America’s ‘Crash Course’ On Nationalism Results In A Creative Rights Fight Over ‘Pepe The Frog’ Meme

(Blasting News) – The current crash course on nationalism in America, is not a figment of anyone’s imagination. It exists in certain manifestations — mostly online — before it spills out into reality and people begin to act on what they’ve learned. If we were to accept that the nationalism is what we’re seeing at the Trump rallies where people have — at the very worst, taken it upon themselves to physically assault minorities and reporters and at the very least, show aggression towards them while their candidate promises a crackdown on the same people; then it is definitely a threat.

While we don’t do politics on this blog — you can go to Survival Journalism for all things political, nationalism falls in the category of what we do talk about which are ideas and philosophies. So, imagine that there was an effective delivery system for that fanaticism which serves to help the nationalistic threat grow? Obviously, Donald Trump’s union with the Alt Right Breitbart itself as the campaign is that system, but within it is the hijacking of a character that’s spent one-half of its life so far, within the comic pages of Boy’s Club and some of its life as a harmless online meme, before it became a symbol of fanatical patriotism within that already effective system. Initially, in one of our op-ed pieces from last month, the threat was seen as one that was growing through the use of Matt Furie’s character ‘Pepe the Frog’ which he wrongly dismissed as just a phase.

Take Hijacking Of ‘Pepe The Frog’ Seriously — It Makes You A Better Human

Since then however, both the publisher of Boy’s Club and the creator of ‘Pepe the Frog’ himself, have started to take some action to get their character back, which is really the only way they’re going to be able to. It should be mentioned however, that the form that nationalism has taken online at least, is via a trolling culture. It’s at this point that those who are against it, have taken it upon themselves to battle with those trolls and now, ‘Pepe the Frog’ is the result of a more “scenic route” of trolling because — as mentioned in the article referred to from last month — apparently, trolls who are no doubt happy to creative a viral prank — perhaps without allegiances — are laughing at the fact that the character has been taken as seriously as it has, as if they pulled the biggest prank in internet meme history.

But as explained, this can no longer be attributed to them if they’re not willing to own racist culture that has taken it, from them. Making what was at first a prank, reality. And so it’s a fine-line if we were to analyze this a bit closer. But that initial momentum-of-the-prank isn’t there anymore. It is now in the hands of those who mean to play Pepe for bad, on both sides. And so the fact that Matt Furie and Fantagraphics are taking some action now —  instead of initially dismissing the hijacking of ‘Pepe the Frog’ as just a phase in nationalism is as we’ve said, the right kind of action to take.

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Already ‘Gotham’ Season 3 Episode 1, Plants The Seeds Of A ‘Riddler’ And ‘Penguin’ Union

(Inquisitr) – For all loyal but late watchers of Gotham, that Edward Nigma a.k.a. Riddler and Oswald Cobblepott a.k.a. Penguin have met shouldn’t be a secret.

The Bat’s Army

In the first episode of Gotham season 3, the relationship between both characters went into a new phase. One that established them as villainous allies but, puzzle masters in their own right.

[Image by FOX Broadcasting]

Jessie Graff’s Red Carpet Stunt Work At The Emmy’s Is Just One Of Many Feats She’s Pulled This Year

(Inquisitr) – There is no doubt that if you’ve watched enough American Ninja Warrior then you know about Jessie Graff. She’s the only reason I’ve ever watched the thing and her consistent attempts at the course over the past couple of years, have finally paid off for the up-and-coming success of this stunt girl.

Here we look at Jessie Graff’s success, watch her steal the spotlight as she pulls some serious stunt moves on the red carpet in a flowing red dress. And, see what that has to do with her contributions to the designs of a new kind of skirt-short and her support into a interesting new start-up. How can you not be jealous of her success!?

[Image by NBC/Facebook]

Take Hijacking Of ‘Pepe The Frog’ Seriously — It Makes You A Better Human

(Inquisitr) – We’re still at the point where the question of what is Pepe the Frog, is one that if answered by the wrong people, can open up the wrong road to a world of questionable insurgent causes. The illustrated character has a far larger life span online than in the Boy’s Club comic it’s originally from. Even during the extended period of the character’s internet fame, it’s served its purpose as a harmless meme that comic book artist Matt Furie could be proud enough of to sell books. But not in its current form as a meme for the nationalist Alt Right, pro-Trump groups online.

This Pepe the Frog article has been criticized much like the idea that a cartoon frog could be taken so seriously, and people are even mocked for the idea that it could be so. But the Pepe the Frog character has been used as a delivery system, much as other characters have in the past. Writer Emerson James Spurrell thought it would be a good idea to dismiss this idea in the Inquisitr‘s Facebook thread.

Really, if you look at Spurrell’s profile on Amazon, he obviously fits the profile of a Scarborough Faire know-it-all, and it’s unlikely that he’s got the kind of clout that Matt Furie has to have any of his characters be turned into memes or his stories to become fan fiction as he claims have happened. It should be pointed out that his dismissal of the piece having any value as even that of opinion, as a writer, is what puts one creator against another and if there isn’t a code for writers, there should be one that says he is violation of it. Feel free to check out his stuff to see if it’s even worth the time. But his dismissal of the piece and Pepe the Frog is also similar to that of the creator, who — as the article explains — has also dismissed the idea that the hijacking of his character would be something he would come to regret.

Also, in the same thread and on throughout social media, it’s been said that the reason people shouldn’t take this Pepe the Frog thing so seriously and why people are idiots for doing so, is because the meme was started off as a prank by some internet trolls. But that doesn’t mean that Pepe the Frog is going to stay that way.

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Hillary Clinton Will Need Stand-Up Comedians For Her Presidency

(Inquisitr) – Nothing political here guys, we’re talking about comedy because every President has their own style when they host events at the White House. Especially during the annual dinners, where celebrities and big names come together to let loose. Some of us can remember when George W. Bush had a Bush impersonator at one of his events. Unless I do some research on this one, I’m not sure that back then, many of those events were viewed as much as they were during Obama’s presidency. At the very earliest, we can remember him “killing” with his pre-written stand-up routine from the podium. Much of that footage on YouTube will show just how many views they’ve gotten with many of them going viral. That’s certainly something you can’t say about Bush.

But then there is Hillary. When she becomes president, what is she going to do for those annual dinners? As the source article shows, she’s got every reason to stick with the stand-up comedy routine that Obama made popular. Of course, in an alternate universe, Donald Trump is already the greatest stand-up comedian ever. And every year under his fascist rule, he would be up there making some of the most vile and obscene cut ups, perhaps with Putin and Duterte in the audience. Of course, there wouldn’t be any press except for Breitbart, and it would be broadcast on big mega screens nationwide, on the side of buildings with Trump’s name on them and banners with his face.

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Men are the laziest creatures on earth.

In our society women have a multitude of appliances and…toys. What? You know when your girl cant have YOU due to work or whatever she takes care of herself her damn self! Anyways, we make these things to make their lives easier right guys? Cause its our Job…and stuff…
Yeah, we’re so smart we figured out how to eliminate our presence in the kitchen almost completely, rubber mats to open jars with, electric can openers. All this to get away from our wives and or girlfriends for some damn peace and quiet!
Making humans lazier wasn’t the original point but the ‘man’ likes it!
We are builders and inventors, we see patterns and ways to simplify tasks as we have for an eternity now.
Men say women belong in the kitchen, but so did we not too long ago, we had shit to do too! cutting this and whisking that but we fuuuucking hate it! We despise all that you ask us to do, Im not doing anymore of this, stirring BULLSHIT! DAMN! We always get volunteered to watch something cone to a  boil or watching the mixer so we can know when to shut it off and all that shiiiiiiz… We had to wash dishes after dinner for too long! We said “FUCK THAT! I’LL BE IN THE BASEMENT INVENTING THE DISHWASHER WOMAN! YOU’LL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”
And ya’ll thought it was a nice guesture? Suckers, just made that so YOU could do it yourself, sure we might load it for you, but our labor has been reduced! forever! HAH! Cause we are assholes, natural born dickheads!
Oh, you got some choppin for me to do? NOPE! gotcha this super slicer dicer automat-o-thingamafucker you can do that shit yourself with babe!
We need to be left alone when we watch the game or play cards with the crew, now you have graders choppers and blenders to keep us from having to help you do shite! yes, shite. ☺
So we invented our way out of the kitchen for the most part, how do you like them apples biznitches? Ok I dont call women that, they are our damn queens and we love you to death but we just hate spending time with you. 😊
We were once like all other creatures, surviving, having to adapt to our dangerous and menacing environment, not helping the wenches in any way possible until evolution put us in the hot kitchen!
But now we just invent our way around it all or get it out the damn way so that we can shit comfortably and not have to hear your nagging mumbojumbo! Shit was that out loud? NO IT WAS’T BECAUSE YOU CANT HEAR SHIT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

We will fuck things up just to get booted out even if its temporary because we dont make enough bank to buy our women all the appliances we wish we could.c803ffeb-033d-4449-a1ac-0f0421afc35f

‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Could Get One More Shot With ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

(Inquisitr) – There’s a new Star Trek series due out next May called Discovery, which is the first time the franchise will be back on television in 12-years.

This makes me itch to watch the older series. Not so much the original Star Trek but The Next Generation. Just the other day Nemesis got my attention again, as I hadn’t seen it in over a decade and it seemed to be a much better film, but I also agree that it wasn’t the proper send off for The Next Generation crew.

If we know anything about the pattern of cross-casting in the television and movies series of other show’s actors, then there’s a good chance that Star Trek: Discovery will be another chance for The Next Generation crew to finally get the ending they deserve.

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[Photo by CBS Studios/Paramount]