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"The Playmate"

“The Playmate”

Halloween is almost here again. It’s one of my favorite times of year and everyone who looks forward to it knows why. It’s the parties, the dressing up and the emotional feelings that comes with Autumn.

What else is there? Oh, ghosts and goblins? I don’t know that we’re really into that anymore, are we? I mean, we’re probably binge-watching horror movies this time of year or working up a good scare in some way or another, but do we really care at all? Surely we have other things to worry about.

The origins of Halloween stay on the isle of Celtic-European culture; where they are still celebrated today although it would appear that the holiday is dominated by the American tradition, so maybe it isn’t celebrated as much as it used to. The way I see it, Halloween in America has squeezed out the magic of the event since it was recognized as a holiday in the early part of the twentieth century.

Or maybe it’s the public mindset.

That mindset is changing in a very big way and I’ll say that, even knowing it changes all the time, but this is a particularly interesting change in that it threatens the existence of that old world. For example, there are more fact checkers around which is encouraging critical thinking. Recent polls have shown a more reasonable approach to religion. Obviously there can’t be an even balance of faith and rationalism so Texas ghost stories like ‘El Muerto‘, are laughable, but it’s based on some truth, at least the history of the story seems to be, which is pretty scary because of its disturbing details.

Let me introduce you to Cynthia. I found her at a church sale and had to have her. She’s in puritan dress and I used her for this little ad that I made last year. The doll plays on many people’s fears so I’ve exploited her looks for that purpose. Ghost stories about demon-possession or other hidden evils have greatly influenced how we look at things like this. It’s just a doll, right?

Then I started thinking about the possibilities of the existence of mysterious entities out there in the world. Some where in the a harsh environment, and unmonitored by human eyes are secrets and nature doesn’t give a shit about morals, it thrives under a different set of rules.

Could some ancient entity possess a inanimate object? Or something evil?


"Patriotic Freedom and Real Freedom"

Let’s begin with me stating that humans value choice. We value it because it necessary for everything that we do. Of this we have no choice but to make one and this is rational thinking. We also value choice because it is proof of our freedom and is required for us to be reminded of that freedom.

Taking the latter, look at those who make such statements as “freedom isn’t free.” It’s a line that sums up one side of the argument, but the whole argument of freedom here is not, as they say, that you have to earn it by fighting for it. The entire argument is that you are already free from birth.

The freedom that they speak of in that statement argues that you are free from the oppression of a monarch. What they don’t realize is that, we don’t have to fight them anymore. Our freedom in that sense has already been won.

Now we see that the statement, ‘Freedom isn’t free’ is out of date. It only pays homage to our nation’s independence and a fitting tribute to those who fought for it.

Society has made room for this argument but it should not dominate the social arena because it is not true for overall human culture. The truth is, once again, that we are already born free.

We’ve been released from darkness and now have life where we are constantly presented with choice and that is our freedom. Until of course, we go back to darkness. Of which we have no choice.

#8 – The Blogger Beat Down: "American Horror"

"Night of the Shroud"

“Night of the Shroud”

#8 – The Blogger Beat Down: “American Horror”


I’ve been trapped behind my ideas lately that I didn’t take the time to take in the fact that it’s October yet. I should be watching horror movies and stuff, but I can’t seem to pull myself away from this magic box, to get to that magic box.  I’ve been making good with what I’ve got right now and instead of going for horror flicks, I’ve focused on some of the classic American horror stories of the past, like stuff by Washington Irving.

Here is something about growing up that just got me thinking how, we already have plenty of scares in our real lives so why would we want anything scary now? Even fake scary? I haven’t been to a haunted house in years. They’re an expense I can’t ‘shell out’ for and it’s just fun I can do without.

I do wish there were real supernatural scares though. Like, the way they were real when I was a kid. Like, when my sister and I could swear that we saw Dracula looking at us from a creek, or the typical haunted house in the neighborhood. I don’t have time for those things anymore — with all the reality going on around me, but I do try to ‘stir it up’, especially with the theories and studies I’ve taken a interest in. So despite the uphill battle, I’m still fascinated by those mysterious things of the ancient world, as it is what produces those evils and entities.


I know I haven’t made it very clear as to what this blog is about and rather than go through every post thoroughly to find out, I’ve added a about page for you. Hopefully this will clarify things as I’m not very sure I have a particular niche for it. To be clear, this isn’t a personal blog about what I ate today or anything insignificant. It’s all part of a greater system. As you can probably see, the changes are coming along slowly and should be more to the point before the new year. For the rest of the month however, let’s stir up some ghosts and goblins!

#7 – Blogger Beat Down: "Cartoons Are In My Blood"

"The rat was so hungry that it learned to speak so it could demand food."

“The rat was so hungry that it learned to speak so it could demand food.”

#7 – Blogger Beat Down: “Cartoons Are In My Blood”

I love me some cartoons man. Obviously when you’re growing up, you have to love them and any kid that doesn’t have a favorite cartoon probably lives in the cellar. You see that thing up there? That’s a little something I’m working on that gives me some control of things. I don’t have a controlling personality but creating cartoons is one way that let’s me have control of what I want.

Earlier this year I had to take a animation course which got me familiar with different types of software. I’ve been working with open source, programs which is the way to go. At this point in technology, we’re able to do a lot with very little. This reminds me of how we have so many options now to connect with other people through these programs.

The other thing is the fight against the entertainment industry. You success is in their hands but we have to take that back so making things like cartoons are the way to go.

As with most of this stuff, I get frustrated with people not using software that clearly improves their writing or understanding of other people. I encourage people to use translation software for instance, to read each other’s sites. I’ve been fortunate to use this to my advantage lately. It gives me more insight into how things are.  Other topics I touched on recently is the changing of the ‘redskins‘ name, my constant frustration with dumb people and more thoughts about the ‘Garden of Eden‘, which gives you a better perspective of the open Idea I had yesterday.

Btw, those cartoons of the mid twentieth century did touch on a lot of political themes. I wonder if I could make some toons that do the same thing? Hmmmmm…

II. Deep Thinking

"Crusty obscene vagrant on the outside, smooth nutty philosopher on the inside"

“Crusty vagrant on the outside, smooth nutty philosopher on the inside”

I first became interested in studying philosophy when I moved into my first apartment several years after high school. My first introduction was Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. I didn’t know where to start so I just dove right into that book. I remember it as a mind opening experience, so much that after hours of reading, I left my apartment and felt like a brand new person. All of my senses were alert and on fire, and I was feeling the whole world in new ways.

I’d always felt that, in order for me to build my confidence and find some direction, I would need to form ideas of my own that would define me. Kant’s ideas were based around practical needs and he was so thorough in describing his system that it quickly secured itself as the basis for my own logic. Since at the start I didn’t establish my own system of philosophy, I can use this as an example to prove that nothing is new. All ideas are borrowing to form other ideas. I also can’t state this with complete confidence as experience has taught me that I’m likely to stumble on it so, I’ll say that I can’t entirely agree. Internet technology has changed the landscape again, where philosophers can go and play.

If you’ve been keeping up with the posts on this blog you’ll realize that my approach is broad yet, since I’ve had years to patiently absorb life experiences and survived a million potential deaths I am now humbled and feel that I have secured my philosophical estate on a robust foundation that will secure anything built on it. Being humbled however, I will build with caution.

With that being said, I’ve been started with the beginning of everything. Most of the time, when we argue, we bring up the past. How far back in our memory can you go to retrieve useful information to make your point? In “The origin of man, religion & the garden of Eden“, I’ve gone back to Genesis to explain it in the context of Darwinism. With the frustration of the World’s current events, I find myself back at the beginning of creation where I can escape them. Seems like I’ll be floating around there for the time being.

"The Origin of Man, Religion & The Garden of Eden"

"Where worship and evolution meet."

“Where worship and evolution meet.”

While I was doing some research on American history, I had that moment of distraction where I started to wander off of my topic and look into the history of the Northern part of the Americas. As you might have guessed, one thing leads to another and I find myself in Africa, researching primitive man.

In Tsodilo Hills, Botswana, archaeologists discovered what they believe is a cave where people worshiped and performed rituals.  They dated the artifacts in the area to be around 70,000 years old which would have put homo sapiens in the area to fit with the ‘Out of Africa‘ theory, with modern version of humans leaving around 60,000 years ago at the earliest.

Since this cave appears to be the oldest discovery of ritual worship, it’s caused archaeologists to re-adjust their theories about primitive rituals from 40,000 years. How much farther could it have gone back?


Those discovered remains of archaic homo sapiens in Africa gives the out of Africa theory a lot of credibility and it is broadly accepted by most scientists. Without having to go into details of what behavior makes this religious or spiritual, I would like to move on the idea that development of religion or spirituality in archaic homo sapiens is the ‘apple of Sodom’ referred to in Genesis. The serving of a higher power.

I would also like to note the location of the Garden of Eden because it is said to be near. If Dr. Juris Zarin’s ‘Garden of Eden‘ theory is correct, than geographically, we can put the garden in the country at the Persian gulf to fit around the idea that homo sapiens were dispersed. But we can also say that garden did not exist until 6,000 – 5,000 B.C. which is long after the out of Africa theory.

I’m just throwing shit at a wall (primate humor), to see where it sticks. Ya dig?

#6. The Blogger Beat Down: "Fat Yanks, Hourly Cranks and Blog Update"

"Our Founding Father's Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance!"

“Our Founding Fathers Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance!”

I can’t seem to get away from this stuff. Watching or listening to the news is one way for me to keep informed while I’m ‘cranking things out’ (writing), on the other hand, I could just go through my books and get information from that but, since I don’t have a requirement to do these things, I’m all over the place. Since things are linear within cause and effect, I really have to be in a environment where I can focus on my research, but since this is usually impossible, I fall back onto internet access and the radio. Undisciplined? Unfocused? Okay. I’ll take that.

So I did what a normal person would do and let my brains conjure up some stuff about the barriers that we rely on, the obsession with on-line content and since I was listening to the radio, my immediate frustration with NPR. Obviously the main topic being the nearing of default day. Then I started thinking about some of our founding fathers. I can’t blame them enough for this but, if they were to come back, there is nothing they could do.

It wouldn’t be enough that they were the founders. If they weren’t already pissed off to approach the white house and end up getting gunned down, there would be weeks of unrest among the population.

"Look! A Velvet Alexis!"

“Look! A Velvet Alexis!”

They would be put through a investigation that will last for months, while being locked up for being crazy — we just might never see them again. Then if for some miracle, their identities were proven and they said something about the current situation, it would just get wrapped up in another spin cycle and everything would go back to shit all over again.

What a fun distraction huh?

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Just an example

We’ve got some new followers on here which is awesome, so thanks for visiting. I haven’t put an about section on here yet but we’re working on that. Starting soon, either this week or next, we will be posting a weekly download file that has all of the articles and artwork from this blog. It’s going to be like a publication, that will eventually involve other writers/contributors to it. It’s all part of the process to network all of these ideas, so you can amuse yourself with some reading over the weekend. Nothing major, just having some fun, right now.

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