Dallas Pastor Mark Wingfield, Unlike Robert Jeffress, Is Making An Effort To Understand Transgender Issues

(The Inquisitr) – In Dallas we can own things like J.R., The Assassination Of JFK and the controversial sermons of Robert Jeffress, who has attacked the Obama administration and the transgender community from the pulpit.

But there’s a new pastor in town, one who’s only new because he’s finally stepping up to say something positive about his approach to the transgender community, in that rather than place judgement on them, he’s making an effort to learn about their issues.

Pastor Mark Wingfield is drawing some attention to himself for writing an op-ed where he lists the seven things he’s learned or learning about the transgender community, which is refreshing and the complete opposite of what we’ve come to expect from our religious leaders.

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Is 2016 The Year That ‘Godzilla Resurgence’ And Gamera Battle It Out At The Box Office?

(Inquisitr) – I’ve been doing my share of helping the Gamera movie industry by checking out his movies.

While the anticipation for the new Godzilla movie rises to a fevered pitch, I’m getting my Gamera on!

There’s also been as much excitement for Gamera, since a new trailer came out for a “new movie” last October?

But maybe the trailer is the movie everyone was waiting for!?

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