‘Return of the Incendiary American’ – EP027

Elvis Presley, lunchbox and a rubber duck at Dude, Sweet Chocolate

After battling life realities, business models, and technology, we return with a new episode of our music podcast featuring new submissions and you can now stream the show here.

While you can go to Soundcloud to stream the show, we’ve also embedded it here.

incendiaryAmerican returns with a new podcast, playing some of the best indie music near and far!

– ‘Another Lifetime’  (#Dhanya)

– ‘Desfile’ (MAFF)

– ‘1985’s’ (SilverHawk)

– ‘Night Business’ (SilverHawk)

– ‘Wolf’ (DYLYN)

– ‘Violent Appetites’ (LEVINSKY)

– ‘Mixed Emotion’ (DEMO) (Dreamgirl)

– ‘Defeated’ (KUDZU)

– ‘Anonymous’ (TJ Doyle)

– ‘Wonderland’ (Kristin Hersch)

CREDITS: Background music: “Entropy” by Eardeer and ‘Video Game Land by FoolBoyMedia.

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