May he find in …

May he find in death the peace and place that eluded him throughout his life
Certainly a life of tragedy no less described in words of pain and strife.
With a magnificent unnerving voice both penetrating and piercing
Bringing to tears the many who felt his pain, heard his cry in his singing.
(Jimmy Scott, June 12, 2014)

The great Jimmy Scott has passed. If you’ve never heard of this man before, go check out his work. 

"Patriotic Freedom and Real Freedom"

Let’s begin with me stating that humans value choice. We value it because it necessary for everything that we do. Of this we have no choice but to make one and this is rational thinking. We also value choice because it is proof of our freedom and is required for us to be reminded of that freedom.

Taking the latter, look at those who make such statements as “freedom isn’t free.” It’s a line that sums up one side of the argument, but the whole argument of freedom here is not, as they say, that you have to earn it by fighting for it. The entire argument is that you are already free from birth.

The freedom that they speak of in that statement argues that you are free from the oppression of a monarch. What they don’t realize is that, we don’t have to fight them anymore. Our freedom in that sense has already been won.

Now we see that the statement, ‘Freedom isn’t free’ is out of date. It only pays homage to our nation’s independence and a fitting tribute to those who fought for it.

Society has made room for this argument but it should not dominate the social arena because it is not true for overall human culture. The truth is, once again, that we are already born free.

We’ve been released from darkness and now have life where we are constantly presented with choice and that is our freedom. Until of course, we go back to darkness. Of which we have no choice.