May he find in …

May he find in death the peace and place that eluded him throughout his life
Certainly a life of tragedy no less described in words of pain and strife.
With a magnificent unnerving voice both penetrating and piercing
Bringing to tears the many who felt his pain, heard his cry in his singing.
(Jimmy Scott, June 12, 2014)

The great Jimmy Scott has passed. If you’ve never heard of this man before, go check out his work. 

'Breaking Bad' Spanish remake: Top moments from the new Walter, Jesse

There is always a time issue with works of pop culture. Some things hold up well and others don’t. For instance, I’ve always thought that Pretty Hate Machine and License to Ill could use more studio sessions to modernize those albums as improvements.
That’s of course never happened and I’ve been quite satisfied with the reworking of that material during live shows – it has been happening with a lot of other works in every level of media.
The Spanish adaptation of Breaking Bad, comes at a perfect time when I was wondering if this would be a show my mom would get into. All of her favorite programs are in Spanish and anything else seems like she’s forced to watch it.
I guess it’s also fitting to say that I only recently finished the last season almost a year after the show ended, so it’s still pretty fresh in my mind.
The trailers for the show reminded me of the remake to Hitchcock’s Psycho with Vince Vaughn, which they redid shot-by-shot.
That ended up pissing off a lot of people (of course) but it’s one of these ideas that sounds so good and looks so possible to pull off on paper that the only way to test it out is to just do it.
Which is the case here and – so far, there are plenty of reasons to do it. So, I finally got to watch this thing last night… The verdict is out on the Spanish adaptation of “Breaking Bad”

The First Saturday Morning Dew-Dew


Saturday mornings were so cool and always something to look forward to when we were kids. In the same tradition, we bring you the new Saturday morning dew-dew! Every Saturday until the end! Featuring more stuff for weirdos and less stuff for everyone else! Here’s a rerun of an old promo for a future show (as soon as we can find the funding)!

“Night of the Snakehorse”

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