Eli Raybon’s Cents of Style Will Bring a Green Mountain of Cash

[06.19.2017] Eli Raybon’s cents of style is a great way to corner what he brings to the music scene because it describes as lo-fi accessibility that’s driven by raw talent and with little expense. Maybe people who start bands don’t crunch numbers anymore to see if they can afford to pull it off.Those people are over-thinking it while a young Eli Raybon simply grabs his guitar and heads West — even though it helps that he’s related to Marty Raybon. It makes cents, right? The point is to make more than just cents of course.

Back in March, incendiaryAmerican wrote about Eli Raybon’s “Unsymmetrical” single plus some of his other earlier work, hopefully, showing how this young artist is bringing fun back to music. At the time, I was looking forward to his new EP release called Green which I incorrectly said would be released in April.

Maybe it just wasn’t ready but June 22nd is still a pretty close release date and I’m happy to say that Eli has me excited again with his new “30 Cents” single!

Green could be referring to a green mountain of cash for Raybon because music dominates his life and my ears right now. And while it might seem a bit trite, as I said of his “cents” of style, he has a knack for suits that are more than just on the surface. They might even have something to do with the aesthetics of fractals such as those he was researching as a match and science major?

Did I just crack-the-code Eli?

That’s a shot in the dark but here’s what I’ve learned thus far, starting with the title for his new single because obviously, 30 cents means something to Raybon and Noisy got the exclusive on it having something to do with his germaphobia.

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Kind of triggers a lot of questions I have for Eli which will get to at some point. In the brief Noisey interview, he also aims his music sensibilities in the right direction with The Smiths. I think this guy and I can hit it off for sure!

What does Green sound like?

Good question! First of all, I might be wrong about Green being something new and that it’s more like a concept that’s released in phases. “Unsymmetrical” was the first phase and “30 Cents” is another.

As far as I can tell, the EP will have three tracks maybe even four. From what I’ve heard, you’re sure to get a lot of mileage off of these songs, one of them being a track called “Sucker Me In” which I can’t wait for you to hear when it gets released.

“30 Cents” is on its own against the other two tracks, less synthy than the rest.  Raybon appropriately tackles the new wave sound on this EP though which I always felt he needed to do. He just seems like the type to pull it off.

I’m not sure I can put it in words but I can tell you that this is going to be awesome for everyone to hear and for Eli Raybon’s career. Check out this sweet-ass video and then check it out again and again after that!


Official Site,








[Featured Image screenshot via YouTube]

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