@LEWBusa's "Bummer" EP, Isn't!



When I started putting shows together again last year, the sounds of this Garland band fell on my ears with their cover of The Everly Brother’s All I Have To Do Is Dream. My dad certainly approved, and after checking out some more of their stuff, I reached out to them for a show.

They’d already been hitting some spots in the Dallas area, since 2012 but I’m not sure about how the “vultures” around here are treating them because when I first asked them about doing a show, they seemed somewhat leery that I was going to force them to sell tickets. Honestly though, I had to convince them that their band has something I’m after, in the music I love.

Their track Dog Music has been in circulation for a while now and even though they were “pushing it” as a rough demo, it sounded pretty damn done to me. It always has and so when it’s the track that opens up their newly released Bummer EP, it already opens up pretty strong. It was the right call. It does sound like they cleaned it up though, but it doesn’t add anything that it doesn’t already have.

I don’t know if they know this about themselves and I’ll be sure to bring it up when I talk to them but, to me, these guys are like Twin Peaks. Just pay attention and I think you’ll see what I mean. They’re breathing the same atmosphere. And no jokes about the second season alright!?

Let me also say that these guys have another project called Melancharlie Stephencholy, who I was able to get for the show last November. Judging from that performance, they’ve got enough stage presence to hold a room; especially when they closed with a cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya.

But back to this EP; if I’m to treat this like concept art then it works on a subtle level. I mean, at first listen; but after some time as of now it’ll make more sense to me if that’s what I’m looking for. But even as loose singles, I can’t see how anyone can’t see this EP as a whole.

For me, Rental Car and Go Away are in the right place on the release as their weaker tracks, just to get out of the way because for me, they come across as developmental studies in where they can take a song. There’s nothing wrong with that as this is, like most Bandcamp EPs, something to put “out there” as a demo.

But they’re not half-assing their way through this thing either. It’s not like they just lumped together some works-in-progress. They know their sound, they know who they are and how to build their thing. That kind of confidence is very satisfying which makes them that perfect band or for me, that hidden secret. I’ll go ahead and point out the last track Gemini as one of their strongest tracks.

Also, while I’m saying this, why mention their ability to harmonize? You’ll already pick up on that and they also know it!

And they also know their voice. Charlie has this voice that’s youthfully sweet and beautiful and then there’s this more mature womanly hold that comes in and out of it, that’s seductive and intimidating; and tells me straight out that, whoever that is, is totally out of my league! Honestly, Charlie scares the shit out of me!

Look. I’ll happily pick any other track on here such as Temporary Loss, than a track that another blog who isn’t even from around here — and who beat me to the punch, favorited. But I also know when to eat shit and take it like a man. They were right about the track Repetition. It’s got everything that makes LEWB great and makes them more than just another Dreampop band.
I mean, listen to when she sings …if I ever.. and then the oooooooo harmony over lays during “get.” It’s fucking pretty!

How’s this for smoke blowing: Charlie is what I call a crooner. I can just see members of the audience pass out, every time she leans in.

I’ll also say that I expected this EP to be dark and there are certainly moments when it is. But I came away from this thing feeling fully energized and hopeful of the Dallas music scene. Goddammit Charlie. You’re gonna break a lot of hearts!

What's @incendiaryblog's #TheNiteShow Like @bryanstreettavrn This Weekend? A Fun Work-In-Progress

This poster was designed and made by ME! Wanna make something of it!?

This poster was designed and made by ME! Wanna make something of it!?

It’s already been about a month and a half or so since I started doing these live shows. I imagine it would be something like Saturday Night Live but I’ve also got this thing about creating a late night show experience and so why not?

Because as much as I love music, I also love comedy. Sometimes I’m a bit reluctant to look for improv comedy actors because they can’t seem to turn off The Groundlings or Second City act when they’re not on the stage. But I’ll keep looking out for them for a show.

In the meantime, the response has been pretty good. Comedian Nick Pozderac has been stepping up and killing it with his dark comedy. Comedian Scott Crisp is on the wheel too and very recently, I’ve added Ross Day to the mix who fucking killed last weekend. Maybe I should start calendaring these entries to let you know how this is going.

But I’ve also taken this opportunity to get up there and give stand up comedy a shot for myself. So far, the reaction has been luke warm to good because I’m aware of the beats. I like to make sure my stuff is always fresh though so the podcast and the blog are on display for everyone to get the updates on my life.

Last weekend was pretty fun. This Saturday, if you’re looking for things to do in Dallas then this coming weekend should be pretty great. I can’t imagine this is the only time I’ll say this but I’ve got the privilege of the back stage room courtesy of Bryan Street Tavern.

The room is intimate and has a great presence for comedy shows. The great thing about this is that it’s close to downtown and Bryan Street Tavern is practically one of those downtown Dallas restaurants that really delivers. No seriously, they have some fantastic pizza with local ingredients and a great patio too. Perfect climate for comedy and indie rock, which is great about this weekend because Brian Lambert’s brand of country music will hit the stage after the one hour Nite Show.

Everyone should come out for this! Good times, people!

"@WhitakerElledge Unleashes The @Berkshirehounds"

Stolen from Facebook.

Stolen from Facebook!

I think it’s been about a month when I first started hearing about these guys. These guys are really devoted to a sixties Brit sound that’s similar to what you might hear from some of the rising stars of Nashville, or even straight from Muscle Shoals studio.

Yeah. The keys and the horns are sectioned off perfectly and then the build to the hook is spontaneous and energetic. Go keys, go!

A bit intimidating for me I think. And why not!? They know what they’re tapping into! It’s that kind of confidence that’s the main power behind their hooks! No shit! These guys are probably more Nashville than they are Austin.

I mean, listen to that soul pouring out of them with No More Neighbors? Wtf!? Scary stuff, man. Go check them out on bandcamp and get your ear on!

Bandcamp, Facebook, & @Berkshirehounds

#Standup And Be #Funny

I’m too angry to be funny. I know I have to pull back a lot because yelling into a microphone can’t just be about me, I have to give and that makes me angrier.

How am I going to pull this off for my set at the end of the week? The fact is that it doesn’t matter how I do it, the fact that I’ll get up there to try is all I can do. So I’ll be that guy who doesn’t give a shit.

But even Bill Hicks gave a shit. He worked his craft before he got up there. Where am I at with this?

I hate that I have to try because today was one big clusterfuck of nothing. That’s why I’m writing this now, trying to dodge the distractions and the obstacles and get something the-fuck done!

Punching It Up!

Hey people, folks, ladies and gents… I’m getting organized this time around. Rushing to punch things up on this little learning curve I’ve allowed myself to have. It’s my party and I’ll slack if I want to. But I slacked a little too hard and it’s forced me to see the potential this whole thing can have if I just do what I’m supposed to be doing and just do it!

Overall, things are looking pretty good right now and I’ve got the all clear to move forward. So that’s happening right now. You’ll notice a few things like the newly added NEWSLETTER link I’ve added on the sidebar. Join that for some interesting updates. I’m not sure how interesting they will be to anyone but me, but as I don’t know how to do this, I’m assuming I shouldn’t really know and just push forward.

Too often I’ve been too critical of myself and it’s stopped me. When you’re creating things, that’s how it goes. The menu still needs some work and I’ll get to that as soon as I can. If you’ve listened to my podcast, you’ll find that I’m constantly working on a new format and I have to say, I’m pretty excited about where it’s going. Only thing I can say about it is that, I’ll have a microphone and headset with me twenty-four hours a day. How’s that?

But I am aware of the issues if there are any, just so you know.

Lock-in To Ukraine's @Polygrim

Thanks to the recommendation of Jim Smith a.k.a. TEEEL, I found this track (among many) on soundcloud; couldn’t help but think that people don’t generally like to do the hard work to find this guy, I had to enter his name into soundcloud to see if there were any tracks there. Of course there was!

Initially, Jim shared a link out to a Facebook chillwave page. But this is a super great track from a dude who’s from the center of the Russian conflict, the Ukraine. Follow this guy’s work and get in on that bandcamp order for when his EP comes out!

4:23 p.m. CST – corrected title