"I feel dead"

We hate to see a writer down in the dumps; just look at Hemingway, but we especially hate it when it’s one of our own. Yet even when one is down in the dumps, it’s still no excuse for writer’s block. Click image to read post and help fund our little writing enterprise.

Meet Guest Author Leisel Kurtenbach

This is just damn cool. Wanna be writers take note!

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Leisel 01First, to introduce myself- My name is Leisel (I go by that name only), and the book I’d like to promote is ‘Fourth Reich Reborn’. My story is on my website, but quickly it’s that I have been writing since 7th grade. I grew up in Denver, Co. and I married a great man. Unfortunately, I had a tumour in my brain that eventually caused a stroke. My whole world fell apart including my marriage. I realized that I could do one of two things-either I could give up or try to stand up on my own and make a success of my life. I went back to school and got my degree in Mortuary Science and back once more to study History and English and became a High School teacher. I finally realized that I was happiest when I was writing stories (which I always…

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