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Please email: IncendiaryPress@gmail.com with the subject title of this post or comment below to engage with us through chat to see what we can do for you.


We R The Lost's 'Still Lost' Is Relevant

I’m a bit of an idiot and I’ll tell you why. No matter how much of an effort I make to approach everything differently and on its own terms, I end up eating it from time to time and Jon Briggz fed me with the biggest ladle I’ve ever seen.

NO NO… I’ll admit defeat!

The result is a roller coaster ride of an emotions through an a release with its well-earned voice, because while the presence of Jon Briggz is all over this thing, he’s the head of the movement that is We R The Lost who contribute as much talent as you can get out of a individual, with the right amount of space for every creator to present their talent. Their release is Still Lost, a collection of 10 tracks that document a wide berth of emotions and situations reflective of Jon Briggz’ life… or not, as we can all relate to these situations in one form or another anyway.

Since I’m all about being linear where many compelling artists present their work the same way — I’ll start with the first track I’m Spotted, which sets a Roots-like tone using piano, drums and keyboards for atmosphere before switching gears on the second track New Black which is more ‘abrasively street’ than what we started out with.

I think I’ve gotten to the point in my life where my use of bad language isn’t necessary. When I do use it however, it cuts pretty deep. It’s used to express the relevance of whatever I’m saying or otherwise, it cheapens everything it for me. Actually, I tend to tune out when it’s used too much.
But if you listen closely and get past the derogatory and the foul, you get more than just talk about money or pussy. I mean, both of those things are great when you can get them, and I totally understand filling up a entire album to brag about how much you’re getting, but we all know what it’s like when you’ve got neither and that’s where this album is sentimental. *sniff.

These are scary moments for me where during the more “abrasive” tracks, I feel like I’m out of place with a pit in my stomach where I can’t relate to what’s going on and the music feels like a menacing backdrop to Briggz’ poetry.

And that’s another important element in this entire work. Usually, Hip Hop albums aren’t as fascinating as this. Most of them are all surface, no substance cash-grabs. This mix of collaborative creatives have a passionate interest in creating real music that pulls in many different directions in order to get the message out.

The track Influence is a bold chapter in this story book, where the lyrics stand out like a lost soul in the rain. The beat is sparse, the track is moody where it gives the vocals enough room to worm its way into your psyche. There isn’t one track on here that can’t stand on it’s own terms and to add, two tracks that grab your ear and likely that of a major label is Say The Word, which has a solid chorus that stays with you blending neo-soul.

By the way, what the hell ever happened to Glenn Lewis!?

Then we come to the single pulled out called The Times, which is another appropriately timed track which is powerful for all of its truth-telling. We can debate all we like about Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston and racism in this country but in the meantime, the keyboard organ against a Martin Luther King recording is moving enough to feed a revolution for at least three minutes and five seconds.

Being that this is Incendiary American, what’s more incendiary than to say that I agree with Briggz in the last track when he says, “Thank God for the shooter.” Because the point he makes is very clear without the set up, which is that it took black people getting shot and killed for society to turn a page. It changed things and while you might think I’m drifting off the subject of this

Since this album was released, Briggz came out with another track via soundcloud posted above, just to make sure we’re up to date on all of this.

Overall, I like this album because it demands to be relevant and whether it’s scary or not, the truth is always relevant. Now, do yourself a favor and check out their:






and their official site too!

Ransom Scenery’s ‘Ear To Ear’ Is Not Your Typical Beautiful Mess

It was a warm summer night. I had just finished teaching my mom how to fill out an application using my computer and that Dallas was a city, not a state. I would have thought she knew that already, since she just became an American citizen and took months learning these things.

But she made it a point to dump everything she forced herself to learn for that exam along with other basic knowledge. Currently, I’m not sure what’s missing from her memory and am on edge not knowing whether I’m going to have to teach her how to use the remote control again or in which direction doors open. Continue reading

Monks Of Mellonwah Play It Safe With 'Disconnect' EP


Why This Is The Obvious Cash Grab

Alright guys. Let’s have a wee-chat about something I know about; it’s a little thing called creativity.

If you’re a creator and you wanna sit there, mull over or second guess something for a while, go right ahead and plan the entire thing out; execute it the way you want. There’s a whole culture rewarding people for that, it’s called the mainstream. But whatever you do, don’t take any risk at all.

It’s this illusion, entirely manufactured for mass consumption, which is what this newly released EP “Disconnect” by the highly acclaimed group, Monks Of Mellonwah respresents.

In the meantime, the rest of us are down here beating the bushes, trying to get something going and these guys get nothing but praise for playing it safe.

Hard To Miss Comparisons

But rather than wax bitter all over this thing, let me tell you what we have here.

First thing to seep out is a unpredictable instrumental that’s badly synthesized and fortunately for us, short. I think the last time I heard something like this was with the final track on Boy George’s Cheapness & Beauty album called Il Adore, whcih is forever burned in my memory as the most embarrassing overly dramatic violin part of all time.

And guys, if you’re confused by this reference because of the man’s sexual preference then shame on you, we’re past it now. Right?

This might be as close to rebellious these guys get! Parent approved.

This might be as close to rebellious these guys get! Parent approved.

To their credit, they’ve released a lot of work since 2010 starting with the generically titled EP Stars Come Out. There’s a lot to be learned from releasing that much work if you’re a brand trying to pin down an image.

So they’re doing all the right things to be in league with other hard working artists, but they also play it too safe.

My personal preference is for music that’s edgier and experimental, meaning that even the writing process isn’t restrained. So I’m already biased to their big box store style of music.

I mean, you can hear Justin Timberlake in some places and a watered down version of Keane in the title track Disconnect. We already have the best version of that out there, so why do we need another? It’s almost like a showcase of their appreciation for major label pop stars.

And Now, The Good Stuff

At best, this EP is more of the generic sound we’re used with beats and polished production but over the last five years they’ve release music, there’s no sign that they give people anything to think about. The listener remains unchallenged, with a bunch of generic dance singles.

And while they’ve had some big name producer/engineers with them, it doesn’t sound like they’ve rolled bones for someone who will add some character to their sound.

There’s also the mainstream-sellout part of me however, that’s into this too. I mean, I don’t listen to enough of the plain Jane stuff to be unfeeling about it because tracks like Show Me Something More have subtlety in the layers of production that do keep me interested.

I mean I don’t think about it much but on occasion, I like to go to the malls.

That’s where the J.T. pop-sounding track Look At Me comes in. I might be in the mood to blast it when I’m slow-looking for a place to park. That’s the right demographic to pitch this stuff too.

About as close as it gets to edgy for me is with their Never Been Good track where it opens up with a slightly threatening keyboard melody and then later with a bass line during the first line of the chorus, “I think I might have seen your face”, where it holds the notes a bit longer while Kaushik adds to the impact with his vocals.

And the solo guitar in that track can be scrapped as it’s not at all very original or expressive enough to improve the song. It might actually take away from the song but since the track already is already well accented with the mentioned details, it’s salvageable.

Look man, there’s certainly (and obviously) a place for this stuff. I get it. It’s not beyond me. But I know a cash grab when I see/hear one and understand there are people who just want to clock into their daily routine, and clock out when it’s done so they can get back to prime time television with the kids.

They don’t care and more power to them! Right? I mean, these guys just came from touring with Sevendust and Creed’s Scott Stapp, which is the biggest billboard to prove my point.

If you’re into this stuff, then go for it! You can find them on














Or their site… knock yourself out. Just not for me, man.

Michael Cullen's "True Believer" Rocks Noirstalgic

Michael Cullen True Believer v 2.0 4PAN1TImagine that scene from a movie where a real badass is slow walking away from an explosion, unflinching, got that? Okay, now imagine that it’s Nick Cave or even Johnny Cash.

Music from either would suffice and overall be quite fitting. But now that I’m thinking about writing that scene — and starting a fundraiser to make that happen — my pick for score would be Michael Cullen’s True Believer album.

As a lover of cinema, I’m into anything that can conjure up that kind of imagery, in case you need to punch something up and believe me, there’s stuff out there that seems to go out of it’s way to not do that.

Yes, you’d think music by nature would already be rather dramatic to add to the illusion but True Believer turns the drama up significantly, setting itself immediately apart from the standard.

True Believer is a stylish album which establishes its influences from the first track with the name of Leonard Cohen, which to me is a big sell and as I’ve never admitted on here but now will; my first exposure to Cohen was with The Future from my dad’s CD collection when I was a teenager.

And that album changed my life back then, taking me to loungy smoke-filled places with mysterious surly people before I was old enough to physically go to those places.

The catchy single, Cha Cha Cha D’Amour is obviously selected for being one of the strongest tracks on the entire album, next to I Never Knew which taps into a track of my past from one of the best albums ever made, Pulp’s This Is Hardcore.

But you can’t ignore the ones in the background such as Broken Horses, which is about as poppy a standard as you’ll get on this entire album, or even the second track Believer, the dark haired Betty in that nighttime lounge. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a knife hidden in her stocking.

Allow me to show off some of my music knowledge a bit with the comparison to another album I grew up on, Dave Vanian and The Phantom Chords, which is more like a collection of singles than a full concept album.

Michael Cullen True Believer Recording Session at Spacejunk III

Michael Cullen True Believer Recording Session at Spacejunk III

That’s the only thing that’s a little off about this release for me because rather than treat these like separate tracks, I would have gone all the way with blending tracks to transition into each one differently, building a narrative that’s more like the film I’m dying to see.

It’s hard to avoid the obvious, which is that Cullen runs with the assumed pack of gothlings, which from my experience borders on the geek without any hints that he does and now you know where I come from.

There’s nothing off-base about the track Nothing Special nor even what I believe to be deep cut filler such as Damaged, which is still salvageable as it succeeds in putting me into a trance-like state, which would greatly benefit from the transition I referred to earlier, making the entire album a smoky cigar-like blend of dark tales about deception and dressing up for the last stand.

This album is like a slow burn. And not the kind you get from one of those cheap plugs cranks smoke in spaghetti westerns if they weren’t Clint Eastwood, because you get a longer lasting buzz from many of these songs, which is another way to say there are hooks.

I’m satisfied with the fact that most of these songs are memorable and for the ones that aren’t, they still give to the comfortable allure of the album, which lingers long after a few listens, another smoking reference.

Look, Michael Cullen is a veteran musician and knows what he wants so this album isn’t lacking in much. I’ve recently been spending some time in my old haunts of a local music scene from the 90’s which is perhaps a reason why I’ve grown to enjoy this album, now on my third listen, because of its nostalgic effects, which is not accidental as he did record this album on tape. A few steps back from digital and a step forward in making the old new again and the result is evergreen.

Aside from


Michael Cullen is also on




and he’s even got his own page! Whaaaaaa!?

*Grammar/spelling errors fixed (9:18 PM CST – 09/03/2015)



Little did I expect I’d have a reason to be in this area. I passed through it more than once on my way somewhere else. This image is based off of “Deep Ellum” under License Some rights reserved by jdtornow

First of all, I want to thank everyone who went to DeepEllumOnAir to stream my show live. It was exciting to go through the motions of professionalism in an actual studio and it took that run-through to get everything down.

One thing people don’t know about me is that I don’t have a car. You wonder why I show up at places drenched in sweat? One of two reasons is because I’m in some sort of panic or I walked there. Such was the case when I showed up at the studio on the first day of my show.

It’s like I said, “what if you have a practical super power like, being two-hours from anywhere you have to be.” Because that’s what that’s like from me, from Irving to Dallas. From here to the curb, is two hours, right? That would be weird but then that would mean I’d be two hours away from New York or some nice place in Europe for a movie deal.

I was cutting it pretty close because I wanted to get a few cans of beer for the studio. On the way through Deep Ellum, people were surly as usual and it was a wide open space for free range hobos shaking down anyone who walked by.

When I got into the place, I knew there was little time so I tried to make sure there weren’t going to be any problems with the tracks and tried to communicate the plan but I brought some things the engineer didn’t expect so it was a little tense for a bit. But when the show got started, I marked my territory with a little incantation and pointed out the problems in the world with people like Anthony Davis’ eyebrow and how Caitlyn Jenner is making fun of women, but deciding to shelve those things for another show, I took a call from a Denton heavy-hitter Brian Lambert of (My KickDrum Heart) where we covered his last release, upcoming performances, other releases and fracking.

Of course, I have shows coming up at the end of the week so I featured the single off of Malandro’s latest release and a brand new track from Delmer Dennis, as they will both be at Bryan Street Tavern this coming Friday.
I also got a call from 214SciFi, our resident nerd and closed it out with two tracks from the bands performing on the Saturday’s THE NITE SHOW w/ Zoe Dune feat. The Infamists w/ Novakain.

When the show ended, I felt I didn’t have enough time to get settled in and pitched my request for eventually getting a three hour format going. To my surprise, the engineer said they have plenty of room to do it so what came out of this is that I now have a three hour show format starting next week! So this first show was a dry run. Make sure you check out that invite on Facebook, EventBrite and PreKindle to be notified when it starts.

After this, I went and wandered around Deep Ellum, talking with people and getting my drink on before heading back to the studio as I was scheduled to be a guest on Laugh On Live (LOL) another newly added show to the network.

And this is where we come back to where not having a car becomes an issue. I lingered around Deep Ellum for a bit more, got a drink at Wit’s End who DOESN’T need a stand up comedian, I repeat, does NOT! Then I went to Deep Sushi as I have never been before and ordered some food, sitting at the bar alone only to get a shit eating grin from the bartender there, whenever I’d say thank you or whatever.

I had to catch the last bus to Irving which would have been the 408 so I had to take a rail line towards Parkland where I got the bus but the driver started giving me shit, telling me to hurry up because he was in a hurry. I told him to stop talking to me like I was nobody and he kept giving me more shit. I pulled out my bus passes, one of them should had still been active but was not. I decided to take my chances, called him a fucking asshole to which he said, “I don’t use that kind of language.” like it makes any difference at all what he thinks. I told him I would be complaining to the public transport company the next day and he just shook his head as me as I left.

Complaint number is #537258 and the bus number is 41127.

The trains run until late and I took one to University of Dallas station and took the hour and a half walk all the way home, pushing through the heat with sweat pouring off of me non-stop.

"Expose The Illusion Of Life, With Common Sense"

Monkey thinks, monkey do... thinks!

Two years ago today, I published my first article on the popular elephant journal site, which was the first time I had ever taken writing seriously. But I also needed to get a message out. Something I thought only I knew, that anyone can shake off anxiety using a handful of truths.

It should almost be common sense what these truths are but people are so blocked with their own bullshit, they can’t see it. So I had to get it on man! So do me two favors, first read the article and the other is my request that you ignore the errors cause, that was then and this is now! (elephantJournal)