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The Tontons (Houston, TX)

Here’s a 1st world problem you’re definitely familiar with. For normal people, it’s when bands you’ve never heard of, peddle themselves through twitter. For extraordinary people like me, it’s when mediocre bands try to follow me. Not for the fact that I’m extraordinary; it’s a problem because they can’t seem to draw their crowd naturally, they have to go by-the-rock-n-roll-marketing-book to promote themselves and the worst thing about it, is that it works.

This band has left an imprint in my subconscious to where I know they exist and it’s just a matter of time before I heard them. If this were a survey and I were asked if I would ever listen to the tontons, I’d certainly check the box that reads most likely. Well, that happened today.

I hate Houston. There’s not a day that goes by I wished it was under a dome. This Houston band is good enough to seize the opportunity to get out of there, but they’re also flawed enough to seem desperate to do so. Again, I come back to the marketing because they’re hitting all the right circuits for mass distribution, and they’re marketing on that pop angle to make it happen but it seems too polished for me to really get into.

The track “Golden” is one of the few that has originality at all but most of the other stuff is forced formula from beginning to end. It’s kind of like they went to write these songs and they thought about the dynamics and first impressions before the melody. That’s desperate.

But I don’t want to give the impression that I hate them or that they’re not salvageable. They’re doing what they have to do to get their thing going and it will serve them well, the sad thing here is that when you look at their promo pics, you can see that Asli Omar has a better chance at going farther than the rest of the band. I’m pretty certain she’s getting talked into doing so or will very soon.

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Blogger Beat-Down #28

“Katt Williams Is Still A Stupid Mothafucka”

How to draw Katt Williams is a image by Michael Y

Big comedy specials are one of those anamolies that can fail big if they’re not done right. It’s like anything else. Everyone knows Katt Williams is a heavy-hitter. The guy pulls in audiences, packs arenas… he’s huge. So, it surprises me that such a large draw can buy what he’s selling when it’s referring to people who believe in evolution as stupid mothafuckas. (reed awn)


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Blogger bleeding (test)

6:30 am – Okay. While I’m writing this thing, I’m thinking I might just let this sit here until the end of the day and then post it. That depends on how things go. But it seems that the most likely thing for me to do is to create as I move throughout the day. Write, post and share, write, post and share.

14:41 pm – Alright so I posted one thing and went to sleep. Just woke up to go to it again. So what do we have so far? Nothing. The phone’s been ringing off and on and pissing me off with every ring.

It is now 10:19 p.m. and I’ve been too busy writing the posts your seeing here to come back to this thing. Right now I’m catching up on some news stuff to see that Snowden is back in the news. Of course for any of us who have any interest in this stuff, we know he hasn’t been entirely out of the news cycle. But I want to go back to starting today, because I stayed up all night to take advantage of the advantage of Irma not getting here until six in the morning. My mom was scheduled to go to training in the morning for a potentially new job. (Time To Stay Awake)

What better way to keep off the news stuff than to switch gears to something else? I decided to check out some science stuff and after an article about extremophiles caught my attention, I ended up in this little rabbit hole about a particularly interesting creature I’ve never heard of before. Seems that there are a bunch of youtube videos on the thing which generally has a lot of the same information everyone else has. I haven’t looked into more of the details on this thing but will some day return to it to see what’s up. I think if I had the tools, I would have a bunch of these on my own for pets. Not sure how that would work. I guess I’ll also write about that later, but check out some of the stuff I’ve learned about this today. (The Coolest Thing I’ve Seen All Day)

Of course, once I’ve been out in space and alien territory, I have to come back to Earth for a bit to deal with the problem with conservatives. Since I write all the time and I’m constantly absorbing information (of course with the internet everywhere no one has to be a writer to see), I’m always reading what one party side says about the other party side. I mean political parties. So If you’re into that stuff, or need confirmation of anything, than I can say we should be making fun of conservatives for being stupid. I’ve been getting into some heated debates with people online lately. I can’t say that I’ve got it all figured out because If you’ve seen any of the rants I’ve done, you’ll find I’m fumbling with grammatical errors, spelling problems and not centering to a point. In all of them however, I’m just attacking them or laughing at them. I think we should keep on doing it! (Liberal Thom Hartmann suggests we should stop making fun of klanservatives)

I’m full of generalizations here because I’m jumping from one issue with conservatives here in the U.S. over to the pro-Russian idiots thousands of miles from here. Why should I care, right? Because Russia wants me to care. They want me to care that the U.S. government in involved in a coup, throwing out Yanokovich out of Kiev and putting a fascist regime in its place. But I can’t be swayed by that crap because I’ve been paying close attention to the events. Of course, that doesn’t matter because they’ll say that I’ve been force-fed U.S. propaganda and that it’s a bunch of lies. Well the, shit. If that’s the case then I’m going to pick a side and my guts tell me which one. The entire situation with the convoy — if it exists — is just frightening to watch within the context of the Russian propaganda machine. (Russian convoy is menacing result of propaganda)

I’m recalling the time that I spent in the presence of a police officer who was off duty. I wish I could find the link to that post but everything’s a mess right now so fuck it. Anyway, this whole gunning down of another black teenager is not only a problem with respect to the incident, but the conversation taking place around it. Every asshole has something to blame for the reason all of these things happen. The one thing people have gotten hung up on was the looting. Let me say that looting isn’t nor should it be the issue, but because we all have some connection to property, we have to weigh in as to how that should be protected and then we look for someone to blame in the context of the event. This is my solution to how to clear all that shit up. (Pig dispensaries should just let the looting happen)

Finally I will end this post with something that needed to start happening immediately, and that is me getting back into shape. I just came back from a 1 hour 3.3 mile walk. It feels pretty damn good and I was able to clear my head for a bit. (My Exercise Routine Starts Today)

Of course everything is a problem with me and this was no exception because I felt like I had to run this walking thing I was going to do with my mom first for permission, or rather a heads up. I don’t feel I need to do that but I had to explain to her what this means if she wants the both of us to walk together. Basically it means that she can’t walk the way I do and for me to walk the way she does, I’m going to have to downgrade to her level to do it and that’s not going to work for me. I told her we would go walk the way she wanted to and I would leave her in the apartment while I went to go walk the way I wanted to. I’m still young enough to do that and my goals here are not unreasonable but because of the age difference with the goal, I’m gonna need for her to tag along or get out of the way.

Oh yes, I was able to redeem another amount today which is almost going to put me at a hundred dollars a week. That’s definitely going to help me out. So thanks for reading this stuff as it puts money in my pocket.

Organasm | 0.35a

image ‘img_0273‘ License Some rights reserved by Steev Ithak

The Split

Normally, I’d have an image on this part somewhere but fuck it, there’s too much to listen to and being too organized is a frightening reputation to have. I’m not ready for that kind of pressure.

Alright, it finally occurred to me what image should go up. There, now I’m a little more dependable. 

I don’t know when I decided to stop keeping things in order anymore. I don’t time anything, I don’t schedule it and worst of all, I no longer stress out about doing so. That’s me taking it easy, which is stupid. One things for sure thought, there’s always great new music happening everywhere and everyone’s trying to get their piece of the creative pie. Thanks to apps and pocket devices, I can tap into anything out there twenty four seven and I do.

Even more, thanks to the oldest food in human culture — beer, I can get the people that matter to tell me what’s up in the scene. Can I say that I’m over Sufjan Stevens today? I just hit the skip on that track. Okay. Now I feel bad. I’m gonna break these up in chunks cause I want to talk about all of it in healthy portions. So let’s do this thing!

Foxtrot Uniform (Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas)

Used with permission from Foxtrot Uniform. All rights reserved.

We wrote a little about these guys in July and they’ve just posted some new info on their Facebook page about an upcoming album during the first week of September but you don’t have to wait to hear it. Here’s their post:

Hey guys,

If you’re a new fan and haven’t heard anything we’ve put out, please go give it a listen on spotify! Even though, it’s just a little money they do send us checks every time you guys listen. That helps us start the recording and touring process all over again. Since our first record “Huj! Huj! Hajrah!” was released in 2012 we released a 2 song EP on digital outlets only, entitled “Ey, Miner”…which were 2 songs recorded during the sessions of our new album, “Cisco” (Sept. 2, 2014). We will also have in the coming months following “Cisco” a 4 song EP released on digital outlets only entitled “Ghosts of Cisco”. Please stay tuned, as we’re always trying to keep music coming out and tour as often as we’re allowed. Really thank you guys the most…Bye!

So if you have an account with spotify, then get on that. If you don’t then get one, we’ll be checking out that album fo sho!, if you’re a bit reluctant to go check that out, here’s a sample of what to expect:

Christine and the Queens (Nantens, France)

I am super fucking obsessed with this woman. She’s everything I want and everything I need. Judging from this video, I think she might have a slight obsession all her own with Michael Jackson. Not a big deal because he wins every time. While we’re at it, let me also say that Justin Timberlake annoys the shit out of me. Okay.

But this blog is about good music you haven’t heard of and my playlist, which, turns out, is full of stuff you haven’t heard. It’s also full of stuff I haven’t heard. I listen to tons of this everyday and all day and so it’s always changing. Every now and again, something sticks and this has certainly done that!

If you like this video and maybe you saw the other one posted on our Facebook page, then check out this other track for which they too have a video too.


Grassfight (New York)

Back in the day (circa 2010) I did an interview with this great then Dallas band. They’ve since moved to New York but they’re still killing it to this day with new tracks in the works, as this video from this year shows. New album not too far away. It’s not too late to improve your music collection with these two EPs. I’m telling you, man. You want this.


According to their Facebook page, they will be at the Bowery in New York on August 29th. Get into it! Just so you know, they’ve opened for BRMC. So I know what I’m talking about.

Cleric (Dallas, TX)

Alright guys. No more fucking around. Tonight, these guys will be playing a much anticipated show at Club Dada opening for the O.C. monoliths Phobia. I’m not fucking around, the talent buyers aren’t fucking around and neither is Cleric, with the work that went into the beautiful artwork for the vinyl you can buy from the bandcamp shop below.


Organasm | 0.34

Lifers, lovers and street nymphs

“The best time of the day for me to enjoy these sounds is dusk.” DSC02059 is a morgueFile free photo by By DMedina

First off, I lost about sixty followers on here which isn’t such a big deal (I’m always plugging this blog), but it happened all at one time. That drastic drop says something more to me than the possibility that they had something better to do all at once. Perhaps it was a bot or something leading me on? Don’t know. But it’s almost like cleaning house all over again. I could say they could go fuck themselves but it would be wrong for me to tell them to get fucked right? I mean a big ole fuck you is just rude and uncalled for!

To get over all of that, I put all my energy into listening to some new music and revisiting some new stuff. This is a sign of consistency for this blog and I thank those who’ve held on. All in all, this is my little bubble and I’m just glad you stopped by. I’ll be searching through more music than I can handle and keep posting stuff like this. The work continues!

I’ve started adding Amazon links for purchase convenience and to shake a little more coin into my enterprise. You just do what you do and if the music stimulates you purchase than that’s great for you and good for me. We all get something out of it. If you’ve been on the Facebook page than you’ve already seen these videos, so this is just a review, plus there’s some extra stuff here. Let’s see what we got!

The Chainsmokers (New York, United States)

Okay, hold everything. It’s not enough we have to deal with Kanye’s bullshit and now there’s a badass track written about him? What the fuck!? Yep. And it’s real badass. I often wonder if it weren’t for the massive wall of money between us, and Mr. West and I were to engage with each other, he might be too dope to confront. I think we’re all on a level playing field though cause he figured it out. He monetized his solution and I’m still grinding it out.. or maybe I didn’t figure it out? I’m talking about how to handle life!

But never mind that shit, mind this shit! It looks like it’s already pretty damn huge and growing more and more with posts like this. The difference between Kanye and Chainsmokers is that they’re humble and modest about their success. These guys have a very well liked selection of remixes of very popular tunes from Small Pools to Adventure Club on their soundcloud page. So be sure to go through that and add them to your playlist to see what other brilliant pieces they’ll be putting out. Impress your friends with this pick and if you’re a DJ, keep this one in your back pocket when you’re ready to dominate. Looks like you, me and these guys have it all figured out. All you can ‘chainsmoke’ here!

POOM (Paris, Ile-de-France, France)

It’s always the little things that make a bigger impact when they’re done well. I’m so impressed with this video, I’ve added it to my playlist of best stuff I’ve heard all day. If I don’t hear anything this great tomorrow, this will still be in the lead. I mean, look at that! POOM has been at it for six or seven years now, at the very least as a duo. Duos like this show that really, if you need anyone else for a project you just need one other person and done! I don’t know much about what goes in In France, but when I complete my French course and speak it fluently, I’ll try to stay on top of it.  Secret Delivery turned me onto this one so follow their soundcloud there or get All the POOM you can handle from Amazon to support my bad habits.

Lil Silva (Bedford, UK)

I set my playlist to random today and this awesome thing was on it! I can compare this to a lot of things I’ve listened to but there’s nothing wrong with that as it’s the kind of music I love. It’s got that epic life soundtrack feel to it. It’s real. If you’re as big a music fan as I am, than you’ve probably already heard a lot of buzz about this guy. He’s spent the entirety of his life making and producing music from his bedroom and he’s not even twenty yet! Earlier, I wrote something about being worried about kids and the future, but this guy already has it figured out. He’s definitely on the up and up.

His debut album Mabel went online this week here in the states. The buzz is good for a reason, as you can hear from this video. Do yourself a favor and own it for just 99 cents a track, or get the album/vinyl, but just get it before your nemesis does!

Disclosure (Reigate, Surrey, England)

Alright so here’s the deal. The track kills and the video is intense. But when I first heard this, it was a mash up of this track with another one completely unrelated. It ratchets up the level of intensity in a very cool way. Check it out from the blog it came from. There are many great remixes of this song all over the matrix. You might have seen Sam Smith on Kimmel or one of those late night shows, if you watch those things at all. Worth another listen and if not then at least I’m putting it up cause it was a perfect change to my playlist. This guy is in the same ballpark as Pharell and Jay Z. Well, they’re actually in the same dug out. So if you get my stupid baseball references (don’t know why I made them. I hate baseball) and you like those artists then get more Disclosure remixes and originals at Amazon.

Sebastian Schuller (Aubergenville, France)

This one goes back to 2012 but it still hit me pretty good. It’s all very bleak, sad and moody. I like sad and moody cause thems my swingsHis soundcloud page says he’s from Philadelphia. Maybe he moved, but his webpage also says that his new album will be released in France on the 1st of September of this year. It shows this old track on the list. I’m all confused by this if I don’t accept that this might be the case. It doesn’t matter. If you like stuff like M83 (as much as I hate to throw that around) then you’re gonna love his work.

Twin Shadow (Los Angeles, CA)

Notice that almost all of these people are solopreneurs and/or duos who are just plowing through the music scene and getting their shit done! Twin Shadow a.k.a. George Lewis, Jr. is no exception. NME just did a thing on him a few days ago about a new song for his new album due out in October. Just build up a kick ass playlist, throw a dart at it any day of the week and you’ll find that these dudes are always doing something! I love it. Get you some more shadows at Amazon to stay on top of it. Here’s my soundcloud playlist of these tracks plus some other thangs I’m all into.

Organasm | 0.33

Where I’m at with this?

got your headphones ready?

got your headphones ready?

I write all day, every day and all the time. When I’m not absorbing news and television, i’m listening to musics. When I first started this series under the name Organasm, I wasn’t aware or from what I remember (my lazy ass could look it up right now), that Eargasm was doing the same thing. That service has become a monster, so eventually I’ll be changing the name to this thing from Organasm to something else.

In the meantime, I want to keep you up to date with the stuff that has my ear as soon as I can tell you about it. Before this post and the last one, or up till then, I was doing the same thing but now I want to do more with local music. That means pushing the best stuff here on you over there. The only way for that to happen is for me to do it, so consider those as my two goals for this blog. For now, I’m going to post as quickly as I can so  with that, check out this shit!

현아 – (South Korea)

Holy SHIT! What is… THIS!? Watch her pop that shit all over this video! Damn girl… I just saw this thing. Had to share. (read more)

Be ‘hip’ and own some HyunA!

Wyatt (Brisbane, Aus)

Go ahead and start the music while we talk about what you’re listening to.

I heard this thing from the Hilly Dilly and like them, think it’s worthy of everyone’s attention. They don’t say much about the artist other than his relation to a Brisbane group called MTNS as their manager. Subtle and sweet is a brilliant way to get listeners to tune in and it’s some of the best stuff I’ve heard yet. Some of being, one of hundreds of things I listen to, so I’ll be saying that about a lot of stuff. If you’ve already hit play before you started reading this, than you’re probably already feeling the affects. From what I know so far, that’s his entire EP debut so keep listening.

Native Lights (Hominy, OK)

These guys are our neighbors and their drummer Nathan Phillips has been here more than a few times with BRONCHO. The Native Lights were supposed to be playing with Ethereal and the Queer Show yesterday but had to cancel so we’ll catch them next time.

That kind of sound is the reason I can’t hate on middle-America. They’re certainly inspired. Must… hear… more!

Paperwhite (Brooklyn, NY)

This is a brother and sister duo that’s rising to the top of the indie charts. As far as I know, Arjan Writes blogged about them first (correct me on that. You know what… don’t.) When pop music like this pops on the blog-o-sphere, it’s got a tendency to pop even louder later on, so get on this.

When I first listened to this track, there was no label on it to know who was singing it. To my surprise it’s one of the most beautiful women alive, actor Minnie Driver. Obviously she needs no introduction and she certainly doesn’t need help to promote shit. I’m certainly not in the ranks to do so but let the record show, that I love the shit out of this thing. Rest in peace Elliot Smith.


Sourced, C. (2014, April 8). Hyuna. Wikipedia. Retrieved August 5, 2014, from [notes: They say to never cite Wikipedia. Muthafucka, I just did!] 


"The worst kind of internet writer"

This is the equivalent of what cheap, low-rent and slutty internet writers are like. A “Not Very Attractive Drag Queen” is under License Some rights reserved by Green Melinda

If you’re reading this than you’re likely a blogger. If you’re a blogger then you’ve probably been doing it for a while and know a lot about the internet writing scene. If you’re that, then you know that some of us think our shit don’t stink and make these stupid decisions on our content that makes us look cheaper than we already are. This is kind of like the internet’s version of a hack writer and I can’t stand the shit out of them! (the worst kind of internet writer)