Eli Raybon’s Cents of Style Will Bring a Green Mountain of Cash

[06.19.2017] Eli Raybon’s cents of style is a great way to corner what he brings to the music scene because it describes as lo-fi accessibility that’s driven by raw talent and with little expense. Maybe people who start bands don’t crunch numbers anymore to see if they can afford to pull it off. Continue reading


From Open Mic To Studio, ‘Mystery Loves Company’ Have Come A Long Way With ‘Revolutions’ EP

Mystery Loves Company in many ways is a mystery to me. Their songs are original enough to rely on their own groove, which I couldn’t fully understand and have had to stay on their ride for a bit before I started to get it. Continue reading

The Big East ‘Hungry Ghosts’ Is 11-Tracks Of Prosperous Cottage-Rock Living

The sound of The Big East has been described by some as yacht rock. According to their official site, they have even taken the initiative in describing themselves as “cottage rock” and/or:

If the Steve Miller Band met the Flaming Lips and jammed down at the dock by the cottage…

which is accurate to a certain point on their new album Hungry Ghosts. Continue reading

Les Bohem Uncovers A Stagnant Darkness In ‘Moved To Duarte’

A map to Duarte, California might as well be a map to another dimension where regrets and grievances live. Perhaps Duarte has something similar to the hum in Taos where it drives some people crazy, or in this case, causes them to hold court with their demons. With Les Bohem’s Moved To Duarte, we find him moving in and out of a mosaic of motifs and life experiences which only he seems capable of mastering. Continue reading

TJ Doyle’s ‘Unconditional’ Single Is His Surrender To Making Sagacious Music

The music of TJ Doyle exceeds all expectations. That you would have any that are less than to expect greatness, is troubling. Get that looked at! Actually, you should just jump right into TJ Doyle’s music because when you do, you’ll encounter all the pleasantries you should expect from any first meeting where you find that you’re in great company. A Continue reading