Kyiv Is The Mecca of European Fashion

(Vogue) – Looking at this, I thought to myself; when I get this news media service going and I can get to the point where I can travel around, writing and staying at hotels, I’ll probably need to have a changing wardrobe.

Who knows, I might get bored or something and want to try on a different look from day to day.

Yes, I’ll be living out-of-trunk but at some point, I’m going to need to stop somewhere to scrounge around for some vintage fashions and apparently, according to this Vogue article, Kyiv would be the best scrounging center in all of Europe!?

Here’s some footage of one segment of the recent Ukrainian Fashion Week event, to show that their fashion spirit is not broken.

The Vogue article provides a select list of shops, from flea market street hunts to underground basement stores.

It looks like when they’re not spotlighting high end fashions as seen in the video, they’re staging a vintage revolution, even bring about models from all over the world.

By they way, you know super model, actor and singer/songwriter Mila Jovovich is from the Ukraine, right?

"Kyiv Is The Mecca of European Fashion" by ZOEDUNE / incendiaryAmerican is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Based on a work at /, [Featured image by With Beautiful via Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0]

A Snapshot Between the Old and New Year 2016

(TheInquisitr) – We often hear or read that the holidays are a sad time for a lot of people and when the new year comes, it’s probably even more depressing that people a celebrating in such an over-the-top way that sad people get even sadder.

That’s just a theory, but it’s likely the case if we see obvious signs of this kind of behavior and match it with impulsive gun sales, where more people buy them every time the president uses the word ‘gun(s).’

As a writer who digs through the trenches looking for confirmation on some of these things, we refer to one article by TheHuffingtonPost which writes about the anxiety and depression of the holidays where they start the first paragraph with:

 “For many people, this time of year is magic.”

A little later she says:

In reality however, this glossy surface is just that. Underneath, many people feel very anxious and depressed. Some of these people suffer with depression and anxiety all year, and others seem to feel it only during the holidays. This often continues well into the new year.

In the article we refer to by TheInquisitr, the writer takes a snapshot of the transition between the old and new year where the faces of celebrities via social media provide some safe haven for those with anxieties and depression, and even show some videos of celebrations in places that have had a ‘rough’ couple, to several years.

[image via Stuart Moreton / Flickr | CC BY 2.0]
“A Snapshot Between the Old and New Year 2016” by incendiaryAmerican is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at Creative Commons License

Are Baltimore’s Recent Animal Cruelty Verdicts Another Hint At City’s Police Problem?

Are there an overwhelming amount of animal cruelty incidents taking place all over the world? Obviously, because one incident is more than enough!

But there are also a lot of good people out there fighting the good fight, cracking down on criminals. The Baltimore, Maryland city government seems to, for the most part, be doing their share. Here in this article, one of our own incendiaryAmericans wrote a post for The Inquisitr, where they refer to two widely reported ‪#‎AnimalCruelty‬ verdicts handed down within a week of each other. (TheInquisitr)

You will likely be disturbed by what you read if you don’t already know about it, but also hopeful, that something is getting done.

Because in these days, we have the power to apply some real pressure here and now, and hopefully, the good people of ‪#‎Baltimore‬ and those outside of it will do their part, along with the Maryland SPCA to keep these terrible incidents down.

That article is centered more around what the City Of Baltimore is doing about animal cruelty cases and at the end of the write up, is a link to a case of animal cruelty which hasn’t been as big as these stories but, reportedly already has 100 charges average racked up against two men.

Of course, go read the article for details on that, but let’s show you this video of the well publicized incident with that police officer.

More specifically, the write-up is about two high-profile people, one of them a public servant and the other, a former player for the Ravens, both institutions of law enforcement and corporate sports acted quickly to distance themselves from both of those guys.

The officer, who was accused of committing a terrible act, as expected, got away scott-free.

Obviusly there’s a lot to be pissed off about here because in an report by WBALTV, just in the way it’s written — even though it’s neutral — the reporting of the facts around the court case is similar to getting sand kicked in the face, when the attorneys defiantly come to the officer’s defense.

Take this part here:

Prosecutors said Bolger slit the dog’s throat in a fit of rage when arriving at the scene, calling it murder. Bolger’s attorneys insist he was only trying to put the dog out of its misery.

After going through a lot of these reports, the idea that Bolger was trying to do the right thing is either a stretch or the same way you would react if you came across a dog, which you restrained and decided to take it upon yourself — if you were an officer of the law — to “put it out of its misery.”

Read the article for what the dog’s owner, Sarah Gossard said about the accusations made against her that she had starved the dog or that she was even rabid.

But the article also follows with this:

‘We are very grateful that the court based it’s decision on the facts, not rumor and gossip that spread on social media, but the facts presented at trial,’ defense attorney Steven Levin said.

The judge made the decision to acquit the officer stating that the witnesses were unreliable and even that the veterinarian who performed the necropsy was biased.

If the final quote we placed here is any indication of how the judge came to their decision, then clearly the fact that Jeffrey Bolger cut the dog’s throat — which isn’t necessarily the ‘go to’ for solving most problems on the streets — is ignored.

Again, no one is saying that he didn’t cut Nala’s throat and even further, the defendant’s attorneys are really trying to sell their sob story for the officer, who had to leave the force over this; because how “dare” people accuse this “great” man who served his country well!

Fuck them.

Also, there’s nothing that says that Sarah Gossard neglected or abused  Nala, which obviously can’t be the case since this story is already a year old and has traveled the world faster than Superman’s gone around it.

Something would have come up by now and that she would even starve Nala? Sarah is a Baltimore bartender. I doubt she’s having problems paying for anything.

But while we’re talking about neglect, the other case mentioned in our post is about a Baltimore football player with plenty of money to throw around, enough to spend on expensive ass animals that he ends up neglecting. At the time he was the center of bad news, he was ditched by the Baltimore Ravens.

What’s interesting about this is the connection we’re making between these two cases, where Terrence Cody gets jail time and the officer is cleared of all charges, in a city that got a lot of attention for it’s racial issues like the death of Freddie Gray, because Cody is black.

The connection is stronger with this new report by The Wall Street Journal where the Fraternal Order Of Police (FOP 3) is mentioned as taking “ultimate responsibility” in paying for the defense of those officers who are charged with Gray’s death, because FOP 3 is the same order who had to make the statement in the WBALTV source we mentioned above, that the officer got his day in court, again, defiantly defending the outcome.

[Featured image of Jeffrey Bolger and attorney by Ian Duncan / Baltimore Sun]

"Expose The Illusion Of Life, With Common Sense"

Monkey thinks, monkey do... thinks!

Two years ago today, I published my first article on the popular elephant journal site, which was the first time I had ever taken writing seriously. But I also needed to get a message out. Something I thought only I knew, that anyone can shake off anxiety using a handful of truths.

It should almost be common sense what these truths are but people are so blocked with their own bullshit, they can’t see it. So I had to get it on man! So do me two favors, first read the article and the other is my request that you ignore the errors cause, that was then and this is now! (elephantJournal)

Is it the Best Beer if you can't drink it?

Samuel Adams Utopias 2011

I’ve got to hand it to the Beer Snob Squad for calling out business insider. As this beer is definitely worth mentioning but to put it on the list of best beer is just wrong wrong wrong!

Beer Snob Squad

Recently I saw a couple of the people I follow on Tumblr posting about a story from Business Insider entitled “The Best Beer from Every State“, and how could I not be curious, so I read it. the first thing I looked at was the publication date, which was 10/06/14, which is good because the information is only 6 months old and most likely still relevant.  I wanted to see if I had been to the breweries or tried any of the beers mentioned, but most of all I was interested to see what they chose for my home state of Massachusetts. I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life and have been seeking out quality craft beers for most of that time, so I was sure I must have tried the “best beer” made in Massachusetts and wanted to see if I’d agree with them. Then I read it,……

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Trevor Noah Should Hire 'The Other' Jon Stewarts

Embed from Getty Images
The power handed over to Trevor Noah is a great one. Along with the change of host, the Comedy Central network is talking about moving in a new direction with a global perspective.

This is likely going to change their target audience and who they target their vitriol at, which means they could end up covering or even working with other Daily Show influenced hosts who are also fighting repression in their countries with satire. If anything, we’ve already seen this work for the Egyptian Jon Stewart, Bassem Youssef, who was forced to shut down his show under great pressure. In this case, it would be a great idea if Trevor Noah simply hired those guys. (Bubblews)

'Fat Guy' Across America Fights Internet Trolls

Travelling a Solitary Road

Travelling a Solitary Road” (Mt. Errigal, Co. Donegal,irl. On the road home from Letterkenny ,my nearest big town) is probably what it looks like for Eric Hites a.k.a “Fat Guy’ across America, who’s fat ass is on his pedal bike. It’s also under License Some rights reserved by Liamfm .

Last week the news media made a big deal about comedian Wyatt Cenac’s revelation about Jon Stewart’s ‘racism’ on the Daily Show where he yelled at Wyatt during a pitch meeting because he had a problem with his impersonation of a Hermain Cain because it was too close to sounding like King Fish.

If you don’t know about it, basically Jon Stewart yelled: “I’m done with you!” at this meeting and went on to blow up into an even bigger thing because it was never really settled. At least not to Wyatt’s satisfaction.

If you want to hear about the real exchange, you should listen to the entire interview to get it in the right context. What I really want to talk about though is the evolving process of how traditional and social media have created a misdirection which is somewhat marketable before the facts come in.

No one really gave much attention to the mentioned podcast before the POTUS interview. Right after that, we saw how quick the mainstream media reported on what he said, which is a given since POTUS is the biggest ‘get’ any show can have.

But now they’re paying attention, as we can see from the reporting of Wyatt Cenac’s interview. In both of these cases though, people who have only gotten a portion of the interviews suddenly have opinions which are marketable if only for a little bit.

For instance, a lot of people who didn’t listen to the Obama interview in its entirety, if at all, were questioned by major media outlets in some cases about the president using the word ‘nigger’ on the podcast.

On a smaller level though, we have the case of Eric Hites a.k.a. “Fat Guy” Across America who was initially covered by The Newport Daily News for doing something rather extraordinary to save his own life and his relationship with his wife, where he’s having to fight off trolls who’ve painted his wife as the bad person in the relationship. (Bubblews)

There’s nothing anyone can do about this but to point out the failings of the news media where they do thorough research in their stories in most cases (or they’re supposed to) and yet they won’t put much value in any real truth and just creating these points where they can stimulate conversation on whatever topic they can find to inflame it to its fullest capacity.

By the way, let me point out that being there is a different thing to comment on altogether as opposed to listening or reading the details. Just so you know!