'Spontaneity Always Wins'

Born Ruffians ‘Say It’ (Warp)

Two weeks to record this album?  ‘Say It’, comes across as something that came so natural, you have to respect the originality of the ruffians. They border between pop and some quirky 80’s Costello rock, and it’s fun.  Why does music always have to be planned out so thoroughly until it gets boring? The Ruffians are not held down by inhibitions.

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'Trent Reznor Rests'

Trent’s new project ‘How To Destroy Angels’, uncovers the hidden aural unrest of a weary mind. Trent Reznor makes music, and at this point, despite the long awaited cure to a diseased record deal relationship Trent hasn’t exactly set off to break new ground with his music.
While the opening track is enticing, … Parasite disappoints with it’s mediocrity and the rest of the EP sounds more like extended versions of jam sessions, where the chord combination is repeated until worn out… but of course, you get what you don’t pay for.