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The ‘Night of the Snakehorse’ page has been updated consolidating links to downloadable mp3s for archived podcast episodes from last year, featuring interviews with local Dallas heroes and independent music that you have never heard before! Fine independent entertainment for your ear-holes.

"The formalities and shit"

As this service develops, there are some ideas on the table to find a voice for this blog. Something more than music perhaps?

There was a post made recently, that expressed some disdain about what sites like kickstarter are made for.

While their reasoning behind it is somewhat valid, they really at just looking at a really small part of the big picture. kickstarter provides a service that anyone can use, no matter what level of celebrity status one is at because their business model is to make money. They at not going to tell someone that they can’t kickstart something because they’re too famous.

But this is just another format that triggers a lot of topics where people are trying to figure out how things should generally be done. There are so many solutions to one problem, you have to give people choices.

But there is no problem with trends and people’s fascination with them. Is there supposed to be a formality to these things?

Here is this guy who seems to be ‘giving up’ because he doesn’t believe in the format anymore. He’s simply not that dedicated to making shit happen, but that’s alright cause I never really liked that dude and we don’t need him anyway.

How’s that for formality?

"Update: Podcasting & New Facebook Page"


The image above is the application that I am currently using to record my podcast for now. So that is in the works because there are a lot of great things to listen to in the Dallas area, but we’re looking to upgrade to better microphones so it will sound better. Hey it doesn’t sound so bad, but we want to start doing this now because the media is there and open, ready to get some use. It’s too tempting to ignore.

What this thing started out as was a forum for me to express my interest in music. New albums, new bands, new music from all over the place. The tone from the beginning has had a sense of formalities that I think are required to generalize content for the readers. It is appropriate and the way I settled in when I started it.

But things change over time in regards to the approach and other things around those things that I am passionate about. That took me into places like bars and taverns and live music venues. Instead of keeping these things all to myself, I decided to start promoting music and it threw me into a world of bullshit. One moment I’m getting into it, the next moment – I want out. And that happened. I saw things that made me understand that it was a business and it wasn’t something that I completely understood and pushed through the whole thing the best way I could and on a learning curve.

This was band booking. And I don’t like to scrape the bottom of the barrel, get the acts that you can get by pestering and badgering or however you do that. Not many agreed with some things and some of the support for them fell out. I understand that some of what was going on was my fault and it is also my fault that I helped generate a lot of anger and resentment from other people as well as myself. Rot other apples? SURE, why the fuck not?

So I’ve been out of ‘that scene’ for some time now. Not looked at for anything because there are plenty of people that can do it, and do it better. And that is fine… but goddammit, if it isn’t hard to stay away from it! I mean, I want to turn back and see the explosion while i’m running from it… cause it looks impressive. So what do we do now?

Fuck that, what do I do now!?

Well, there is a podcast in the works but we are trying to decide what the format is going to be. Like our page in the widget below to get some updates for music videos that are posted twice a day at 8 am and 8 pm  These are music videos of music that we like – covering some independent artists that are classics and new videos from all over the world, synced up with weekly releases and music videos from local artists as well. Just looking to make it fun again.

*sigh* …not sure if this clears things up cause there is still a little left brewing inside.