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#Melbourne's @alpharisc Is A One Man Army Of #Synth

Swiped from Zuckerberg's computer!

Swiped from Zuckerberg’s computer!

What can I say about this but that every time this guy comes out with something, everything else has to wait. His more recent SynthWars is five stages of dance floor brutality.

I’ll say that from the get go, the baddies are challenging, the stakes are high. Actually, you can see from the cover to each track when you’re at the level because each one shows the pixelated characters you’ll be fighting. Great stuff, man.

Why I'm Always Pissed Off & Why It's Your Fault

Thank you life, for creating such great obstacles for me to overcome while family members throw shit at me to make it harder. Life gets a free pass but family members can go fuck themselves; here’s where I explain what’s behind a lot of that in its rawest and mildly tempered form… oh, and God is just another asshole on the pile.

Credits: “Come Alive” by The Dangits (, “Disk Go” by TEEEL (Teeel – Disk-go), “Exotica – Martin Denny – full album,” “Whiskey To Be Free” by Rue Snider (, “Daddy’s Gonna Show You How It’s Done” by Nick Pozderac, “Never Change” by Pleasure Principle (@pleasure-principle-band), “Mind Stream” by Avant Age (Nua-6 – Avant-age-mind-stream), “The First Time I Fell” by The DuPont Brothers (Dupontbrothersmusic-1 – The-first-time-i-fell), “Brazilian Baion” by Korla Pandit (Tape-platen – 9-korla-pandit-brazilian-baion), “Listen” – My KickDrum Heart (Incendiaryamerican – Listen-my-kickdrum-heart)

@FinalSaluteInc's J Boothe Thinks That Americans Owe Her Something



Last night, the PBSnewshour did a report on female U.S. veterans and how hard it’s been for them to be accepted back into civil society when returning from service overseas. Of course, I will save you the trouble of going to YouTube for the video:

I’ll also add the comments to that video I left, so you know where I’m at with this.

Here’s the problem with +J Boothe. She’s obviously of the mindset and the culture who feels that society OWES them something because they made a sacrifice for the country. She out and says this right there in this footage, expressing just how unfortunate it is that civil society isn’t doing what it’s “supposed” to do.

No one but the Washington bureaucrats, who don’t want to get their hands dirty, told her to go. She met them halfway and accepted THEIR demands and now, she expects…

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"The Gloves Come Off, Throw Me The Mic!"

After twenty hours of “exporting,” it’s pretty clear this episode is more complicated than ever, to put together! Along with great local music — new and old, I do long-form with some issues about actors, naysayers, writing fiction and a tribute to Leonard Nimoy by inner city geek boy Logan Swanson a.k.a. Jordan a.k.a. 214scifi!!!



1. “Come Alive” by The Dangits
2. “MIX FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX 99 Rue De Courcelles” by Paul Faits On Cinema
3. “Don’t Let Me Go” by The England Ramaband
4. “Marcalites and Masers” by Red Comet
5. “Inner Source” by Lungfulls
6. “Female” by Grvty via SVNSET WAVES
7. Leonard Nimoy Tribute