Ellen Allien – Sool  (((Bpitch Control))) 05.27.08

You ever have that feeling in a dream that is best described as you, holding something tiny in your hand… but it weights 5 times more than it should?  You try to capture that feeling again to describe it, but you usually can’t.  well, Ellen Allien is one of the few who may have had the dream and was compelled to express it thoroughly through sound.

She holds a keg of concrete production here, and whispers her song to you with enough commanding presence that you have no choice but to be mesmerized.  Ellen may seem like she demands and sometimes requires, but this electronic veteran does it so effortlessly.. the music, moves into your head space and stays for hours after one listen.  Just give in and do what it says, which is probably another listen.

RADIOHEAD – There, There – 05.18.08

I’ve still got an erection from this show.. ladies?

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