Hey everyone! Guess what this is!? Give up? What, don’t know how to fuck’n read? It’s my podcast MONTH-A-THON! This is where I post an episode of my podcast every frigg’n day for a month! At the time of this writing, the episode was posted right on time so I’m excited to be on schedule. I’m not exactly sure what the best way would be to archive this thing, or what.

I’m thinking we’ll be in and out of music over this period. I’ll whip out the big comedy guns from time to time to change it up a bit, but not too sure. We’ll certainly see. Click on the link above to get to the episode and let me know what you think?

"I'm Planning A Denton Army, New Podcast Plans And Twin Peaks Synthwave"

Okay everyone. I think I finally got most of this right. If anyone has heard the other episodes of my podcast, you’ll probably notice some issues with the sound?

Starting with the latest episode, that’s no longer going to be a problem. I finally took notice of the compression and normalize levels before exporting the file.

So now, the latest episode sound tons better than before. But let me talk a little bit more about what the plan is here. I’ve been trying to come up with a schedule to post these shows throughout the week. I think I finally sorted that out and as on Monday, 12am, you’ll be getting about at least, an hour of these shows a day.

Don’t know how many of you guys are actually on board with that as I don’t get many responses to it, which means I do what I basically want. Right? I guess so.

But let me speak to the people of Dallas… PEOPLE! I’m working on my set which you will see on the stage tonight at 8:30. If another comedian doesn’t cancel then you’ll have Nick Pozderac on the stage, and if they do, you’re up shit creek with me for 30 minutes.

Anyway, check out my latest episode and have a good time.

Welcome Leonhardt And Kiel Grove To #Dallas Before Tonight's Show With @The_Infamists @Bryanstreettvrn


ZoeDune: First thing I heard about you was how much of a road warrior you are. I could only imagine where you were at in mindset when you first decided to be one. What was the push? What was the dream?

Chris: You’ve only got one life that you’re certain of, so do what you want with it.

ZoeDune: I agree with that. What’s the background of the name Leonhardt and how does it represent your music?

Chris: Leonhardt is actually an old family name. It’s kind of an ode to my grandparents. I love them and figured I’d keep their name alive a little while longer.

ZoeDune: Is it safe to assume in that case that you’re conjuring up the early days of Americana? Perhaps a lost musical art form?

Chris: Honestly I’m not trying to recreate anything. I just write and play music about my life for the most part. Luckily doing what I do there’s always plenty to write about.

ZoeDune: What kind of progress do you feel you’ve achieved with your releases? I don’t like to call them albums, demos or EPs because of the bandcamp format, but they are records of perhaps phases you were going through since 2011?

Chris: I guess I’ve switched up my guitar playing quite a bit by switching over to open D tuning. I’m sure the stories have changed a bit also.

ZoeDune: Have you played in Dallas before?

Chris: I have but not as leonhardt. My band antique scream has played there a few times but not in a few years. We used to play a place called bar of soap before it shut down. Then a few years back we played Reno’s chop shop, the owner of that place actually pissed in our friends bands Merch box. So, we never bothered to come back to that bar.

ZoeDune: Yeah, Fuck Reno’s. We’ll talk more about that one for the podcast. It’s good to see you keep up with the goings on of the places you travel to! Bar of dopes. Our sound guy was a staple there. You’ll meet him when you get here. Can’t wait Chris! See you soon!

Look guys. Two dudes in one shot! Why not, right? So I followed up with Kiel Grove, who will also be at the show! 


ZoeDune: First of all, I’ll fess up to my mistake on this soon but I did read you as veal and then veil grove, despite the fact that the name was right in front of me during my recent podcast. I’m fessing up to that right here so we won’t have any trouble.

KielGrove: It’s cool I’ve had my name spelled/ pronounced incorrectly a lot.

ZoeDune: How was your stint at Adairs? An appropriate setting for your show?

KielGrove: Adairs was fun. It got double booked which is always shitty but it was with a dude I played with in Chicago last year so it was cool to see him.

ZoeDune: So you and Chris of Leonhardt; been traveling together for a long time?

KielGrove: no this is mine and chris’ first tour together.

Leonhardt and Kiel Grove

ZoeDune: So you’re kind of that road warrior mentality too or are you more grounded?

KielGrove: grounded? By that do I have another job back in Colorado No. I make my living by playing on the road. I don’t know if it’s a road warrior mentality as much as just having a good work ethic.

ZoeDune: How’s your liver these days?

KielGrove: My livers’ probably pissed, but I’m pretty sure it digs beer too so I don’t feel so bad.

ZoeDune: What get’s you excited right now? What are you stoked about?

KielGrove: I’m excited about seeing my dog soon and stoked on playing a bunch of new towns on this tour.

ZoeDune: What are you doing right now?

KielGrove: Riding in the back of the van heading to the gig in Denton

ZoeDune. Gimmie a Kiel Grove song I need to hear right now, one that you love to deth.

KielGrove: I think theres 4 songs available to hear on my website I love all 4 em. My favorite song I play isn’t recorded yet.

ZoeDune: Can’t wait to see you at the show!

KielGrove: thanks, see you tomorrow! There!

I know what you’re doing. You’re reading this in the car or while your crossing the street, on your way to the show. Stop it! You’re putting lives at risk! 

Make sure you have the soundcloud app on your moe-bile so you can hear my favorite tracks from them on my podcast, and get bandcamp’s app too. It’ll make it easier to download/stream their songs. Also, so you know, The Infamists will be headlining… here’s a video of what you’ll be witnessing: 

Oh yeah. Don’t forget to get them on Bandcamp too!

Corrections or whatever will be made after the gig so, don’t be picky!

@Retropromenade's #Nuwave #TwinPeaks Tribute Is Here!

The other day, I was watching this movie called FoxFire. It was this movie about teenage girls who were influenced by this rebel played by Angelina Jolie. It was one of those movies that had that underlying theme about teenagers running around behind their parent’s back, getting into trouble, but in that case for all the wrong reasons.

Those Twin Peaks kids were pretty nice and just trying to do the right thing. What does that have to do with anything though right? I don’t even know why I mentioned it, other than a lame segue into this really cool Twin Peaks tribute that came out On Tuesday the 20th, which is David Lynch’s birthday. 

All the stars are aligned just right for Twin Peaks fans. There’s a new series coming out, and this compilation has everything you need with the promise of more to come. Check out how cool this thing is and if you go to the actual page, you’ll find they’re selling some sweet looking shirts too!

The @Loafersband's Eric Vaughn Eisenman and Savannah Loftin Are The Ghostbabes I've Been Waiting For!

OOOOoooooooo.. scary!

OOOOoooooooo.. scary!

Guys! I want to express my excitement for this coming weekend when this little blogperation of mine presents a live show with two fantastic bands, Jack Thunder & The Road Soda (Fort Worth) and The Ghost Babes (Waco). Both come from a similar environment where everyone is tight.

Btw, you guys might not already know that I have a podcast on soundcloud and in a recent episode in a interview with Drew Harakal, he answered the question about why the Fort Worth music scene is as tight as it is. All of this makes sense because it’s all of the well-known live music establishments are within walking distance of each other. Dallas still hasn’t figured that out yet. Well, they have but they’re got a lot of infrastructure to shift around if they want it to happen like it does there.

In any case, the Ghost Babes are stoked about this coming weekend and so am I. We had a wee chat earlier just to see where we’re at with things.


Zoe Dune: “I summon a… GHOST BABE!”

Ghost Babes: “GHOST BABES PRESENT. Savannah and Eric speaking.”

Zoe Dune: “WHOA! I didn’t know I had the power to summon more than one babe!”

Ghost Babes: “ha-ha. we share a life so its pretty easy!”

Zoe Dune: “My dreams came true!” 
Ghost Babes: “Sure honey attracts the flies. But you’ll get more honies being fly!” 
Zoe Dune: “What’s up guys!? What are you doing right now at this moment today now, right this second! Not that second… THIS ONE!” 
Ghost Babes: “Ghost riding the couch and surfing YouTube.” 
Zoe Dune: “What a life! In Waco of course!?” 
Ghost Babes: “Yeah yeah in Waco, at the ole casa de loafer.” 
Zoe Dune: “GUYS! You’re coming to DALLAS THIS WEEKEND!!! What asshole put you up to it?” 
Ghost Babes: “Ha-ha Some dude on the internet just hit us up. We’re still not sure why!” 
Zoe Dune: “Maybe some paranormal babe stalker, which is a whole different fetish altogether. The internet is full of weirdos. But in any case, I haven’t been to Waco in quite some time now. Would you say you dominate the music scene there with this and your other projects? In other words, you guys got that market cornered?” 
Ghost Babes: “THERE’S A MUSIC SCENE HERE? We’re one of maybe 4 bands in our little scene of homies. We’ve got it cornered in that sense. There’s tons of country metal cover bands here!” 
Zoe Dune: “Tell me about this project’s origins. Definitely different from loafers?” 
Ghost Babes: “Well, Savannah had wrote some songs, I wrote some songs that never made it for LOAFERS so we put them into one set and started playing some shows. Our first show we had to find a band to open for our homies Lochness Mobsters so we just practiced for a week then played.” 
Zoe Dune: “How long ago was this?” 
Ghost Babes: “It was in July. Half of LOAFERS went to Burger-a-go-go, so the other half teamed up with Veez.” 
Zoe Dune: “How methodical are you guys with your songs? Anything you’re trying to establish with it? I can’t imagine that it’s just song spillover right? Or maybe I’m locked in that traditional ‘concept work’ mindset?” 

Ghost Babes: “Ha-ha, honestly mine just spilled over and we finished up Savannah’s together. She wrote all of hers on ukulele and I helped figure them out on guitar.” 
Zoe Dune: “What’s your view on stuff that doesn’t work? Like, when you’re building something.. are you defiant to make it work or just toss it out?” 
Ghost Babes: “We have tossed a few, for sure. can’t force something that doesn’t work. It’s kinda hard, sometimes, because you wanna write cool songs so you just fart them out and then later realized they’re dumb. We wrote a song about our cat, Nessie. ….but how cool can a song about your cat really be?” 
Zoe Dune: “Well, cat people might be into it. That’s dangerous territory though. Cat people usually don’t venture out to see shows. So maybe you’re right about that one. Cat songs are self-defeating.” 
Ghost Babes: “If they’re cat people like us, they ONLY venture out for shows. Ha!” 
Zoe Dune: “You guys have been floating around the DFW area a lot over the past several months right?” 
Ghost Babes: “This is actually our first show up there! LOAFERS have been tho, Savannah always ALWAYS rolls with the LOAF crew.” 
Zoe Dune: “A lot of house shows too I take it?” 
Ghost Babes: “We’ve done a few house parties. We’ve mostly just played at TrueLove here in town and in Austin. In fact..this is going to be the last Ghost Babes show ever now that Savannah is playing bass in LOAFERS. We joined forces. It only made sense!” 
Zoe Dune: “Since you’re getting a little taste of the travel life, are you looking to do more of it across the state? I’d like to think we’re hold our own (or trying to) over here?” 
Ghost Babes: “Yeah totally! DFW zone is super tight but we are planning on hitting the road this summer.” 
Zoe Dune: “Who with? What are these plans?” 
Ghost Babes: “As LOAFERS! Were not sure where to yet. We’re recording next month so we are really focusing on that right now.” 
Zoe Dune: “Right on, guys! Let’s make that happen! Looking forward to Saturday!” 
Ghost Babes: “Yeah totally! Us too! Jack Thunder & The Road Soda have partied with us down here in Waco before so were stoked to kick it with those dudes again!” 
Pretty cheesy, right? Can’t wait to hear more, right? We’ll have more with them on next week’s episode of the podcast. See if they can help me sort out some of my thoughts about things. 

Check out The Ghost Babes on BandCamp & Facebook