“The Blogger Beat Down: Big Mex and the Big Blue State" #2

He's just not the same.

He’s just not the same.

Today I was having another one of my periods and saw red today so, I had to do what anyone does when they’re pissed off… turn on NPR and hit the Internet. Nothing chaps my hide (Texas term), more than hearing this ‘dope’ Boehner be stubborn as hell about the house bill being sent back to him in Washington. He has the sack to say that “Well… it just doesn’t work that way.” When President Obama said he wasn’t going to negotiate. I… my… jaw dropped.

Of course, I had to see more and turned on the television to watch a Republican and Democrat sitting next to each other talking about it, and the democrat was raving pissed clenching his jaws with his lips all squished up, every time the republican said that the president doesn’t want to work with them. It took everything for that guy to not punch him, and me breaking a sweat in hoping that he did. That’s the best television experience I think I’ve ever had.

Next thing you know, there’s an interview with a filmmaker of a new documentary called ‘OMG GMO’, which is a on a screening tour in select cities, including ours (Dallas). I had to think about the impact that film may or may not have to make people change their ways, but I think people are heading in the right direction anyway but it also can’t have much of an impact on the corporations. Their goals are long term and in decades so, if you can outlive a corporation… you might be the right guy to bring one down.

I figured I’d fuck with people a bit and throw the word ‘communism‘ around, as solution for a nation that’s undecided, but it was more like repellent. To add to that, we’re all really hoping that we can make this state blue one day. Wendy Davis has not officially said so but she might run for governor during the next election, and if she could generate the kind of support she did during her filibuster in our capitol this year over the abortion issue, then she might be get more and shake things up a bit. I’m ready to see something new here. We’re not all shit-kickers over here.

Speaking of shit-kickers, our main shit-kicker is back with the opening of the Texas State Fair. I’m a bit disappointed in some of my peers because a lot of them acted like that dumb doll burning up was a big deal. For some people it was but for the rest of us, just shut-up and move on. I know a lot of people who don’t go to the fair because it’s a money suck. Imagine also, the disappointment to those people when they got a glimpse of the new Big-Tex. They should have just given us Big-Mex and be done with it. Like I said, time for some changes around here. I’m sick of seeing red all the time.

"The Blogger Beat Down: Ted Cruz Couldn't Sell A Whopper-Chopper" #1

Freelance writing is hardest at different phases. Well… it’s always hard but the risks are different at each level. The beginning of is the worst, but since I’ve been at it for almost a year, I still find myself making bad decisions. But life is a big shit-eating contest so you live and you learn.

Serving Fast Food

“If I can draw it, then I can imagine me being there… ugh!”

So today, I was the potential victim of a Internet scam. I had already fallen for one early this year to the point where it shut down my bank account. Luckily however, I was already overdrawn so it didn’t impact me too much… but I don’t know what kind of signals it’s sending to other financial institutions.

There isn’t anything I don’t already have on line that I’m afraid will fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, I was already on alert and took the FedEx’d check to a local teller to verify it. They verified it alright, and confiscated it. There’s more to the story, but that story is on going as I seek retaliation against the bastards that thought me for a fool.

The problem with this was that it was sent my a trusted employer, one that I had already been writing for before. Either he got duped too or it was just me. He vouched for the client that was sending the check and treated them like valued property. I had to make an impression and jump through hoops over the first part of the week to make it happen. So it was a complete waste of my time.

Despite it all, I refuse to go back to bartending or office work. My temperament is a bull in a brittle corral that can no longer be contained. Like that movie ‘The Grey’, I’m either in the roadway with a rifle or standing up against the wolves.

The fears I have of asking for a job application caused me to reflect on some of today’s issue with wreck-less abandon, like my feelings for a certain big mouthed junior senator who’s filibuster came and went without notice. If he really cared about the American people, he could have gone for a entire week of shit eating to get the rest of America to take notice. I don’t care how much of a song and dance routine he does, I’m not buying the whopper choppers he’s selling.

Even with the shit that went down today though, I’m not as angry as yoga instructors so, I had to think about that for a second too. The wind down came with some advice on advice and since feelings and hunger go hand in hand, I reflected on some pleasurable memories of my childhood pals Jeff and Justin.

Blog Scene

I’m not your traditional comic book guy. I’m more like that indie snob that goes right to the back of the comic book store for the artsy stuff. That being said, I found this artist and writer over a search of one of my favorite graphic novel artists Michael Dougan.

In this fresh and offbeat graphic memoir, critically-acclaimed comic book artist MariNaomi chronicles her time as a misfit teen and young woman looking for love in San Francisco, while bringing to light issues of identity and sexuality.

Mari Naomi‘s been hard at work on some new stuff which might have a lot to say about some recent losses she’s had to deal with as she mentions in her blog.

Which reminds me that one of our local heavy-hitters ‘Spiral Sound‘s band member’s lost their daughter to cancer this week. She was 6 and a loss that is so painful I can’t understand.

Next Week

As I mentioned Tuesday, next week we’re hitting it hard with original articles. Don’t be surprised to see some ‘zine’ style presentations three times a week. It will be October so there’s lots of fun to be had and lots to talk about. Also, two days out of the five day week will be posts like this one, except that one will be around a downloadable podcast file.

"Update Alert For Bloggers, Writers, Artists and Independent Creators"

I’ll just come out and say it. I don’t want to go back to traditional work anymore. I’m having too much fun, sitting here and talking to you… which means I have to do a lot of writing.

This is interesting because today the surprise sequel to Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ came out called ‘Doctor Sleep’. I caught a bit of his interview on NPR this morning, and like most people, I’m in awe about his life. He doesn’t do anything else but write. Despite what the nay-sayers used to say about his old work – he’s better now than he’s ever been and writing tons of great stories, and not concerned with what the market thinks.


So. That’s all it took for me to put the final piece into ‘the puzzle’ of what we’re gonna do here.

My Writing

Starting next week, we’re going on a schedule.

If you look at the top of the screen, you will notice there are some extra tabs. We’re organizing. So listen up cause here’s the plan.

You, me and we filter in tons of information on a daily basis. This is true for me, since I sit in front of a computer all day. I have more time to read, more time to listen to the radio and watch television.

So, like the approach that HaRsh ReaLiTy has as to the importance of opinions, I have been registering to different pay-to-write sites, where I try to create compelling articles and posts that express opinions or attempt to convince the reader that my opinion is sound.

My opinion of opinions, explains why they’re important. The value in them can be seen as the value of an asshole. Everyone has one, but is what comes out of it solid or runny?

Let’s move on.

So, in order for me to be held responsible for my views on things, I will use this blog to link to my content elsewhere* with other legitimate sources of citation, to make sure that the point is thoroughly made. I think this provides a richer experience to the reader.

The Witchboard Experience

Okay. If you’ve read plenty of magazines, you know that at the beginning there is a page from the editor that talks about the published content. We’re going to do the same here.

I have to stop and tell you first that, as I’m writing this, I’m a bit scared about how overly ambitious this is. It’s going to take a lot of work on my part, but I want you to have a reliable source and an experience unlike any other out there. So here’s ‘the news’.

Starting next week, we will start with a new post on the front page. They will provide links to new posts that are related to the categories you see at the very top of the screen.

Those topics listed, will be for articles that are only published here about specific works and ideas. I want to schedule this for at least twice a week such as Tuesdays and Thursdays. Citation included.

If that’s too overwhelming, I might stick to once a week, but this raises another concern. What about the weekends?

I’ve thought about doing a weekend publication in the form of a pdf file that you can download, but perhaps I should do that when I start archiving these posts?

Okay. I’m talking to myself now… but that’s the plan. Weekly, original content.

On odd or other days from the weekly stuff, I’ll be posting single articles that touch on a topic of a theme where I will link to my other writing services*.

Your Involvement

This is where you get involved too. I’ve been downloading e-books from independent authors for various blogs, for reviews. You guys are doing things that you love and are really providing some great information and creative work. So, we want to do reviews and interviews with you on your work and your passion.

We’re looking to start doing more of that towards the end of this year or the beginning of next. The reason for this is because we want to get the audience that you need to do it and do it RIGHT!

So, instead of creating articles on that alone. We’re doing a weekly three hour podcast, where you can do interviews with you on the phone. This gives us a chance to devote more time to you and have fun with it.

There is no doubt that this is going to take a lot of work. I’ll be using a journalistic approach to create and present this content in the best form possible so you can enjoy it and have a engaging experience with this media cause, I don’t want to go back to office work or bartending… ever again!!!

*links to pay-to-write sites: bubblews, yahoo contributor, allvoices and hubpages are not meant to provide advertising to those services.

“Why People Don't Use Common Sense Anymore”

Let’s speak like rational people, can we? I have accounts all over the internet that I have problems parting with. The reason is because I think they are all valuable ways to reach out to other people. There is so much variety out there that every one has a preference, so it gives me the chance to reach out to more people.

Last night, I nearly punched a hole through a wall (as I’ve done before), out of frustration. My body felt like it was it was in a vice and it was absorbing all the pressure and energy. Like freaking out and losing your mind. It’s all because of a lack of order and discipline.

About Variety

If there were just a few people on this planet… let’s say in one spot, decision making would be easier. Within a 24 hour period, you would be able to get most of what needed doing done. Well, at least it would get started since you might have to wait longer to hunt for your food.

When you can’t agree on something, you have to find some practical solution to fall on that requires common sense. I’m sick of common sense not even being an option we can use. In a smaller pack of people, common sense rules and it’s something everyone can agree on. If we don’t do something, we won’t have this or that.

In that context, I make my point but this isn’t the way things are. Now you have variety of ideas, tastes, preferences of every kind, the pressure of urgency, fear, etc. All of these things bombard us and keep us second guessing to keep changing our minds in smaller time increments.

I’m afraid that if I tell you want I’m getting at too soon, you’ll shut down and move on. My message of common sense won’t get to you. That’s because you have the choice not to listen, and you know it.

This is the variety that we have now and we take pride in it. Does it really change what the end result is to begin with? Well, it changes the fact that either you will or won’t get the final result. It all comes down to that.

Being Interested

Everyone knows everything. This is the age that we live in now. Common sense isn’t used anymore because if the system “works for me” then what am I worried about? For instance. You take your children to school. You know they have to be there on time and then hours later, they are either back home and your checking to see if they have home work to do.

What happened in school? What’s due? Questions about friends, activities, events and so on. You have to be engaged and for the most part, parents are engaged with what’s going on. But you also have to think about the system that’s been put into place. What are the administrators demanding, what are they letting through and what are they rejecting. How much of what they do impacts how your child develops? Shouldn’t that be something you need to be involved in? Shouldn’t that be something you should know more about?

That’s just one example of a small part of your life. Let’s go for one more. You have to get a social security number in order for you to get access to many things. Things that society enforces in order for you to succeed (the kind of success that society deems appropriate, assuming that you want to go this route like the rest of us and not live entirely off the map.)

Even if you agree with this policy, shouldn’t you know more about it? What about the people behind the mandates?

From Primate to Power

The standards of life are not so simple anymore. Since we were primates (in order to keep this out of the evolution debate, let’s suggest that primates are not monkeys, but rather, not developed for to civil standards of modern society), we’ve had to protect ourselves from other people taking our shit. You want someone else’s stuff? You better be more than determined to get it or not get caught or killed while doing so. You could either use strength to do it or plan ahead to reduce ‘casualties’. This is done on an individual level or as a group.

But why would you want to take anyone’s stuff? What motivates you to do it?This is where ideologies of different kinds begin to form. If you’re taking someone else’s stuff, you have to convince yourself one way or another as to why before you get to the how.

Also, is the thing you are taking an object? It gets more complicated if it’s a position, an idea, and more.

What’s a better way to take these things? Well, you could get more people on your side to take it… and therefore, you can take more of what you want. But you have to motivate those people to have a reason to support you. So, how do you do that?

That isn’t all, you also have the ability to keep taking that thing if you want to, so it becomes generational. How would you accomplish this? For instance, how do you keep that idea of war fresh in the minds of a new generation? They don’t have the first hand experience of the quarrel. Well. You have to have an ideology that keeps it going and a way to keep that idea alive.

Suppose it is your job to do that. Would you do it because you believe in the idea? Would you do it for free? Would you do it if it fed your family and you? Would you do it if it made you rich?

The Cycle

When we get into bickering about anything, politics, money, success… what are we really defending? When you do or don’t support something, what exactly does it mean?

As we get older, we tend to bridge the gap between learning and experience using stubbornness. We do this because it’s much easier. In between those two points though, we put very little investment in learning what it’s like to be human. What frustrates me completely, is that people don’t see this and just keep taking other people’s shit in the form of objects or ideology. Of course, I find myself in a cycle because I find myself creating an ideology. Ugh!

The Adventures of Tomato and Pea by Erik Weibel (aka This Kid Reviews Books) Debut Book Promo

Don’t you wish you had the life of a kid again? It’s all about cartoons, comic books, camping or whatever kids do. Nothing generates more excitement than a kid… (or meth. My breaking bad reference), especially a kid who writes, reads and reviews books! This is what life’s all about man! 🙂 If you have kids who love to read, get them em this here book.

“Paranormal Philosophy: Standards Of Creativity”

Higher learning is the result of challenging the way you think. Philosophy, is one of the principles of learning because it’s designed to ask more questions to help us find answers.

I mentioned in a previous post, that didn’t know where to begin when I wanted to learn the rules of ritual magick. The reason for this is because my thinking process overwhelms my ability to understand things plainly. I see my entire thought or image like a construction site with various projects going at once. I can see the building forming, but I have no understanding of how.

In that post, I hoped to somehow briefly explain why ritual magick is like anything else. I further suggested in another post, that it’s no different from yoga or a form of exercise. It’s a different type of meditation, and to learn it as a group goes further than a subjective learning process. Imagine that it is an exercise of the will as a group and then apply it to a ritual for an organization. It all makes perfect sense, and it can work for that as an ideology. I would like to create an image of a paranormal philosophy, that can work for everyone that uses these rituals.

Last year, I decided to ‘leave’. Meaning that I had tried my hand at balancing a work life with my life and it didn’t work out. The accumulation of ten years of built up baggage had become too heavy and I needed to change things up, so I decided to leave and rebel. I’m no longer anxious or concerned about how things are going to go. Since then, I’ve settled on accepting a certain truth. Very basic, simple logic that I can construct carefully.

I’m a creator. Everything that I have here, is my own, because I want to build from scratch. Start anew. The first thing that I started with, was to start writing.

But with writing, there’s a problem, one that I found a solution for. People who write, who create things are so down trodden with their own criticism that they’re writing blind. I’ve learned that you can’t do that. I’ve learned to NOT do that. There’s a story to tell, and I’m gonna tell it. The series of events need to be transcribed in as much detail as possible, so the reader ‘gets it’.

I also don’t think that I’m a transmitter, picking up signals from the air. Or at least, I don’t want to believe that I’m receiving those stories from somewhere. I’m the one who creates those stories if they’re fiction, but the stories are there and people are living or have lived them in the form of non-fiction. My urge to those stories is paranormal. That’s what’s creating dark circles under my eyes. It’s what wakes me up, and pulls me to the computer.

In the same way, many of these writers find it difficult to find something to write about. The reason for this, is because they want to write about something that isn’t there yet, and they want to build something out of thin air that everyone is going to love. You can do all the searches you want on that and know it’s true.

I don’t care what people like or don’t like, it’s a story that has to be told. Why? Because that paranormal urge to do it — wants me to.

For instance, my dreams. I’ve started getting better at remembering them when I wake up, and now that I write all of the time (because I refuse to do anything else), I write them down. They’re there in my head and I want to describe them in the best way possible because they are unique and no one else has them. With that, I want to express what it was like to be there… in those dreams. I want you to see it, feel it, experience it in every way possible.

It’s that paranormal urge…

It doesn’t matter to me if anyone likes them or not, they’re there and I want them written down. I want to tell people about them too, because what is life all about but to live it and spread your stories to as many people as you can. People who will remember you for as long as they live. You owe those around you the experience of YOU!

 Because, there is no one like you. This reminds me of a poem that I published at the writer’s cafe:

What we are now”


we are here, and you see me

what does that feel like?

does it feel just like I’m feeling now?

I have your attention.

we are having that moment

and when will you need this moment again?

how will it preserve itself in your history?

this moment is profound at present

you’ll take it with you and in the end, only a few of you will remember us

it is the one that immortalizes it for the ones that are not here

who I feel…
some concern for.


Those dreams are your stories. Take note of them and either leave them as they are or use them as the foundation to build your ideas from. There is a need for that.

People tend to live their lives as if they have thousands more to look forward to. You don’t. So make record of your experiences, tell everyone about your condition, your state of mind… and to express this, first you must accept that the experience is therefore subjective.

To direct you attention to the meaning of the paranormal, we (as in the engaged reader and I), will use this example as the best one to confide in — within this reasonable statement:

It is my contention that the distinction between normal phenomena and paranormal phenomena is not metaphysical (as in the former being composed of matter and the latter being composed of some yet unknown substance), but it’s epistimological. Normal phenomena are knowable through scientific means, where paranormal ones are not. Unless one is willing to admit to a non-scientific epistimology, then one is forced to admit that the paranormal in its myriad of forms (ghosts, reincarnation, auras, psychics, etc.) cannot be known to exist.

If one is willing to admit that knowledge of objects can be known through non-scientific means, then one must fully describe that epistimological method and one must describe how objects can be known to exist despite the fact that science indicates that they do not.

My use of “science” is meant in a very broad way, meaning that observation of the phenomena must be able to be documented, measured, and reliably repeated. Any refusal to set forth a precise method for conducting any study and controlling for known variables will render the method unscientific.

What I am saying is that ghosts, aura, psychics, dowsing rods, etc. don’t exist. If, for example, ghosts did exist, we’d have filmed them, measured them, and figured out a way to elicit their presence. Until we do, anyone who asserts they know they exist is asserting an unsupportable epistimological claim and is rightly declared wrong.Hanover

While there is no scientific method involved here with proving that this urge exists, it’s the written word or art of description which I use to express that urge to you and with it, some shared experience.