Tortas, and Tacos and Gorditas at Torteria Insurgentes

Holy goddamn fucking shit!


pambasoby Steven Doyle

In that ever vigilant search for the perfect taco, gordita or torta, we stumbled across a gem that will have you excited. Brush up on your Spanish before making an entrance, it could prove vital. Regardless, the employees at Torteria Insurgentes located at 3701 W Northwest Highway near Bachman Lake will have plenty to offer starting with breakfast at 8am, and on into the evening as they close at 10pm.   

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Sugar Skull Cafe Has Bad Ass Tacos In Trinity Groves

This looks and likely tastes a lot better than what El Zacapu in Irving has.


sopeby Steven Doyle

We spent some time visiting some of the Trinity Groves hot spots this weekend including the new Sugar Skull Cafe. This is a fast casual restaurant that rests at the end of the East aisle in  the front of the complex next to the very popular Resto Gastro Bistro. Sugar Skull offers a nice line up of tacos, breakfast items, and sides such as fundido, elotes and churros.  

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Reopening Jurassic Park III

Dinosaur Adventure

A model of the type of dinosaur that played the baddie in Jurassic Park III. Seems like a pattern that this type rounds up the last two movies. In any case, this one looks better than the CGI’d shit they had in that third piece of garbage.

I’ve never been vocal (or textual) about this one. I only bring it up again for the obvious reason that Jurassic World is currently breaking box office numbers and that I didn’t remember Jurassic Park III as well as the others.

It’s the only one I didn’t have a copy of, okay!?

And I kind of have this condition — which only affects others if they’re held against their will — which is to watch every sequel or prequel in a series as long as they exist.

I did it with Hellraiser and I’ve done it with Killjoy, Gingerdead man; I’m coming for you next, so this was the case with these Jurassic Park movies as well.

Yesterday afternoon, I felt the need to get a used copy at a local movie retailer and we never went but it was one of those things that just kept bugging me. I had to relive the movie again.

Finally last night, we get there and right in the front is their Jurassic Park display with that movie in the bunch.

I might not remember the movie very well but I already knew it wasn’t as great as the others but okay. What I’m saying is that it hurts more to spend ten bucks than it does to spend a quarter of that for this thing.

The Review

The theater experience plays every part of the swindle, where you pretty much have to admit that you paid a lot of money for two hours of air conditioning.

On ocassion, you get to see a solid movie to improve it. If I were any dumber than I am now and it was really hot outside and this were in the theaters, they would have sold me on the stereo surround sound to make this better.

What are you gonna do, Hollywood!

You made a movie with a bunch of actors who don’t track anymore and dragged me through a weak film that’s badly paced with a shallow plot.

At least in the second movie there were so many different setups with satisfactory results that I liked those characters a lot more.

We’re supposed to like the kid in this one but we don’t. We’re supposed to care about the parents but we just don’t care and Dr. Grant is such a prick that he’s just not a likeable dude here and yet he tries to redeem himself with the loss of his paleontologist apprentice.

The music was pretty bad too.

I cheated a bit and checked the trivia section of IMDB for this movie to learn:

Michael Crichton worked with the screenwriters several days to brainstorm about a story, but left after some days when he could not come up with a satisfactory idea.

In the end, it looks like something I would write if I weren’t having a good time writing something and just focused on atmosphere, which doesn’t translate at all.

I haven’t read any other reviews about this thing because I want to make sure I’m expressing the same thing people might have expressed then, but in the context of time it’s a bit different.

Even the parody that I wrote for Jurassic World is more engaging than the plot and story of III!

Alright. Welcome to another clever way to pitch my parody Thoracic Hurl. Buy it today!

The Charleston A.M.E. Church's Pitch Of Faith

Embed from Getty Images

Jonathan Weisman of the New York Times wrote an article about the storied history of the Charleston church where nine people were killed in a mass shooting.

In the article it’s mentioned that a prayer vigil took place at the Morris Brown A.M.E Church nearby where:

A street minister, Mark Irvin, implored “all European-Americans, all non-African-Americans, whether you think your ancestors are innocent or guilty, bring yourselves to ask forgiveness from the Lord.

In keeping track of my travels on the internet, I left a comment on another article by the Dallas News regarding this very thing, where even during a tragedy, someone representing some faith based organization is trying to sell their faith-based initiative to anyone who’ll buy it.

Here’s the commensation from that post:

Comments About The Community And The Church

Yes, there’s a lot of talk about the church and its purpose in the New Testament. Actually, one section of it is devoted to letters written to many churches about how it has lapsed in its roll. To compare this to another recent event over the confederate flag on Texas state license plates, as the government’s document, they make the decision as to how that document is used so can the church do it to indoctrinate others.

But isn’t there a way out of that loop? Of course there is! A tragic event such as that mass shooting inspires people to unite, mourn and console each other. People who aren’t even religious are standing together with those who are in solidarity but it’s also crystal-fucking-clear that it’s an opportunity for church leaders, to take advantage of this in order to guilt trip others or somehow worm their way into gaining new members for their church.

And we’re okay with this?

UPDATE: 9:21 PM – CST: Title for post was corrected and changed from Charleston Churchs’ A.M.E. Faith Pitch to The Charleston A.M.E. Church’s Pitch Of Faith.

My Latest Book: Thoracic Hurl!


So I’ve been trying to get a writing gig on some of these online freelancing sites and no one was biting. About the only thing I could get was some boring ass article work which I don’t ever want to do again.

I got really frustrated with the entire process and decided to go it alone (again) but what would my deadline be? How about the release of a blockbuster flick this weekend? So I rushed to write this a la hack and whuala, my latest book!

Just what blockbuster am I talking about? I’m talking about the fourth attempt at one of the Jurassic park movies, Jurassic World! I was hoping the cover would help give that away but some people might be immune to pop culture symbols so there’s some help for you.

What is this book about? It’s about a dude who buys the dinosaur park and them runs it into the ground cause he doesn’t know that dinosaurs don’t eat chutney and the diet kills them, running off the tourists with the stink.

But noticing that the fringiest of tourists are crowding around the carcasses with passionate hurling, he decides to make a hybrid dinosaur to kill off making the biggest stinker of them all!

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Why I'm Shitting On The Skunk Ape

Skunk ape?

So in the afternoons, I watch a little Escape TV because they run these old true crime shows. Within that marathon of TV watching is a program you might be familiar with called Unsolved Mysteries.

NOT the original series with Robert Stack, I’m talking about the last one with Ferina and in one episode they did a segment on the sightings of the Florida skunk ape.

Let me just say that I loved me some Unsolved Mysteries when I was growing up and the new show is about as exciting, but we live in a different time with practical technology, legitimacy and facts. The only people fucking that up these days are the same people that are trying to convince us that the skunk ape is real.

Myakka skunk ape 1

At the end of the program they showed an update on the case and it shows one of two pictures, the one you see if the one which better identifies what we might be looking at.

According to the report on those photos, the woman who took them said in a letter that she thought it was an escaped Orangutan:


Maybe it’s because the information is too old (fifteen years old, can you believe it!?) that I couldn’t find anything on it, or maybe I’m just incompetent when it comes to research. I’ll take that.

I also felt I had something to say about that a post someone made on that Finding BigFoot show that just pisses me off:

Nowhere in either the post or in the comments has anyone mentioned the obvious so I will, that these are a bunch of con artists.

Unfortunately there’s no such thing as magic, there are no skunk apes and no supernatural beings anywhere to be found. Instead, we have these crooks running around trying to get people to believe in something while they snag money away from everyone else. Sure advertisers don’t care since they too make money off of these guys to make for a compelling show, but these dudes have also been out there actively conning the rest of us. I know I come across as livid here but let’s face it, it is entertaining.

And really, though I said it is entertaining, I think we have to come to some kind of public understanding that we know these guys are taking us for a ride. I mean, what more of a guideline do you need than when the center of odd news Coast To Coast AM calls out a bigfoot hunting conman out on the air for scamming people out of a lot of money?

The Practicality Of Baby Moose Killing

Camper Josh Hohm and his baby moose pal.

Camper Josh Hohm and his baby moose pal.

Pretty disturbing to wake up to news that park officials from the Gallatin National Forest responded to a call from a camper — who had reported an orphaned baby moose in the area — by euthanizing it and then blowing up the remains.

Actually, it wasn’t as recent as today, this story might have first been published within the details of an article by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on the 29th of May about a forest service trail supervisor having a dynamite job. To be fair to the Chronicle, it doesn’t appear that they knew the baby moose had been euthanized as the report just reads:

A cow moose and two calves had died near the West Boulder Campground, 30 miles southwest of Big Timber. In a single blast, all three disappeared before they could attract bears.

Again, referring to the original sources for this story, the Bozeman Daily also published a story from the camper who made the call, Josh Hohm.

Go through and read those for yourself, but one thing is pretty clear from the last article; when the fact that the Fish, Wildlife and Parks official Andrea Jones says:

We don’t move or rehabilitate moose.

even if they didn’t intend to, comes across as defiant, where it’s something they don’t do, period.

That also goes for elk and deer, animals that are likely too common to waste any time rehabilitating anyway? And I’m reminded of the debate over the hunting of the white rhino where some say they need to be hunted to conserve them versus just letting them live.

It all comes down to money. If no one has the cash to nurture and rehabilitate these animals to give them a chance, then it’s just making it very clear that if someone doesn’t do something, then we obviously don’t want to go through the trouble.