Les Bohem Uncovers A Stagnant Darkness In ‘Moved To Duarte’

A map to Duarte, California might as well be a map to another dimension where regrets and grievances live. Perhaps Duarte has something similar to the hum in Taos where it drives some people crazy, or in this case, causes them to hold court with their demons. With Les Bohem’s Moved To Duarte, we find him moving in and out of a mosaic of motifs and life experiences which only he seems capable of mastering. Continue reading


Indiana Jones 5 Finally Happens! Don’t Groan, They’re Gonna Do It Right!

(Independent) – Yes, the link we’ve provided to the Independent¬†isn’t just a tease, Indiana Jones 5 is definitely going to happen and just like what we predicted about the sequel to¬†Prometheus, we can already feel the global groan wave a happening.

But I’m pretty much immune to that wave because anyone who thinks the producers should have stopped with Indiana Jones 4, doesn’t know anything about the movie business or how to top a failure with a success.

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