"Grassfight w/ B.R.M.C."

Denton Rockers ‘Grassfight’ moved away to NYC a few years back, taking that dark sound to Northern ears, but we shouldn’t forget them. We did an interview with them back when they did a show at ‘The Cavern’ aka ‘Crown and Harp’, in 2010 right before they would open up for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Trees. We’ve done some updates to where you can download/stream their EP for free at the bottom of the page. Don’t blow these guys off, they know how it’s DONE!

Project O – Article #0

Okay everyone, LISTEN UP! We found a project here, that we are very interested in called ‘Project O’. It was started up by HarsH ReaLiTy aka Opinionated Man, as an blog experiment. First, copy and paste the questions listed in this post and answer each one. second, email the form and the blog will schedule a time to post your opinion on their blog! The reason for this, is because we have an interest in the opinions of others. We’ve made a transition from the ‘information age’ to what is now the ‘social age’, where people have a forum where they can voice their opinions. We all come from various backgrounds and experiences and have spent a lifetime forming our identities. This is why all of them are important (even that jackass Jake Schafer unfortunately).
As we mentioned, this post has the questions and this kink: http://aopinionatedman.com/2013/08/28/my-rant-project-o-the-right-to-opinion/, will give you more details on what the experiment is. Go ahead and give it a shot!

“Citizen Journalism: Blogging Your Way Out Of The Problem”

“Citizen Journalism: Blogging Your Way Out Of The Problem”

Blogging is tons of fun and we all that interesting things to say. When it comes to news politics and pundits, things start getting a little ‘cloudy’ in the blogosphere. Many of these bloggers claim to be Citizen Journalists which I find incredibly offensive.

I think you’ll agree with me on this, and I’ve pointed out the reasons why. What separates a blogger from a journalist.

"Expose The Illusion of Life with Common Sense"

“Expose The Illusion of Life with Common Sense”

I was compelled to write this article because, over the past year or so — I’ve had to ‘eat a lot of shit’, but I’ve had to learn that people stress out over something they’ve made up, ‘the illusion’ that life is about wealth and power and achieving those goals.

We’re fortunate to be witnesses to the things around us and we need to learn that cause once we’re gone, there is no coming back.