The Lavish Perspective Of Ray Dickaty

In December of 2014, something amazing happened at Spacefest in Poland and that amazing thing was among many things, the Pure Phase Ensemble, a group of musicians, hand-picked by someone or a group of someones — who know(s) what the fuck they’re doing — to compose, arrange and perform original work exclusively for the festival.

Now, it’s in the power of the committee or whoever’s behind that thing to just let it happen once, in front of a live audience, never to be heard again. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure they would have some kind of set up a la Munich, where they hunt down people who record the show live, but they really don’t have to because legend has it that the prick-hunters down at Nasiono records got in the committee’s faces and said “No! We’ll record the thing and release those recordings every year as live albums!”

And it’s been going on since the beginning with the last release being Pure Phase Ensemble 4.

Okay, I made up everything after the Munich reference, except for the fact that the recordings do exist, you can check out our review here.

Not only did we get a chance to listen to a solid recording and review it to boot but we couldn’t idly stand by and let it be, we had to get in a little deeper so we arranged a interview with one of the clout-heavy originators of the group which we shall waste no time to get to… here’s our interview with Ray Dickaty!

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Kendrick Lamar Closes Out The Year Well

(NYTimes) – Yesterday, we were excited to read more about where Kendrick Lamar was at with himself and his success.

In the latest interview with The New York Times, Lamar goes into what it’s like to get more Grammy nominations than Michael Jackson and how president Obama is a fan.

For the first time, we feel alright about the state of the Grammy awards this time around. It was probably exciting a few years ago and we don’t expect it will be all that great this time around as that show is generally more miss than hit.

From the interview though, there’s no doubt that this guy is as down to Earth and real as they come. So, those are two highly discussed qualities about this guy, his music and his great attitude in the whole mix, confirmed.

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Star Wars’ Last Trilogy Could Have Been Different With Oscar Winning Actor

(Independent) – It’s true that there were some big star in the last batch of George Lucas directed Star Wars films, some of who have even suggested their careers were nearly ruined.

But the latest info that came out this week about the big name who was up for the Anakin Skywalker role only goes far enough to imagine it happening and it’s someone with some serious clout.

He actually had it back then, but whether it would have made those Star Wars films any better is ridiculously debatable. It’s a rabbit-hole if you’re willing to get into it.

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Improving Your Ability To Improvise Takes Improvisation

(SonicBids) – Whatever comes to mind when you think about improvising with anything is right, it’s a scary skill.

Take it from someone who tried it the first day they ever knew what it was in front of other people, in theater. Scariest thing in the world, next to scarier and realer things.

Realer, that’s word right?

Rather than look it up, we’re just gonna let it go which is just one of those things you have to do when you improvise anything.

You’ll notice this is consistent in the advice given by Anthony Cerulio on 8 Ways To Improve Your Improvisational Skills Right Now.

If you want to be a musician and get an edge on improvisation, that guy’s got some great advice and really, in our hardened opinion, all you need to know.

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Star Wars Isn’t The Only Movie Breaking World Wide Records This Year!

(ZOEDUNE) – Since it’s the end of the year, we’re catching up with some stuff we’ve been too busy to catch up with like the internet with Daniel Radcliffe’s interview on WTF. Sorry Daniel, great interview!

Actually, nearly forgot about Victor Frankenstien, which is on the list of at least, best original film score for the 88th Oscars, according to Alt Film Guide. [Google Plus]

Yes, we’ve been reading a lot about these mega numbers #StarWars: #TheForceAwakens has been pulling, breaking box office records because really, what choice do we have? It’s everywhere! It’s like Disney is rubbing it in our faces.

There are other movies out there though. Here’s where we are, with going to the movies this year and what we’ve had ‘our ear to’, as far as what’s coming up, to go with the global numbers other movies have been making. Thus far, #Hollywood is doing pretty good! [Facebook]

Organic Farming With Negative Emissions?

(CommonDreams) – Yes, there are a lot of things that are true about the recent COP21 summit in Paris, one of them is the fact that the leaders didn’t talk about organic farming; or some way to reapply carbon to the soil.

Well, you know how these seminars work. You pay a hefty fee to set up a booth or something out there, to promote various sciences so there’s no doubt there was someone there talking about agroecology or regenerative agriculture. It just didn’t make it to the top of the list.

Not to say that it had to get a big mention because the entire point was for the developing countries — a.k.a. the big polluters — to at least acknowledge climate change as a problem and then innovate solutions.

This reminds us of a story we saw on PBS newshour back in June.

The big goal now is to start doing it!

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