The Big East ‘Hungry Ghosts’ Is 11-Tracks Of Prosperous Cottage-Rock Living

The sound of The Big East has been described by some as yacht rock. According to their official site, they have even taken the initiative in describing themselves as “cottage rock” and/or:

If the Steve Miller Band met the Flaming Lips and jammed down at the dock by the cottage…

which is accurate to a certain point on their new album Hungry Ghosts. Continue reading


Les Bohem Uncovers A Stagnant Darkness In ‘Moved To Duarte’

A map to Duarte, California might as well be a map to another dimension where regrets and grievances live. Perhaps Duarte has something similar to the hum in Taos where it drives some people crazy, or in this case, causes them to hold court with their demons. With Les Bohem’s Moved To Duarte, we find him moving in and out of a mosaic of motifs and life experiences which only he seems capable of mastering. Continue reading

TJ Doyle’s ‘Unconditional’ Single Is His Surrender To Making Sagacious Music

The music of TJ Doyle exceeds all expectations. That you would have any that are less than to expect greatness, is troubling. Get that looked at! Actually, you should just jump right into TJ Doyle’s music because when you do, you’ll encounter all the pleasantries you should expect from any first meeting where you find that you’re in great company. A Continue reading


I feel just like Michael Scott when he finally sees Toby (the Eor of comedic comedicness) is back! Scott’s reaction would be what I did to either candidates victory results.

The motherfuckin underdog comes in like Ric Flair at Wrestlemania EPIC ENTRANCE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS…WOO!(cue the ‘Faith No More’ music).

Get it? Faith no more, Epic, the song, that song the one with the boxing gloves random rain YEAAAAH!lol Continue reading

Don’t Vote Early! Wait For The FBI To Finish Their Investigation!

You know what? Just because I had to watch three videos on YouTube with uninterrupted commercials by Barack Obama telling me to not vote Trump and to Vote Hillary, I’m voting Trump. Fuck you Obama! I told people they would all hate him by the end of his first term throughout his second and all my Facebook friends who backed him up are now part of the DISAPPROVAL statistics. UP YOURS! I was right and you were wrong!

He doesn’t even care about the natives fighting for clean water! He could have stopped it dead, in the water and respected the treaties but he didn’t  Neither does Hillary. As predicted they said natives are slowing down progress, when it is in fact counteractive. We need to be more clean and green like a mean machine that runs on electricity and these fucks want to destroy the environment!

If Hillary wins we will all be dead and the population will be depopulated about 90% so that we can be easily controlled and monitored and also put into FEMA prison camps and MEGACITIES.

FUCK THAT! I don’t want to live in a Judge Dredd movie type life! I’m no prisoner! I’m a free man! And the the land is my home!


[Image by NBC, meme’d by ME!]

Real Zombies

The zombie apocalypse will come, bet your ass! It will not be by fallout or chemical warfare, disease, no, it will be pure hunger.

Good people will die at a high rate, many will lose their minds, hearing voices or hallucinating nonsense eventually getting them killed.

Gangs will probably last the longest but eventually turn on each other and on themselves.

I mean just look at that dude Jeff at work, that motherfucker who just can’t wait to go on a shooting spree during a 2-month blackout or some other disaster as an excuse to try out all the guns he plans on stealing.

A lot of us know other people who will be out to protect and those who prepared. But you must stay away from those prep-workers who make it everyone’s business what their plans are, they will be the first to get robbed as soon as the shit hits the fan and you know it. If you’re gonna prep, do it like a theif. No one should fucking know! Whats the point of having a hiding space EVERYONE knows about?

One of the next things that happens is people start killing and eating house-pets, climbing the walls acting like wild apes, nothing much going on upstairs other than the primal instincts to feed survive and sleep. Next thing you know you’re waking up to your friend Steve nibbling off your damn foot like a camel spider!

These rabid berzerker future man will eventually run out of people to eat and then go extinct being the last to meet the maker.

We’ll eat and kill each other out of existence, our machines will eventually be torn apart by plant life, structures will collapse into their own shadows excluding the temples and pyramids. How many lifetimes have we come and gone while those structures remain as ultra slow disintegrating witnesses?

How many times have they been ‘discovered’ and tampered with?

When will we learn to grow crops again and drag ourselves out of this matrix of plastic artificial surrounding?

Trying to become a society that rejects its instincts and its connection to the planet and wither out of existence.

Get off your phone and go roll in some grass, take your shoes and socks off and walk in some mud or cool dirt, take camping vacations and learn to live off the land you pussies!

Happy Halloween. 🙂