"Opinions Are Abused"

"Snake Bath"

“Snake Bath”

When someone says it’s your or their opinion, they are implying that it can easily be dismissed. Everyone has their own opinion and it should remain within those perimeters. Put out some facts in front a someone and turn them into something meaningless. This should be corrected.


It’s these things which hold us back from progressing as humans. When something is put out there in a certain way, everyone responding to it will normally provide the same reaction, which is based on whatever the conversational climate is at the time. Comment sections and forums are great ways to measure this, especially when we know that most people will respond to the main post rather than read through previous comments.


Were this to be democratic than we know that the more people respond in a certain way, the more credit it has. Of course, this also depends on the place ‘collecting’ those comments.


But we get a better idea and that has validity. We cannot nor should we dismiss that as nothing but opinion. The more you look at it that way, the less power they have where even fact can be watered down.


With this comes the validity applied to who makes the statement. A person with higher credibility making the statement makes it valid over a person who has less credibility. No one takes into account that the person who says it might have something such as experience to make the statement. This is also dismissive.


This is also incorrect and it prevents us from moving forward as a society.



"Why You Absolutely Cannot Take The Bible Literally"

Who’s to say that the stuff in the Catcher in the Rye didn’t happen? Salinger? He’s dead. And all these other dudes from the bible have been deader long before massive changes took place in the world, which are dead too! Click image to get some common sense for crying out loud and help shake out a little change so we don’t end up like those guys. Dead! 

"Satan's House of Mirrors"


image by By raphael_galante morgueFile free photo

No matter what you think about the Church of Satan, tolerance is what it comes down to. In case you might not have read or know about this, the Satanic Temple of New York has shown that it is serious about placing a statue right next to the ten commandments monument at the Oklahoma City capital. (1)

Before you get the idea there is anything evil about this; you need to understand that evil is subjective; meaning that what we consider evil here, isn’t evil over there. Yes. It’s an argument based on geography, culture and the time we live in.

When you think about it, assuming that you chose to, you’ll find that you’ve compromised your true voice or the chance of developing one because of how the bible has been forced on you. It’s been forced on all of us! Hardly anyone reads the bible. It’s one of those books we or someone else picks things out of because no matter where you are in it, the fact that it’s near or even open makes us believe that it has true power. If anyone has ever told you to follow the commandments, you can easily get out of even having to see what they are because as long as you’re not hurting anyone or doing anything that will get you into trouble, which isn’t so hard, you don’t see why you would have to do anything else.

I mean, it’s not like those commandments are enforced on us. We get it. And all the other fringy stuff on it doth not apply.

Now. In the context of the Satanic Church, you have to understand that from the beginning, the organization was started to provoke the religious mindset. But because there was good reason to do so, it ‘grew legs’ and became more of a philosophy which is exactly what needed to happen. When the founder Rev. Anton LaVey said:

2491182327_bde29cfd1b_o“On Saturday night, I would see men lusting after half-naked girls dancing at the carnival, and on Sunday morning when I was playing organ for tent-show evangelists at the other end of the carnival lot, I would see these same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children, asking God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. And the next Saturday they’d be back at the carnival or some other place of indulgence. I knew then that the Christian church thrives on hypocrisy, and that man’s carnal nature will out no matter how much it is purged or scoured by any white-light religion.”(2)


I also want to break this down so we can see where ideas turn a corner in his statement. For instance, I see Mr. LaVey’s point up until he says; ‘I knew then that the Christian church thrives on hypocrisy…” this statement tells you everything, about the point where his ideology needed to start because he knew that the Christian Church thrived on hypocrisy, that was the motivator his Satanic philosophy.

It’s that he knew! And that’s part of the problem. We really need to think about whether we need that philosophy or not, because it says that a wrong must be corrected. It doesn’t apply to everyone because it’s true that the Christian church doesn’t always thrive on this as many of them have good intentions.

The news on the statue is that the current group has over-reached their goal, which no doubt was achieved due of the press coverage.(3) We know how the world of marketing works now, and it isn’t wrong of them to take advantage of this because the church of Satan is admittedly a marketing genius. People are going to get worked up about this group actually believing that they have any evil powers at all.

Such as in a comment on one of the reports where someone said:

“If you want to worship Satan go right ahead. You’ve made it abundantly clear you support evil. There is absolutely nothing in the constitution about separation of church and state. It says the state will not “establish” a religion: which it has not. It certainly doesn’t say we have to regard each religion as equal. We allow people to practice any religion they want. That is what the constitution guarantees. Not that they can erect a monument on state ground. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Don’t you ever forget that.”

It’s in the second sentence where the commenter goes too far and uses the evil card, which throws all reasoning out the window. You already see that the commenter believes in evil which does nothing more than give the church of Satan more credit and legitimacy than it deserves. This is exactly what they want! This is the reason they exist and they know it! They have openly admitted that they are nothing but showmen, who have hijacked various ideas and subcultures and interests for their image and their way of thinking; but behind it is that one hint as to why… because they want to make people think. They want them to think about the wrong that people do and how they use religion to do so.

That’s all it is! Unlike most ideologies where they turn away from their original purpose; the Satanic Church is doing EXACTLY what it’s supposed to do.They aren’t any more evil than the piece of furniture you stub your toe on all the time! Doesn’t it drive you crazy to realize that through slight of hand moves, you’re easily made to think what they want you to think? And I’m not just referring to this group, but just in general? Doesn’t it make you feel vulnerable?

Not long ago I chimed in on the news *about the AHA and Baxter County which is similar with regards to litigation about the freedom of religion.(4) All these two groups have to do, Satanism included is to bring the topic of belief inequality to the table. They see the problem with faiths where many say one thing and do something else entirely. They are doing what is essentially right which anyone can see because even people of faith agree that these problems exist. But there is no exact right or wrong way to talk about it without one having the upper hand against the other, so the look, style and provocative approach of the Satanic church is insurance against not having that voice, against being kept out of the discussion; the only drawback to having it is to actually believe that this group does evil which only keeps them in business.

So let me use the language/verbiage like a satanist would use; in that this would be Satan’s house of mirrors, where you see all these different illusions and images around you that really aren’t there at all when in actuality, this entire time it was just you.

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"There are two worlds, mine and the rest"

Private property” is under License Some rights reserved by W35

There is a ‘militant’ mindset about personal property which prevents society from making faster progress, where ownership is worth fighting over rather than shared. For psychological and philosophical reasons this is wrong. Here we explain how to look at this in a different way, to reduce a threat that doesn’t exist — where a person can find security. Click image to read post and help fund our world. And beer.

Blogger Beat Down #19

“Locked In”

"They're like snowflakes"

“They’re like snowflakes”

When I was a kid, almost every year my parents would take us down to South Texas to see family. When we stopped at gas stations on the way, we’d gear up with snacks and stuff and I remember the first time I saw it. In the candy aisle, there were these little plastic coffins that had these little chalky tart fruit candies that were shaped like bones. They were all part of a puzzle, which turned out to be a skeleton in the end. After putting the skeleton together, you could move the limbs around freely; playing with it before you ate it.

That changed my entire outlook on candy and the possibilities of what it could be. Novelty candy, that’s my bag dude! Those little pieces are not unlike the ones in the drawing above. I could just feel them in my hands, piecing them together trying to figure them out. That’s what the drawing above reminds me of. Rather than travel down memory lane; go check out this site here and you’ll see what I mean.

Here we are in the first full week of the new year — I give you the okay to start working toward your resolutions. Jon jumped on his ahead of time and he seems to already reaping the rewards from it (he‘s not rubbing it in, it’s just the first time he’s actually stuck with one.) My new year resolution is devoted to this site and reading more of your blogs.

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