#14 – Blogger Beat Down “A Republic”

"No more temporary fixes, how about real permanent change?"

“No more temporary fixes, how about real permanent change?”

I didn’t entirely give up on the NaNoWriMo challenge, but if the whole point is to post every day then I did give up. I know for certain that I gave up on the NaBloPoMo challenge but that’s okay… I’ll get it when my internet connection isn’t so-so. Don’t ask.

So it’s back-to-basics ‘fuckers’. In every way possible. Kinda have to strip things down and start all over again, which is what I’ve done since I’ve ‘removed’ myself from society.

Started rebuilding again, and covering every gap I find, because leaving people out is no Republic I want to be a part of. There are people within it though that believe very strongly that it’s the best Republic ever. The problem is that it’s great for them, but not for the rest of us — and then Ayn Rand changes her name to collect social security. Okay. So there’s your double standard. Guess as long as we keep it that way, it’s fine.

As usual, If I’m not posting on here, I’m still writing creating off-line. In case you might have missed it, we’ve been doing some reports that generalize where we’re at with our Texas incumbents who we found aren’t worth a shit who’ve really GOT TO GO here in:

Survival Journalism: RODEO CLOWN ROUNDUP! “A Brief Review Of Recent Incumbant Embarrassments and The Candidates Who Need To Replace Them

If you don’t give a shit about Texas politics, then you’re not gonna be able to see where the Washington shit-storm comes from. I’m telling you, we’ve got a real problem down here. I don’t mean to get all political on you, but it’s hard to take yourself out of it when you’re afraid of leaving the apartment, although mentions of Elizabeth Warren instills some hope.

We’ll get back to spell casting soon.


#13 – Blogger Beat Down: Texas Secession

"What's Texas Mojo Got To Say About It!?"

“What’s Texas Mojo Got To Say About It!?”

“If At First You Don’t Secede, Try Try Again”

I came up with that title at the last minute! Impressed? Unlike the Texas secession, I want to be at the next pitch meeting, otherwise good titles like that waste away on this blog.

There’s a major learning curve here so while were working our way through the Texas election 2014, we would like to say hello to Texas Mojo Klayman up there. He’s one of the trillions of fed up Texans who want’s to clear the air about the secession, because it seems to still be a hot topic with some of our imbeciles. So go check that out.

NaBloPoMo prompt

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

A: Well, this is one of the many places of many blog pages and all day and every day.

#12 – Blogger Beat Down: "Lucid Dreaming"

Lucid dreaming doesn't always work. Sometimes there are more questions than answers.

“Lucid dreaming doesn’t always work. Sometimes there are more questions than answers.”

“Lucid Dreaming Is The Key To The Code In My Head”

I try to remember and record every dream I have. A few months ago, I read some stuff about lucid dreaming and made note of that suggestion, to recall those dreams.

Well, I’ve been writing that shit down since 2007 and I have thirty- something of them written down so, for that amount of time, I don’t have many. What I’ve learned from them is pretty valuable. It’s true what they say about lucid dreaming, you advance your knowledge. I don’t know that I could have learned what I did if I hadn’t followed this advice.

The information also says; I can control my dreams better. I haven’t gotten there yet, but so far I can experience them fully. Maybe it’s because I’m writing them down?

The strange thing about this though it that I’m starting to have abstract dreams where I see and sense conversations and sentences rather than images or events. One night, I dreamed of a process, and a system that repeated itself in a pattern where the repeated text changed halfway through. In other words, sections of text were the same while others changed. They revealed something sinister, like a plot or a scheme like a cypher.

When I recorded what I dreamt, I felt that the code was simple but when I ‘looked’ at the entire system it was a part of, I saw something bigger. I encourage everyone to look into lucid dreaming, and if you don’t then more for me. I think I might have already revealed too much.


Who is your favourite character of all time?

A: This is a hard one but I would say that it would have to be… John McClane.


Amber & Mike

#11-Blogger Beat Down


“Being Nice Is A Waste Of Time”

I like being mean sometimes. It usually makes me feel pretty good. The reason why is, it helps me get rid of shit I don’t need like door-to-door preachers every weekend.

The other thing is that my angry tone carries into a lot of my writing sometimes. Actually, usually it does. I was thinking about this and how it will affect my ‘brand’. A guy I know told me this year that I need to watch the bridges I burn or who I talk about especially if I want to build my brand and while I understand what he means, I can’t help but feel that that is my brand or at least leaning towards it.  in reality, I’m having fun with it.

After dealing with the mobile preacher this morning, I’m at least thankful that they came when they did cause now it makes me want to go to church even less. Don’t get me wrong! If you want to go to church then go ahead! Knock yourself out!

One thing I pointed out to the dude at my door was how the church will play with your fear so they know how better they can envision your eternal damnation.

“I’m afraid of the dark.”

“Well, if you don’t follow Christ’s word, expect an eternity in darkness.”

I really thought I could handle one of these dudes but it I was actually upset after the ordeal. Now, I’m gonna have to put a sign on the door.

#10 – Blogger Beat Down

"The ancient With The New"

“The Ancient With The New”

“Lou Gets A Free Pass”


I’m still playing around with the format on these posts and can’t decide on anything, but you still have to plow through. It’s like when Andy Warhol told Lou Reed that he was lazy. And he agreed, so he spend the rest of his life writing, performing and releasing albums no matter what. Even if some of those things were ‘snooze-a-thons’, even if it was Metallica and at the same time, he was saying something with it.

Like when ‘metal machine music‘ was the clean slate he needed. I was a bit harsh on him but who the fuck am I? I ain’t no Miley Cyrus. He did it though, and he did it on his own terms. The man gets a free pass. Definitely a legend. Wow… it just hit me.

Now that it’s the end of the week, I can’t help but think that that event was the icing on the cake to what a almost crappy week this has been. Either way though, I went through with my second day of the NaNoWriMo challenge. I don’t want to come across as if I’ve got it figured out but when someone finally passes, it changes everything. The second day of my challenge brought this out, like there is a presence in place of that person. The presence of silence. It’s very profound.

Other things are ending and I’m a little late on this but yesterday I learned that ‘the best showis ending next month, which is sad, the government cut down on snap benefits nation wide and I had to sit down and figure out what drives mass media day after day.

Here we have another day or reflection and more questions about ‘what the hell’ is going on. When is it gonna stop? Two days into my novel writing process and I’m beat!

30 Days, 30 Posts: NaBloPoMo is here!

Here is some more information on the NaBloPoMo in case you’re still not clear as to what it is. Give it a read, you have until the 5th to get in the blog roll.

The WordPress.com Blog

There’s a lot of buzz each November around NaNoWriMo — you may notice some of your favorite blogs dedicating themselves to churning out 50,000 words this month.

If 50,000 words seem like 49,000 too many or you’re more interested in blogging than writing a book, NaBloPoMo — National Blog Posting Month — might be your speed: a challenge to post once every day for the entire month of November. No theme, no word count, no rules; just you, your blog, and 30 new posts.


NaBloPoMo started in 2006 in response to NaNoWriMo; not every blogger has the time or inclination to write a book, but the idea of a challenge that forces participants to stretch themselves, grow as bloggers, and be part of a supportive community is undeniably appealing. As founder Eden Kennedy, the power blogger behind fussy.org, put it:

If there’s one thing creative people…

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