Dhanya Throws Down Gauntlet with Epic Self-titled Debut

Dhanya’s self-titled debut defiantly restores the feeling of gaining control over your own life, especially for those who aren’t used to having it, whether it was denied from them or part of the struggle in one’s growth.

Unfortunately, that kind of philosophical introspection congests everything throughout our culture and is often adopted and passed on by people who are modestly or humbly unqualified or ill-suited to do so. Dhanya, however, shows that she’s the perfect vessel for this kind of contemplation.

‘Another Lifetime’

The release of Dhanya’s ‘Another Lifetime’ single is as good a track as any to help the listener reflect over their own life decisions no matter their age. But Dhanya surpasses age by going multi-dimensional on us when she sings:

I’m 28, I’m 5-years-old, I’m paper-thin, I’m solid gold.

As you can see, her expression isn’t limited by her biological form either, as she takes the form of fragile and solid elements. For the rest of us, however, we have no choice but to self-reflect and perhaps should do so as regularly as one would with a medical examination to maintain one’s health. Admittedly, to those who are more resistant, this kind of self-reflection might trigger eye-rolls among the masses but Dhanya’s steadfast approach to this message is delivered in a way that she won’t be denied.

Let’s look at the repackaging of that delivery where MC Yogi has been added to the track, maintaining the balance the life-lessons of a mortal while Dhanya appears to represent the reincarnated spirit who’s on a bit of a learning curve. The original version of the track is more of this without MC Yogi.

In either version, even an ancient reincarnated spirit is humbled.


‘Another Lifetime’ is the second single following the aptly titled ‘Lesson’ which is more in the style of song and ballad style that maintains Dhanya’s noticeable cinematic signature.

This track reveals another side of Dhanya’s musical style where she can dive in and out of arrangements that would otherwise be bland if it wasn’t for her. Her emphasis is subtle when there are changes in the arrangements, which are entirely her.

In fact, the track appears to be a complicated feat but she has a unique desire to maintain ‘Lesson’ in such a way that would simply frustrate anyone else. I could even imagine that Celine Dion or Sarah Brightman might not be as gentle with it. Of course, I admit that they might be more than capable of handling such a track. But they inhabit other people’s work like someone with the severe disorder of multiple personalities.

Dhanya is a far warmer presence and both ‘Lesson’ and ‘Another Lifetime’ are more than acceptable ways to earn familiarity with the wisdom of such an ancient soul sent to us in such a beautiful vessel.

The Album

Here is the music video for the opening track to Dhanya’s generous debut.

Revisit for more on Dhanya’s release!

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