The ONLY Steve Zissou Pinball Machine Is In A Legitimate Wes Anderson Cafe

I don’t want to look too much into this because my first reaction to Wes Andersen designing a cafe was of joy. That was further validated with the additional images I saw in this buzzfeed post. Continue reading


"Finding Something You Like, In Something You Hate"

red fruits

I look at these things and think about their acidity over their sweetness. Some people simply don’t like them at all. Guess which one of these two usually gets the snub?


Did you fully enjoy this? You remind me of my niece, who’s still a kid and in the sense that she hates tomatoes but different in that she won’t even take the extra step to make them better. This is a very through approach to appreciating something and being practical about it. Good job! You’re the next step in the super-human!

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Brace Yourself, @Mumrunnerz Is Here!


You wouldn't know to look at them but under their unassuming veneer is a great sonic assault.

I didn’t realize until some months ago that I had a problem getting into a comfortable position when I write. As I’m writing this, I can feel pain building in one of my wrists to the point where I have to shake it off every few minutes. Other times when I lay on my belly, one of my legs goes numb and when I lay on my side, my supporting arm does the same.

Whatever the fuck is wrong with me, I don’t know. Obviously it’s got something to do with nerve damage. In a way, I’m like the elephant man in that I can’t do normal things like everyone else (or rather a series of them). But I can imagine what it’s like and that sensation looms over me like something out of It Follows.

How annoying is it for you, that I’m give you the scenic route to try to help convey the feeling of what it might be like to experience more than just a taste of this awesome Finnish band called Mumrunner?

Starting with the track Zit — which was practically everyone’s introduction to this Finnish Phenomena — that gliding hook in the middle of the track is what catches your ear. Every part of that track expresses something that’s always out of reach that I can almost sense as something familiar.

The following track Rut at least gives me a little bit of punk for comfort and then that signature move of raising the melodic bar to new heights gives me goosebumps, something that I too — like normal people — can experience.

Oh yeah, about four years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long) I tripped and fell wrong on my right hand to where the pinky joint either dislocated or cracked or something, where my pinky is now fused in this constant curl, meaning I can’t splay my finger out with the others like I would like to.

Of course, I never got the pinky fixed and have for the most part, gotten over the anxiety of not being able to stretch my finger (kind of thinking about it right now) out. Just the other day however, I started getting real anxious about it and had to press my palms against a solid surface to feel something else; distracting my senses.

Which is how it’s been over the past several months since Mumrunner had been posting only a few singles such as Bond and End keeping me between trying to remain calm and accept what’s there and the building anticipation of a new release. Which, by the way guys, you could just imagine how especially worked up I got when a Finnish music site had a snap shot or embedded SoundCloud player of this EP already, which was set to private. I nearly lost ALL of my shit!

I mean, just listen to the opening track where it’s a perfect set up for Bond to tear it up. When Bond finally happens, new listeners can only acknowledge the greatness of Mumrunner.

It wasn’t enough for me, I had to figure out just what lies beneath so I able to get a hold of a even level contributor to the shoegaze cause, Sauli Hämäläinen.

Zoe Dune: So tell me a bit about how mumrunner got started? A bunch of friends who were just fucking around and a band came out of it?

Sauli Hämäläinen: All started about a bit more than a year ago. I had a bunch of song ideas which didn’t fit well for my other band and I wanted to gather a group of nice people around those songs. We started out first as a trio but a couple of months later, Kati joined in bass and drummer changed also and Juuso stepped in. That’s pretty much it.

Dune: Now what’s your other band?

Hämäläinen: My other band is called Revival Hymns . It’s more post rockish, slow core.

Dune: That’s pretty straightforward and uncomplicated! From the few tracks that you have online, the collaboration couldn’t have been better, or you’re super methodical about what you want Mumrunner to represent.

I’m actually listening to your track Soliti and notice a definite difference between your earlier stuff where it seems to put those songs in a standard shoegaze format. Your melodic strength really shows.

Hämäläinen: Actually that’s what you get when you put three guys and a gal into a same soup where someone are more into progressive & psychedelic metal, some’s more indie pop dude, some oldschool punk etc. Can’t get a standard shoegaze with that recipe.

Dune: Very true and with that mix, no one would allow the sound to get saturated with delays. You guys are putting them to use like they’re supposed to.

Hämäläinen: That new track is called ‘Bond’ btw, Soliti is a label.

Dune: Ah yes. I see that now, lol. What can you tell us about the Finland social music scene, for those of use in Texas who can’t wrap our heads around it?

Hämäläinen: This is so small country that if the people who’s doing things at music biz don’t like your stuff, you can keep on playing your songs mainly at your rehearsal room. But luckily here’s a lot of great bands and therefore a lot is happening around. Does it make any sense?

Dune: Wait, you mean to tell me that a phenomenal band such as Mumrunner; that the music business mobsters there, don’t have an ear for it?

Hämäläinen: As we are the best band from Finland, those issues won’t bother us. Just having the consolation for those bands who sucks more than we do.

Dune: lol. A bold statement and one I can’t disagree with! What kind of themes do you touch upon with Mumrunner? Would you say you have a niche or something you generally like to revisit? Emotionally charged stuff!

Hämäläinen: Not really. just the things what our singer Jukka just happens to deal with in his tiny head, like guns, Americans.

Dune: Guns and Americans… Ameriguns, right? What about anger? One of the biggest things I have is… some anger issues, because I’m in some agreement with Jukka in that regard, being in Texas and all. Does anger have a place with Mumrunner’s sound?

Hämäläinen: Yes it does have a place in our sound. I don’t know can it be heard in our music but it definitely can be seen as a look on our faces when we play live.

The last of the band's milk rations.

The last of the band’s milk rations.

Dune: So you have a dark side, which is what I hear in tone. I’m all about it, man. I can’t imagine what kind of tensions there are in Finland, right? Voice of the youth? Demands for change?

Hämäläinen: People can’t see sun in 6 months, income gaps are growing, class war is at the door, we fail time after time at soccer wm tryouts. maybe those are the main reasons.

Dune: I should say so! No sun for 6 months would do it and everything else is a total beatdown, wow! How about your writing process? Obviously everyone is pretty collaborative?

Hämäläinen: I write the songs, Jukka does the lyrics, and the band make it sound like a diamond.

Dune: So what does the future hold for Mumrunner? Word around the campfire is you have a new release?

Hämäläinen: We’ll release our debut EP in May. There will be 5 songs and one extra song for a vinyl version on it. We’ll play shows here in Finland as much as possible and hopefully soon around the Europe too.

Dune: Yes, and maybe start putting in your “pitch” for sxsw 2016, right? Then we can have you here!?

Hämäläinen: We’ll do that

Dune: I’ll be looking forward to that release! Got any local recommendations?

Hämäläinen: Kairon; Irse is the second best Finnish band. Check them out.

Dune: Thanks Sauli.

Hämäläinen: Great. Was super nice to chat!

I think Sauli and I are kind of at the same place in our discomfort? Maybe that’s the energy behind that sound? Imagine that all four of them have harnessed that energy and use it to build this unique aural image?

But at last I am relieved that the Full Blossom-EP is finally out as it’s a broader exhibit of what they are with a few new details which make them all, as a band, as connected to their sound as that which locks-in any band with success. On the other hand it’s also made me even more anxious to expect a larger piece of work, which I’ll be passively waiting to happen, until I (almost) lose my shit again.

It Took Seymour Hersh To Confirm Zero Dark Thirty Is Garbage

Embed from Getty Images

Obviously the film itself is already propaganda just by the subject matter alone. The latest news over The Killing of Osama bin Laden by Seymour Hersh has brought me back to seeing what value the film has as historical narrative.

The video clarifies a point I agree with as far as how the film compares to the “facts.” Did I already have a bias? Sure! When the movie first came out, if you didn’t already think it was an exaggeration then there’s something very wrong with you; but that doesn’t mean I expected the film to be a true account from the get-go.

I thought it was interesting however — when it was announced that it would be made — how quickly it went through the process, immediately greenlit to production. If you already have a sense of what that timeline is between a major incident and a portrayal, aside from parody, I think it could have waited a little longer.

In the end, that film is the only visual representation that requires an additional context to keep it focused on the facts of what might have actually happened. Before the Hersh piece was published, it was already pretty shoddy. What upsets me about this is that anyone who wants to drive their point that what happened in the film actually happened, only has to either let the film speak for itself or add their own narrative to support what is shown.

It’s still more high-brow than anything Affleck could make.


9:48 CST PM: Title changed from Thirty “As” Garbage to “Is” Garbage.


On the latest episode of my podcast, I was in the mood for something obscure so I pulled out the old and rather obscure jazz album by Dr. Death himself, Jack Kevorkian and the Kevorkian Suites’: Very Still Life.

It is pretty bizzare. I remember when this album debuted and Howard Stern was shitting all over it. This was the track I remember they played on that show. Eerie! (YouTube)

Go check out that account for those tracks, which is currently, the best streaming alternative for that album.

When Bill Maher confronts Kevorkian on the paintings, the doctor has a pretty solid response to what they’re designed to express. Could you imagine if he had scrambled for a response? Cut out all the fat and get to the point, right? Years and years of watching politicians speak has me fed up with the fat. Someone as stigmatized as he was couldn’t have been any clearer than that!

Dr. Jack Kevorkian's 'Gourmet War' is on

Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s ‘Gourmet War’ is on

Prime-Time TV's Worst Show Tagline

TV Shows We Used To Watch - 1955 Television advertising

Lately, I’ve been getting back into the Prime-Time television watching game. You know, hours spent eyeballing bad dramas and even worst action? Some of these things are let-downs. They’re not as solid as shows like 24 or Breaking Bad. When it comes to taglines though, only one show has one that makes me cringe every time they run an ad for it. (Bubblews)