Blogger Beat-Down #24

Learning our process

Writing is a great thing. To me, it’s meditative, like when you make bread for the first time. After going through the process, you appreciate things a bit more. Rather than just throw something on the wall to see what sticks, we’re going through and applying posts that define our thinking process over time. That’s going to continue, but we’ve been losing focus on what we really love to do over writing and that is music.

We think about what one city thinks about another one and why it matters. Well, it might matter and it might not. It certainly does matter for those artists and musicians who’ve spent the entirety of their time in that city, so there’s certainly a vibe; history in the making, as we speak, and we want to get back to those things soon, but first I want to clear some things up this blog.

More about this blog

Let’s talk about me right now. I want to make it clear that I am not employable. The reason for this is because I refuse to be. I don’t do job interviews anymore. I don’t go to monster to check for new positions and I even updated that profile with a statement that says, “I don’t do cover letters, so forget it”. Sometimes, I play with the idea of fucking with these services and others for employment to work my way up to telling them to go fuck themselves.

Some of this is in our about page but I think it’s okay to flesh that out here on this beat-down a little more. What that also helps me do is to devote more of my time to this blog. That means plenty of posting and as you’ve seen, we’ve been adding older affiliate posts to this service over time. It’s been a slow process but it’s on going so we’ll keep doing it until it’s right. And that also brings us to the point that we’re well aware of what a lot of blogs do, who also refer readers to affiliate sites; they weaken trust between blogger and reader.


We wrote a post on this long ago and what you’re seeing right now is binge-blogging in action. Over the time that we’ve been doing this, we’ve written many different posts on other sites, but unlike those other blogs they are not diabolical attempts to lure readers into affiliate sites for any other reason than to read original stuff from the minds of the few people who are involved with putting this blog together. We are writers in the purest sense, and we’re not any different from another other writer out there. We use as many tools as we can to make the writing experience more interesting to us. As mentioned however, we’re aware of the distrust of ending up at a content mill when you come to a lot of these blogs. We don’t do that. As a matter of fact, we’re against those pieces of shit and doing something about it.

But we really want to point out writing quality. As mentioned in a affiliate post, we’re aware that some readers demand more from what they read. These are the same people, who decide that some people should be writers and others should not. It’s kind of what I think about the Oxford comma, “the best way to get rid of the Oxford comma is to get rid of it’s fans”, who are kind of the same people who criticize us bloggers, for getting into something they think we have no business in.


But we’re fighting back on that too, by posting on here everyday. A good source that describes a slow process with the responsibility that comes with a service like this, is the Passover Greetings from the Editor I read earlier tonight on the Intercept, where they say they will take their time and deliberately post when they have something to post. Of course, someone on that same comment board tried to shit all over that by saying:

If you were my editor, I’d fire you. If you want to be viable get some stories out. If not hem and haw for anther 6 weeks and you’ll be forgotten.

Don’t feed the trolls, right? But things do take time if you want to get them right. So that’s kind of what we’re doing here. I guess this can be our way of defending ourselves and our process along with other writers/bloggers and creative types, to keep doing what we’re doing and to always do a little bit better. We’re just a bunch of assholes with a blog, how’s that?

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"Sergey's whine of many sanctions"

Breaking down Sergey’s cry, after he takes a hit, in the bags. Click image to read, as there are issues with the reblog feature)


Sergey’s whine of many sanctions by Brandon McKinney

I know this is a TLDR moment, but I was rather pleased with this comment I made on an article regarding UkraineI’d like to break down the pedantry of things said in order to extract the meaning.

Sergey Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy minister for foreign relations.

Let’s start here: he called the sanctions “meaningless, shameful, and disgusting.” This is all pure opinion.

Meaningless? In comparison to what? If it was ‘meaningless’ why is he so upset about it? It clearly has meaning and it evoked a response.

Shameful? For whom? Russia? You bet it’s shameful for them; that is the whole point of sanctions, to shame those who refuse to follow international law*.

Shameful to the USA? Only to whose who would rather go to war than use diplomacy.

Disgusting? By what definition? Taste, sound, sight, what?

Consideration? Ok, so Sergey is…

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"The illusion of Jesus Christ"

RIMG0207” is a morgueFile free photo by Seemann

The only evidence we have is what the source (new testament) describes. It’s safe to say that you can forget the image of the man in the arts and the stories, because there is no more evidence that the person Jesus ever existed past what we’re told or what we’re reading. Click image to learn something and help fund our heretic propaganda.

The first Sunday sermon

Good morning brothers and sisters. *taps mic. I’d like to take this opportunity to first wish brother Joseph a happy birthday. He turned sixteen yesterday and he’s also one year into joining our congregation as a brother in Chr-r-r-r-r. Ahem. In Chr-r-r-r… I can’t say it.

Let me move on and say that, yesterday I was asked by his mother to give him my one year bible as a gift since I no longer read it. Well. It’s assumed that I no longer read it, because quite honestly I’m seen as the unbeliever in the family and being that as it may, I have no need for such things as a one-year bible.

Let me also… well, never mind the let me. I’ll just come out and say that I was offended by this assumption. In a sense, I’m being left behind because I do not believe as they do. I am passively outcast from the rest of the lot. It would have been better had they left it at that but to ask me to give up this bible is an outrage.

If they new anything about me they would know that books console me; books are what I go to for my sanity and to ask me to give up this book, is an attempt to disarm me of these stories that we go to time and time again. Stories which civilizations have relied on for everything including the slaughter of others. If it’s good enough to kill over than it’s worth having in my collection. Besides, what better companion to my multiple copies of the catcher in the rye huh?

While I might not believe that I should soft-shoe my way through life for a bearded fellow in the sky, I do consent to the ancient wisdom in its pages. I see it like any other book, in that its history is rich and written to describe imaginations and events long ago. Were my passion over my books hot enough to ignite a fire, I would hope that it would not only consume me with passion but consume that mentioned work and all works written, in my collection, forthwith!

*drops the mic

This was transcribed from a live recording from the synaptic center for irrationale-rationale