"Silent Hill 4 is the scariest game of the series"

“The view from #302 in Silent Hill 4: The Room” (farm4.staticflickr.com/3866/14605739030_9075119dd2_z_d.jpg) is under License Some rights reserved (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/) by Darkpartment (www.flickr.com/photos/101098045@N05/)

I’m already a big Silent Hill fan and I’m becoming more of one every day. So much so that I thought about turning this into a Silent Hill blog (no, seriously) but decided it would be best to just start a new blog instead. In the mean time, I’ve posted a little about this before and would like to elaborate a bit more since the popularity of survival horror has decreased quite a bit. I know what you’re probably thinking, that games are for geeks. Games are for everyone and if you get past the bias of being against consoles and controls as big technological hurdles, then you too can play them without becoming a geek.

Maybe you’re like some of those people I’ve read about who’ve actually been in some of the the Silent Hill movies who, when asked to play the game, didn’t because they were too scary? I imagine I’m talking to someone who are like the types I’ve mentioned above. Games like this put you in it as the player and in order for me to get the full affect, I have to turn off the lights so, If you don’t like scary movies — like really scary ones, than you’ll definitely not like this because Silent Hill 4 is hands down the scariest game of the series as well as the scariest game yet.  (Silent Hill 4 the scariest game of the series)

Abandon your tribes!

Mursi Tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia’ (farm9.staticflickr.com/8474/8116194819_7606a30dd6_o_d.jpg) is under License Some rights reserved (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/) by Rod Waddington (www.flickr.com/photos/rod_waddington/)

Let me refer you to a quote that was posted some days ago concerning the conflict with Israel and Palestine. In that statement, it’s explained what people really want as opposed to having to tolerate conflict all of the time. It’s never ending for a reason, because it’s (like many things) generational. It’s ingrained into people’s identity because they face stigma and even death, if they aren’t vigilant. This isn’t about politics, this is about being human where instead of acknowledging it, these people should be aware of it to the point where they defend that first before they defend an ideology and if there should ever be an ideology to defend, it should be that! (continued…)

"Returning to Silent Hill 4: the room, ten years later"

my copy of Silent hill 4′ (farm4.staticflickr.com/3848/14759723244_42fd168365_c_d.jpg) is under License All rights reserved by jmark13 (www.bubblews.com/account/66311)

Even though there hasn’t been a Silent Hill game since 2012 (If SH: Book of Memories doesn’t count, then four years since Downpour), I’m still always trying to find my way back to Silent Hill when I get the chance. Lately, it’s the only thing I’ve been doing since I found some of these older games in my boxes of crap. It’s all about mood, atmosphere, scares. Good stuff, man. (keep reading)

We DO need another Mad Max movie

Okay so everyone’s already seen this thing. Or at least everyone who counts. I’ll come back to what I’ve said before, I no longer have a problem with remakes because I finally fucking figured out that there are other people outside of the circle of geek I was raised in. I mean, imagine a geek that goes rogue because his inner geek was too timid for that secular hardliner geek that he was surrounded with; what does he do? Well, this one told them to go fuck themselves because to remake anything is fucking with the originals somehow.

But this shit looks good! Don’t consider this some bastardized replacement for the original, cause those movies are still there. But we need a new mad max movie, to see if we were still capable of going there. This trailer proves that we are. We’re all very familiar with the movie trailer patterns with the noisy zoom in shots or whatever, and there is definitely some of that in the beginning but it has to be there because it’s his fucking car! That’s why those shots sound that way! I’m sold on this thing man. I’m in!

"Jurassic Park' has a lot more to do with us than dinosaurs"

Next to the final shot of the T-rex roaring as the banner falls of the first Jurassic Park, is this awesome shot of the universal code of DNA projected on a dinosaur. The best dinosaur movie EVER made! “television screen playing Jurassic Park” is under License Some rights reserved by Darkpartment

All this talk about mass extinction has to come up on the same day I come back to re-watch Jurassic Park, easily still, the best dinosaur movie ever made. Give me another one and we’ll discuss it, but you can’t deny that it’s still pretty moving all these years and still very relevant to this whole idea about the sixth extinction we’re all doomed to… for… you know what I mean! (keep reading)

Blogger Beat-Down #27

Stand up comedy stage made of cardboard

Stand up comedy stage made of cardboard by the same hands typing up this fucking thing!

Local Raconteursism

I figured I would go ahead and post these things in parts according to categories, this being film, television and story. In most of these cases, I’ve played critic and writer with my own little pieces of fiction. Hey! Ebert did it so why can’t I? Some time back I posted a local craigslist ad where we look for local authors or people with stories wouldn’t mind telling them on a mic. Think of it as a moth hour. It’s a slow start but it’s something we’d like to do

While I’m talking about writers, the other day (not today) I was wondering when someone knows they want to write. If we were all connected in some way where we could know how the other person is feeling or what they’re thinking than I would imagine it would be easier to know if someone is into something for sure. For instance, at a younger age — unless a person somehow develops a sense that they know for sure, they don’t know how important writing is until they get older and go through shit-life experiences to understand. It’s not math. If you had to write a letter or something like that, perhaps longer than the standard text or tweet in a emergency situation, you would feel a real sense of urgency. That’s what needs to happen in writing all the time, and not seize up or look at it as if it were a chore. I think that might be the case with my nephew. I don’t trust that someone at his age would understand for another twenty years (keep reading)

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