'Yellowism' Explained! (rental)

When Rothko’s ‘Black on Maroon’ was defaced late last year, Umanets used it as an opportunity to promote ‘Yellowism’. Instead of talking about yellowism, it is the act that while it takes place – creates displacement in visual culture. While it seems self serving to the vandal it does cause some people to consider it as something more. It is very true that if we do not maintain the ideas that we create, they can stop evolving altogether. Yellowism seems to kick-start a new perspective.

Kenny Wilson's Blog

I found this blog when looking for images of Duchamp and decided to copy and post it here. It links to my ‘Vandalising Rothko’ piece and at the time I had no idea what Yellowism was! I found it very interesting so I reposted it in full. It is clear that Vladimir Umanets was very influenced by Duchamp. I want to make it clear that I do not necessarily agree with what’s written here, I’m not sure I can even understand it! However, I believe that Umanets was motivated by a strong force and the question “What Is Art For?” is still a valid pursuit. He showed courage and commitment to do what he did but I’m not convinced by his philosophy at this stage.

Here’s an interesting post from Interdome about the treatment of Umanets i.e. giving him a two year prison sentence for defacing the Rothko:

As a…

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Hungry for heroes? Find a thief, a robber, a killer, or an aristocrat (rental)

The other day the movie “Once Upone a Time In The West” was on. I was also thinking about that scene in another movie called ‘Goin South” where Jack Nicholson is shoving food in his face with brutal greed. All I’m saying is that, this post is perfectly timed.

So Far From Heaven

 frank and jesse james

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I was thinking last night before I dozed off about what TV, movies and fiction have done for us that reality couldn’t.  I concluded it all boils down to mythology and self definition.  An attempt to bring little guys into a larger picture where, in fact, they don’t exist.

Consider this:  Can you name a single person involved in the American Revolution below the rank of Colonel other than Paul Revere?  Anyone between then and the War of 1812? 

From then until the Mexican War you might recall Nat Turner and his brief slave rebellion, or Davy Crockett, Travis, Sam Houston, et al.  The mountain men and the fur traders.  Meriwether Lewis and Clark, the Kit Carsons, Bridgers, the Coulters and Joe Meeks.  The wild and wooly.

And all the names from the lower paygrades you might recall from the Mexican…

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Burnouts vs. Hipsters

Mods vs. Rockers is a very important part of some other nations’ musical history. A place where we as American’s have very little understanding of their social stigmas, economy or representation other than the fact that as consumers, we enjoy their music.

Rockers Vs. Mods of Dallas

Indie-rock culture pays homage to that style of the 60’s with the scooter and motorcycle events where nothing really happens other than for owners of both to parade around town – showing off their engines and packing pubs and patios around Greenville Ave to engage in a little ultra non-violence.

But underneath that ‘well-rounded’ display are the city’s most disgusting, foul-looking lot of non-contributors to talent or tip-jars… burnouts and hipsters.

First of all, let’s go back a bit to some recent Dallas history.

Before there were McMansions on Greenville Ave, there were squatters, artists and blue collar workers. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that, because there was a nice vibe up and down that area with plenty of crazy shit to do. Arcadia Theatre was a dying out from a successful run as a venue and was constantly cycling through with different business owners.

Obnoxious Burnout Bar Patron

Anything goes on Lower Greenville. Back then, Muddy Waters was cutting rails in a different location on Lowest Greenville and The Royal Rack was that scary-as-fuck reggae bar in between. There were some decent bars coming into the scene making Greenville Ave their home, but with plenty of business owners getting away with crime, they had a pretty shady clientele base.


Now that those shady bars that couldn’t get cleared for permits by the city’s code crackdown, much better libation consumers are moving in – setting up some legit spots.

Old Bar Patron

You could go into the Slipp-inn at 8:00 in the morning up until some 6 years ago and see some wide-eyed fuckers nursing a luke-warm lager and trying to make a point for hours. If you didn’t want that and would prefer something slightly more jarring then you could go to The Winedale Tavern and see something more interesting there.

As these places started closing down, all of those burnouts head on over to the old crow and at nights, the dumpy hipsters that are like the owls in our futurama, haunt the area at night… sucking down Goldmines and Pabst without a a red cent in the jar.

hobo hipster

I’ve been strapped before sure, but I’ve also been immensely generous 97% of the time. I’ve got a reputation to protect, kind of like the one I’m making right now.

Last year when I worked at The Crown & Harp, there was a dude that came in one night and he was like, “Yeah man I used to own the Royal Rack around the corner. Hire me as your bartender and I’ll have a line going out the door!”

I told him, “Yeah full of underage drinkers.”

burnout: “uh…”

Yeah. That’s not happening –  but I gave the guy an application anyway, everyone should have an opportunity!

Shit Burnout Bartender

Some of these people are still employed. As a matter of fact, they have one old ‘burnout’ who is still trying to hold onto some piece of the action. Just like ‘their ilk’, they leave all the hard work to everyone else so that they can be a bartender. They don’t cut fruit or wipe down bottles, and they hold onto those old days…

…The ones that are quickly fading away.