"The 22nd Day of Christmas" issue:::0.21c (last weeks left overs)

Here is some videos for stuff that came out last week.  I think next to MGMT, Dead Confederate has my vote for best new release so far.

Daedelus – “Live at Low End Theory’ (Alpha Pup)


 Dead Confederate – “Dead Confederate EP” (razor & tie) 01.15.08


Evangelicals – “The Evening Descends” (dead oceans)


MGMT – “Oracular Spectacular” (Columbia)


Planetakis – “Out of The Club, Into The Night”

 Rafter – “Sex Death Cassette” (Asthmatic Kitty)

This is it. Sex Death Cassette is flying hot out of the Rafter oven, and landing toasty and delicious on the shelves of your local independent record store and our own online store. Rafter has certainly proliferated his share of music lately, not the least of which includes two albums (10 Songs and Music for Total Chickens), a Song a Week for the last 16 weeks (click here to listen), and more recently, a deliciously talkboxed tune for Pepper Mill Records (here for page, here for MP3). But here’s the weird thing: this sheer volume has just made Rafter sound better and better, and Sex Death Cassette is the culmination. Paper Thin Walls is hosting a full, free stream of the album alongside Rafter’s commentary if you’d like to hear it for yourself. Click here, and be sure to comment! You can buy it from us for $10 (+S&H) by clicking here. – posted from house of sufjan stevens.

tour nearby: Tuesday 2008-03-11 Denton, TX – Rubber Gloves w/why?


Times New Viking – “Rip It Off”(matador)


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"The 22nd day of christmas" issue:::0.21a

 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – “100 Days, 100 Nights” [Daptone Records]

When I first saw Sharon Jones on Late Night with Conan O’Brian, It was like discovering rock n’ roll for the first time and It made everything brand fuckin new again.  This woman is a force to be reckoned with and that’s not something I just throw around unless its well deserved.  You need to play this for everyone if you want to test those who claim to really love great music… and once you know who those people REALLY ARE, round them up and go to this show!  I’ll see you there!

Jan 27 2008 / 7:00 p.m / Granada Theater / Dallas, Texas.

‘Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – 100 Days, 100 Nights’


Steve Aoki – “Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles” [Dimmak] 01.22.08

As the year starts up again, new music is really starting to come out and it’s already getting pretty dam good.  Steve Aoki’s debut release is already one of the most talked about downloads to come out, which includes all your favourite singles from all-star bands and features exclusive vocals from the some of the best artists near and far.

Mar 11, 2008 / 11:00 p.m. / Ghostbar / Dallas, Texas

‘Steve Aoki plays H***ter party with Uffie’


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'ORGANASM new releases – issue::: 0.20b"

The Micronauts – “Damaging Consent & A Remixes Retrospective” [citizen] (((09.28.07)))

The Micronauts “Reaction” music video directed by Danakil

Various Artists – ‘Juno: Original Soundtrack’ [Rhino] (((01.15.08)))

there isnt a video for this soundtrack but a recently posted history lesson with Michael Cera…

Drunk History vol. 1 – Featuring Michael Cera

The Peppermint Creeps – ‘Cover Up’ [Cleopatra] (((01.08.07)))

I used to be a loyal Cleopatra customer in a dumber age and there packaging still makes me extremely curious of it’s contents only to find at 13 bucks later than they arent worth the plastic their spun from, but that’s when your more serious about your music.  So move on if that’s the case, but this is for the old arthritic farts who are doomed to hear that 80’s single, dreaming about the days when they could still stay erect. 

The Peppermint Creeps – ‘turning japanese’


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"Spread out for my high kick!" issue:::20

As everyone recover’s from the transition into the new year, i’m still going through some stuff that was overlooked by the masses late last year and posting some stuff that’s coming tues.  Enjoy.

The Fashion – ‘Fashion’ ((( 09.17.07)))

If you can’t get excited about new wave influenced bands by now, then go ahead and move on to the next entry… but for the rest of you, what else would you expect from a band called The Fashion?  Not as nostolgic as your 80’s clone but poppy, dancy and high energy.  Check it.

The Fashion – ‘Solo Impala’

FOOD – ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ [Rune Grammofon] (((12.11.07)))

this is avant-garde stuff that you analyze asking yourself.. what does it all mean?  Like some of the stuff on this post, you may have to order some of these as imports and not to be left out of the exclusive circles (throws Autechre sign) I’ve got mine on order.  I’ll be streaming this weirdness today.  If you’ve seen MirrorMask then you already know about this.

posted from Rune Grammofon:

Now down to the duo of Iain Ballamy and Thomas Strønen, Food looks to be more active than ever. This, their fifth album, was recorded by Jeremy Cox over a period of two years and mixed by Ashley Slater, who also contributes on three tracks. Maria Kannegaard plays Fender Rhodes on five tracks. Strønen, considered to be one of Norway´s most inventive drummers, was always an important writer in Food and it´s fair to say that a good amount of their earlier output was written as opposed to improvised. “Molecular Gastronomy”, however, is mostly improvised, much in the same way as the music of Strønen´s other duo Humcrush. Given the new set-up and a fresh approach, it´s also natural that Ballamy, without doubt one of the great British sax players of his generation, gets more room for his excellent playing. Finally, this is also a great sounding album!

FOOD – ‘Humcrush live…’


Gotan Project – ‘La Revencha del Tango/Lunatico and Inspiracion-Espiracion (Ya Basta! fr) (((01.08.08)))

reissues of older albums, but they are cool so, let’s not forget the Gotan Project… For more exotic tastes.Tags: , ,


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'Calm before the storm' issue::: 0.19a

British Sea Power – Waving Flags [EP] 01.07.08 (((rough trade)))

Yet another ep from this well loved band.  Single for the upcoming album ‘do you like rock music?’.

British Sea Power – ‘Waving Flags’

Klimek – “Dedications” (((ANTICIPATE004)))

I’ve got a taste for the ambient/experimental stuff… ive got no shame blasting this at a red light.

Klimek – “for Ezekiel Honig & Young (pan) Americans”

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