There’s Only One Way For #OscarSoWhite Supporters To Really Boycott The Academy

(TheDailyKOS) – In this article Doctor RJ makes a good enough case for why black talent is pissed off at the Oscars this year, being the second year in a row that they have been shut out because as we all very well know, #OscarSoWhite.

But no one has been able to make the case for why they’re getting shunned, other than this half-assed write up about the repeated neglect where Cheryl Boone Isaacs who is the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences apparently asked the board to be more diverse in their thinking and in response is quoted as saying:

“The Academy has no power over Hollywood. We have nothing to do with hiring,” she said. “What we can do, however, is to get them to widen their normal stream of thought.”

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The Simpsons’ Racism Is Allowed To Continue

(TheInquisitr) – Over the past couple of years the call for Apu’s retirement has grown louder among the Indian-American community. We could even say Asian-American or not at all as an example of how sensitive things are with this.

Not to fan the flames because really, when you look at it from the beginning, the Apu character on The Simpsons is created from a bunch of stereotypes. And so it’s appropriately jarring when the character makes an appearance, especially since we know that it’s a white guy doing his voice.  Continue reading

Word Games

The English language is highly (and unnecessarily) complex. What is it within our collective cultural mind that allows for us to have so many different words that all mean the same thing? Universities across the United States are trying to change the way that people speak by trying to remove some seemingly derogatory words and phrases from common language. One of the schools most noted for this is the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee with their campaign “Just Words?”. Other universities with similar campaigns are UC Davis, University of Maryland, and many others. The image is of one of the promotional items the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee uses for their campaign. it explains some of the words that the campaign wants to take out of our everyday language. For some people, these words are part of their everyday life and mean nothing more than the word “cat” “dog” and “friend” do. To them, some of these words have no emotional impact.

On one side of the argument these changes in common language are being used in order to create more welcoming and open environments for all types of people. On the other hand it is trying to keep people from speaking the way they choose by making certain words and terms “inappropriate”. This is like when some people don’t want you cursing around their young children because they deem that type of language “inappropriate”. To some, language like this is just how folks express themselves while to others it is an abomination of the devil.

The only way I can see this becoming mainstream enough to be effective is to get this message into the media. Which at this rate won’t be very popular considering the fact that much of mainstream culture (music, television, movies, etc) seems to portray violence, sex, substance abuse, and often negativity towards groups who don’t “fit in”. Also with terms like “swag” and “Y.O.L.O.” (you only live once) and “on fleek” (similar to on point, off the chain, well designed or well-groomed etc) it doesn’t seem like people really care about speaking properly or intelligently. Even the ever so common acronyms “OMG” and “LOL” fall into this category. These terms have invaded the language of the youth because they have only to do with fun and being young, not about caring for or respecting others.

Personally I agree with these ideas but not with the reasoning behind them. Using any term that is “politically correct” isn’t actually politically correct depending on what side of the politics you are on. It seems that this change in language can be seen as more of a manipulation of language to serve a higher purpose instead of to make our culture more community based than it currently is, at least in the way it is being implemented now. Instead these mindsets should be taken in order to establish an environment of respect for all groups of people as well as all individuals regardless of political affiliation, race, economic status, or sexual orientation because once a way of thought changes, the language used to express those thoughts soon follows suit.

If we want to change the way that our culture speaks, how do we get this message across to those who have not received post-secondary education nor have a desire to? Is this just another way to divide people in an attempt to further soften the way we speak about others? Now I will admit that changing the way we speak to and about others to a more respectful way is not at all a bad thing and though there is good motive, how can we follow through with this without increasing the divide between those who get a university education and those who do not?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Leave us some insight in the comments!

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David Bowie’s Death Causes Cancerous Spread of Sadness

Well, what we thought would never happen finally did, the Thin-White Duke is Thin-White DEAD.

Ten minutes ago or so I woke up in a pool of my own drool and while I’m fumbling around for a napkin and trying to do some pillow PR, I hear the news on turned on the radio to Morning Edition to hear the news.
Of course our friends at The Inquisitr, like all media, is already on the biggest news story of the day.

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After Being Sexually Harassed, Sonny BBQ Fired Charlotte Woman

(ZOEDUNE) – When I first read this, for a few seconds I thought about why Jones couldn’t just leave this alone before I smartened up and thought about it from her point of view.

Even if she hadn’t been working there for very long, you can’t just let someone get away with that kind of harassment. It’s one of those situations where if it bothers you enough, you might need to take action and so she did.

But we’ve all seen these cases where the employee ends up taking the hit somehow, so suspecting that something was up when she was called into a meeting with the managers is a good call and glad she prepared for it.

On the other hand, many of us know about those people in the work place who take advantage of an opportunity when they can and there’s no way to know for sure, if Jones was one of them.

When it’s a hard call it can be simplified and when it’s easy, it’s hard all over again.

Perhaps we should ask Sonny’s if this is acceptable behavior for one of its franchisees. Hit them up via this contact form on Sonny’s Website. You can also let them have it on Facebook and on Twitter. The only acceptable solution to this is for Tudel to be stripped of his franchise–immediately.

I’m including this segment of the article for you to take action now, but recommend you read the post Charlotte Woman: I Was Fired For Reporting My Boss’ Sexual Harassment on

And really, just because it can and sometimes, does work the other way around; how often are sexual harassment charges thrown at this business in particular that they can’t consider the possibility that it’s something to take seriously? They need to take the hit. (LiberalAmerica)

[Lauren Jones (image courtesy Corey Schmidt, WBTV) via LiberalAmerica]

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A Snapshot Between the Old and New Year 2016

(TheInquisitr) – We often hear or read that the holidays are a sad time for a lot of people and when the new year comes, it’s probably even more depressing that people a celebrating in such an over-the-top way that sad people get even sadder.

That’s just a theory, but it’s likely the case if we see obvious signs of this kind of behavior and match it with impulsive gun sales, where more people buy them every time the president uses the word ‘gun(s).’

As a writer who digs through the trenches looking for confirmation on some of these things, we refer to one article by TheHuffingtonPost which writes about the anxiety and depression of the holidays where they start the first paragraph with:

 “For many people, this time of year is magic.”

A little later she says:

In reality however, this glossy surface is just that. Underneath, many people feel very anxious and depressed. Some of these people suffer with depression and anxiety all year, and others seem to feel it only during the holidays. This often continues well into the new year.

In the article we refer to by TheInquisitr, the writer takes a snapshot of the transition between the old and new year where the faces of celebrities via social media provide some safe haven for those with anxieties and depression, and even show some videos of celebrations in places that have had a ‘rough’ couple, to several years.

[image via Stuart Moreton / Flickr | CC BY 2.0]
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A Ten Year Character Assassination Campaign

Sometimes recovery can be a motherfucker. Shit happens as it did to me towards the end of last year and there were some broken promises along the way. Only thing anyone can do about that is move on and try to make it better.

But, some people have decided that they need some kind of satisfaction and much like a person who doesn’t want to be overpowered, I’ve decided to take a different approach and assemble a large ‘fuck you’ project that’s intended to go on for at least a decade.

Why? Because hate, rage, discomfort, anger and pain can be marketable. Imagine, if you will, a robust, sticky, foul and unstoppable character assassination campaign beyond your wildest dreams. So, if you think there are limits to slander, you’re about to find out what those limits really are.

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