Organasm (The hunger in the headlights) ::: issue 0.24

Bauhaus – ‘Go Away White’ (cooking vinyl) [03.03.08]

The last time I saw Bauhaus was with nine inch nails.  I appreciate Trent and Peter Murphy on the same bill… but it seems 10 years too late.  Usually I use this blog to fire off shit I really REALLY like.. but a new Bauhaus album is just too hard to pass up.  I don’t like to make mistakes like certain reviewers in certain high profile zines.

It was 1998 and I was fortunate to get a ticket to Bauhaus, even if it meant going by myself.  It was easily the best of the best of the best and Gotham captured it brilliantly and with a tour come the rumours of a new album… they seemed have been rejuvinated and you could just feel it.  What took them so long?  Did Peter Murphy have to wait for all his inspiration to dry up before getting everyone together again?

Hardly anything sounds anything like Bauhaus,  it’s like Murphy doesnt even care and becomes kinda unwelcomed and after a bit … annoying.  The beats are mediocre and the album just drags on.  UGH!  It’s almost painful… I got all wound up awaiting a kick from a buck and it ended up being just an old mule!

Henry, saves…

The Rollins Band – Liar

Headlights – ‘Some Racing, Some Stopping’ (Polyvinyl) [02.19.08]

sweet and quiet… and Erin Fein is HOT, gimmie!

Headlights – Cherry Tulips

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Organasm (Trent and his Ghosts) ::: issue o.23

Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I-IV ( [03.03.08]

Trent releases his first independent collection of 36 instrumental tracks called Ghosts I – IV available in mp3, and lossless formats.  Although many self-proclaimed music enthusiasts will pass this off as something for the die hard Trent fanatic, it’s a very important contribution from one of the most evasive artists of our time.  Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this man as a forgotten late 80’s icon.  His catalog of sounds leave “innovators” scrambling trying to head off his next move but just can’t seem to do it and since his freedom from big wig industry tyrants your gonna have a harder fucking time trying to catch up now!

Nine Inch Nails – 1 – Ghosts I

Nine Inch Nails – 3 – Ghosts I

Nine Inch Nails – 8 – Ghosts I

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