"Grassfight w/ B.R.M.C."

On a Thursday night in September, I made my way to one of my local haunts The Cavern to hang out and talk music with Dentons’ Grassfight.

Q: Grassfight brings up imagery of something that happens during an actual fight.. you’ve hit the ground with the opponent towering over you and you’re tearing up grass and throwing it at them, no sign of surrender.  Is that the thematic element that goes with that name?

Tamsi: It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that Grassfight is a band that at least wants to fight about something, but the truth is, when a good band name pops out at you from a history book, you seize it. It’s an Alamo reference, but that was definitely not the motivation.

Mark: Well, I suppose we do have opponents towering over us at all times. We are consistently working against the generalization of being just another Radiohead/ Interpol/ Indie band.  Sadly, some of our biggest influences are occasionally working against us.  But there definitely is no sign of surrender.  We will always have to try and keep listeners on their toes and push ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone.

Nathan: He’s kidding.

Q: I’m calling out, the biggest drunk in the band with a bottle of Bookers… you think I think I can take them on?!

Nathan: Maybe with a bottle of Bookers, but I think I got it with Johnnie Walker.

Q: I guess that could be a segue to asking about the song ‘substance’… what’s the message that we need to get from that track?

Nathan: No idea. I try to stay away from giving advice.

Q: How easy or hard is it to manage the music side of life?  Do you find most of your time taken up by environment or things that are not music friendly? Like work for example?


Tamsi: There is this brooding imagery that comes up ever-so-often. You know, the scene where you wake up and walk down to the studio you have on retainer. And it’s snowing. But, I think that as coming of age in band it is kind of important to work through obstacles like making a living and doing laundry- focusing on your music is work and kind of separates the musicians from those people that just make time for Rock Band.

Mark: Making time for a hobby is one thing that many people do on a daily basis.  Music seems to be on a whole other level for me.  School, work, family, friends, relationships, responsibilities, habits, addictions and desires all take a hit when music becomes involved.  Currently, I work to support my music endeavors.

Nathan: Yeah, I don’t know what I would be doing in the evenings, probably just keeping up with the Kardashians.

Q: Is there an album in the works?

Tamsi: There is and we are not flying by the seat of our pants either. It is important to us for this music to be right, but even after some ex-members and broken timetables, I think we will have something to show early 2011. As of late, it is going really well.

Mark:  Yes.  Yes!  YES!!!  We’re about to pick up where our guitarist dropped us off… in a ditch, with no recording equipment.  Between the three of us, and our committed, talented friends, we will be finishing up this record on a high note. (and I’m obviously not referring to Nathan’s vocal range)

Q: What’s your favorite part of being in Grassfight?

Tamsi: We will all of some different answers on this one for certain. My favored part would be that it in in my opinion that we have only scratched the surface. Many of these songs were written years ago, and there is a development that continues to happen. I can’t even see the bounds of our potential from where I sit now.

Mark: Me.

Nathan: Getting to yell in public.

Afterwards we covered the influences of Radiohead, some new albums on the market and their show with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club which we’re all very excited about.  A great bunch of edible humans… Go check them out and give them your support!