"The Main Road"

“The Only Way Out Is Through”

Everyone calls it the main road. Those who’ve escaped to talk about it. It’s this large plastic pipe in a field. I imagined myself inside of it, not willing to go down myself to see if I could do the myths justice and imagine a world. Well, I don’t know for a fact that anyone escaped with their lives. It was just some story someone told me.

In any case. Speaking of the main road, this is a good a time as any to point out that there is one, and going right into the new year this week where we’ll be starting to post regularly, so let me get you up to speed as to what we have in store.

If you notice at the lower right corner of this page, there is a badge for the January NaBloPoMo challenge. Click on the badge to find out what that’s all about if you want to get involved. Hardcore bloggers only, and if you’re a lady you’ll find there’s plenty to read there since it’s managed by the blogher folks.

Now about this blog, in order for us to make a little ching-ching we write on other services and pipeline the articles through this blog throughout the day. It’s a devoted commitment we’ve made to do nothing but write for a living. We’re authors and creators who would rather spend all of our time devoted to blogging and internet writing in general, so we’re kind of like the stress-testers of that market. So when you go to the links or read them, it generates some income for us. Something you want to do right?

Other than that, we’ll also be focusing our time in writing for this site and as we do so exclusively, we’ll do things like post book reviews here to start where we want to show our support for new up and coming indie-authors. It’s also part of the commitment we’ve made to immerse ourselves in reading as well as writing.

2014 is the year people! We look forward to all your new works from all of your blogs, books and more throughout the year.

"End Of Year Update"

Hey everybody. WOW… What a fucking year, right!?

HOLY SHIT. This is it. It’s about to happen… I want to thank everyone who’s stuck in there, every-thing’s about to happen on the first and onward for the rest of 2014. I can’t wait to talk to all the writers’, the artists, the creators. We’re all about to take over the world.

My Real Writing Life

Wow. Everything a writer fights for… happened here.

Focus Writing Services

Being a writer is tough. My journey to write and publish books began nearly four years ago, and when I started, my biggest concern was figuring out how to turn my ideas into a story long enough to be considered ‘a book’. I spent hour after hour reading, writing, editing and reviewing works by other people, having my own works critiqued and all of it was rewarding but exhausting. But I loved to write and my dream of publishing kept me going.

Speed ahead to today. I’ve three books written, have three others in progress and plenty of short stories in my portfolio. I’ve been busy. But that’s not all. Everyone knows that writing a book is only the beginning. An author must have a platform, must be integrated in social media to connect with readers and others in the market. You have to have a business plan, must devote…

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