it’s also a track worth getting out of the way, for a few reasons. Continue reading

‘The Mess We Made’ Is Tomas Doncker’s Social Statement

Last year, Contact Music did a email interview with New York multi-instrumentalist Tomas Doncker and asked him about what inspired him to write “The Mess We Made”.

It was a cathartic reaction to the Charleston church massacre and all of the events leading up to it. Since that day, Man’s continuous inhumanity to his fellow man has not slowed down a bit. I find it hard to believe that in 2015, we treat each other with such disregard. Quite shameful, really. I couldn’t NOT say something.

This is true.

But then, we have the tale of two nations, one that’s angry about it and another who’s angry about the fact we’re that angry about it. Continue reading

As long as You ‘Mind The Journey’, You Too Will Be Coloring In The Gray Machine

Spencer Sabo has been making his art since he was a teen. He’s a Boston guy, which might not mean anything or means tons for his rep.

He’s a visual guy for sure. He needs the finished product to be seen to be understood and his film making ventures — which is something that could either make one stand out or become lost in the content ocean — has a lot to do with that.

Sabo needs to get into something to understand it and his use of mixed media skills are essential.

Which is why the psychedelic music genre can never be exhausted, especially if you’ve been training for it your entire life like Spencer has.

Not to say that he’s intentionally going for that but, when you’re dealing with his Mind The Journey project, it’s easy to see he’s got a vision for the textures he’s constructing from the other side of your speakers. Continue reading

Jelani Lateef Inspires And Motivates With ‘Cold Days And Dark Nights’ Mix

In April of last year, Chicago hip hop artist Jelani Lateef released Cold Days and Dark Nights, 16-tracks of inspirational stories, street gospel, offensive optimism and confrontational reinvention.

Lateef leaned hard toward the hustle with a 14-track mixtape by the same name in January, which is no doubt a result of being gripped with inspiration to spread his message to the masses.

Let me cut to the chase and tell you that you can go to Datpiff to download this new release right now!

The mixtape features new work along with a few hits from his original album — which you can get on Bandcamp — but it is also a powerful piece of production in its own right.

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