Dreamland Skate Center Engages My Nightmares

This truly dope poster will add a funky freshness that you've never even seen before!... to your walls Designed by Mythical Vigilante - 12 Inch by 18 Inch poster printed on gorgeous #80 weight cover stock paper - shipped in flat cardboard packaging to preserve quality...

This truly dope poster will add a funky freshness that you’ve never even seen before!… to your walls
Designed by Mythical Vigilante
– 12 Inch by 18 Inch poster printed on gorgeous #80 weight cover stock paper
– shipped in flat cardboard packaging to preserve quality… (order on BandCamp)

Retro Promenade is one of my go to labels for two reasons: one is because they’re awesome and two, because they’re local.

This label does it again with another release, this one is a small collection of mind-numbing remixes from well-known synthwave heavy-hitters who have the twenty-first century’s 80’s wave market pretty much cornered, which is perfect for a label that dominates that genre well.

I don’t think they will ever run out of ideas on those relics from our favorite decade as they tap into the appropriately unforgettable past time of hanging out at the Dreamland Skate Center venue, thanks to Mythical Vigilante.

Not a real place but you know how popular skating used to be. Fairly recently, I read about our local mid-cities Skateland shut down. Maybe I was having a nightmare because I can’t find anything on it.

I also just called them up to see if they had a message verifying that but unless they walked away from it all and the message is old, and they left the number active, it still thrives.

Ahhhhh.. mid-cities Skateland is near me and I’ve never been! That’s going to change soon. This image is provided by: Dave T. from Foursquare.

I mean, just look at that!

Dreamland Skate Center at times almost sounds like a modernized Joy Division track. I’m specifically thinking about that out-of-print tribute from long ago called Means To An End, and even more specifically; Moby’s version of New Dawn Fades.

Work is almost over. It sucks.
Behind on bills.
You’ve only got about, um… 21 bucks aaand 78? cents in your pocket.
But you’ve also just shined and buffed up your leather.
You’ve relaced those laces.
There’s only one thing on your mind.
There’s only one place everyone you know will be on Friday night.
There’s only one phrase you’ve been repeating to yourself for the last hour as you watch every second go by on the clock…

Besides the original single, Who Ha’s remix is one of the more memorable breakbeat popsterpieces that’s dance floor ready.

And I don’t know why it took me longer than it should have to get into Renz Wilde’s remix but on second hearing, it falls right into place as what I think is the darker opposite of Who Ha’s.

Guys! Go to bandcamp and get the poster, get the download and just get behind Retro Promenade already!

Local Love: Lily Taylor

Cinematic, haunting, and glorious only scratches the surface of Lily Taylor’s “Across the Hills.” The song’s simple, yet profound chords combine with Taylor’s gorgeous and ethereal vocals to create a magical tension. I’ve had this gem on constant replay since discovering it, and I’m sure that you will too.

“Across the Hills” is the second track on Taylor’s album The Ride. The Ride is available on vinyl, cassette, and as a digital download via Pour le Corps Music. Click the bandcamp link below!


Cinderella's Using WiFi

See that chick right there? She’s wearing some sweet ass Chuck Taylors, possibly in a coffee bar and writing for INCENDIARY AMERICAN! No, she’s not. I lied. I’m a liar. About this picture, but not about me reaching out to writers out there!

I’m just going to come out and say it, which is that I applied for writing positions at various local media services in order to settle more comfortably into what I like to do, which is to talk a lot shit via text.

As I expected, it didn’t work out. Am I giving up completely? No, I might go at it again because everyday is another opportunity to learn. I’m not so soft that I can’t take some hits, especially early in the process.

That’s why I’ve decided to turn this blog into a media resource and I’ll reaching out into the interwebs for locals who have the same interests I do. Go to my Craigslist ad so I won’t have to go over the same thing again. Later down the line, I’ll create a submission page with those details for anyone who wants to submit articles or posts for this blog.

'Fat Guy' Across America Fights Internet Trolls

Travelling a Solitary Road

Travelling a Solitary Road” (Mt. Errigal, Co. Donegal,irl. On the road home from Letterkenny ,my nearest big town) is probably what it looks like for Eric Hites a.k.a “Fat Guy’ across America, who’s fat ass is on his pedal bike. It’s also under License Some rights reserved by Liamfm .

Last week the news media made a big deal about comedian Wyatt Cenac’s revelation about Jon Stewart’s ‘racism’ on the Daily Show where he yelled at Wyatt during a pitch meeting because he had a problem with his impersonation of a Hermain Cain because it was too close to sounding like King Fish.

If you don’t know about it, basically Jon Stewart yelled: “I’m done with you!” at this meeting and went on to blow up into an even bigger thing because it was never really settled. At least not to Wyatt’s satisfaction.

If you want to hear about the real exchange, you should listen to the entire interview to get it in the right context. What I really want to talk about though is the evolving process of how traditional and social media have created a misdirection which is somewhat marketable before the facts come in.

No one really gave much attention to the mentioned podcast before the POTUS interview. Right after that, we saw how quick the mainstream media reported on what he said, which is a given since POTUS is the biggest ‘get’ any show can have.

But now they’re paying attention, as we can see from the reporting of Wyatt Cenac’s interview. In both of these cases though, people who have only gotten a portion of the interviews suddenly have opinions which are marketable if only for a little bit.

For instance, a lot of people who didn’t listen to the Obama interview in its entirety, if at all, were questioned by major media outlets in some cases about the president using the word ‘nigger’ on the podcast.

On a smaller level though, we have the case of Eric Hites a.k.a. “Fat Guy” Across America who was initially covered by The Newport Daily News for doing something rather extraordinary to save his own life and his relationship with his wife, where he’s having to fight off trolls who’ve painted his wife as the bad person in the relationship. (Bubblews)

There’s nothing anyone can do about this but to point out the failings of the news media where they do thorough research in their stories in most cases (or they’re supposed to) and yet they won’t put much value in any real truth and just creating these points where they can stimulate conversation on whatever topic they can find to inflame it to its fullest capacity.

By the way, let me point out that being there is a different thing to comment on altogether as opposed to listening or reading the details. Just so you know!

Stop Hating On Alien 3 Already!

The Prop Store of London - LA - Alien 3 head

“The Prop Store of London – LA – Alien 3 head” is under License Some rights reserved by Doug Kline

I was reading a thing on the AV Club about how Sigourney Weaver found the Alien Vs. Predator movie(s) depressing while at the same time, embracing Neil Blomkamp’s efforts to making another Alien movie with her.

The post is mainly directed at the franchise going in the wrong direction — which in contrast with Alien 3, is far worst than where people thought then newcomer David Fincher was taking it. Now, that we know how Fincher’s career ended up, can we stop hating on Alien 3 now?

I blame the fat-fucks out there who grumbled through the film when it came out and decided to plant their seeds of hatred into children — who are no different from the religiously indoctrinated who, let’s face it, are pedophiles who love to plant those seeds in the vulnerable… when are we gonna lock those people up?

I’m telling you, man; this movie is still pretty top notch. Darker and more brooding than the others and to a new generation of movie fans, David Fincher’s directorial debut.

We’ve gone through this arc, you see; where we’ve gone well past a fourth movie, two AVP’s and a prequel to the whole thing and now with a new Alien movie in the works, we should accept that movie and any other as the definite part of the narrative now.

Yeah, people are gonna do what they want of course and aside from the fact that Alien 3 was one of those movies that went through development hell — the director’s cut is a mess so I’ll give you that — the final cut is consistent in it’s tone, it has as least two great actors Charles Dance and Charles Dutton and likely the most traumatic plot twist in the life of its main character, as if she hadn’t already gone through enough shit.

I mean if anything Alien: Resurrection was a bit of a stretch and yet I thought it was just as traumatic as her death (spoiler?) in the 3rd one. It’s a beautiful thing, this story line. It’s not like the director didn’t know what he was doing. If I were to say that at least Uwe Boll didn’t direct it, that fat-fuck I mentioned earlier would say he would have done a better job. To that person, start taking yourself out of the picture. At the very least, people should start treating those naysayers like confederate flags and bring them down.

I guess what I’m saying is, do yourself a favor and go watch Alien 3 today. It’ll likely look much different from what it looked like some years ago.

More To Come…

"The Ballad Of The Butcher"

Chopping ribs pays the rent, not blogging so place your order or move along will ya, bub!?

Yeah, it’s been a while and so I need to tell you there are things in the works. Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping the analytic site meter running. I’m coming back here daily to be pleasantly surprised it’s moving at all!

What’s blogging but hardcore writing, right? Even though there haven’t been updates to this blog lately, the writing hasn’t stopped. As a matter of fact, I’ve been writing like crazy! Marquis deSade crazy! Don’t believe it? check out my fiverr gig to see what kind of writing I’ve been doing!

Can you believe it takes the fiverr system three goddamn weeks from the time someone pays for the work I do before I can withdraw it from that system? So needless to say, I’ve been taking a beating here folks!

Let me pitch this to you while you’re here because if you’re still reading, took a look at the service I provide and would like something from me, then go to this link instead and contact me with any requests you might have, I do take payment via PayPal.

Otherwise, I’ll be back soon with some more stuff on this here blog because there’s lots for me to rant about and we both know this!

"Report Reich-Wingers To The Authorities"

Happy 4th of July folks! As I write another post about what true “Freedom” and “Independence”, direct your eyeballs here!


Not a day goes by that I don’t have some argument with some Reich-winger. In this case it was with a person who commented on a post I made about Donald Trump’s hair.

Sure the post was childish, but the guy’s comments were starting to freak me out a bit. Here’s how all of that went down:

Trump tells the truth and the truth is not always pleasant. I love Trump for everything he stands for. (@MarioNonoini)

So, he actually loves Trump?

I checked his profile and saw another scary post about how he hates the SCOTUS ruling over same sex marriage.

Here’s his post in it’s disturbing entirety:

The decision today is a very backward thinking and close minded decision made by the supreme court. It is a sad day for the USA.

It was a very heterophobic decision that is anti-family and pro perversion. It…

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