I feel just like Michael Scott when he finally sees Toby (the Eor of comedic comedicness) is back! Scott’s reaction would be what I did to either candidates victory results.

The motherfuckin underdog comes in like Ric Flair at Wrestlemania EPIC ENTRANCE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS…WOO!(cue the ‘Faith No More’ music).

Get it? Faith no more, Epic, the song, that song the one with the boxing gloves random rain YEAAAAH!lol

YOUUUUU WAAANT IIT ALLL BUUUT YOUUUU CAAANT HAAAVE IIIT!!! You know, if Aliens are real they just watch and keep their distance because we are obviously not ready are we? Fuck.No.

The fuckin hair was epic too ANYWAYS, we gotta talk about this shit right? The fucking ass-hole did it, it was a million to one odds and he just took it by two whiskers. Ok, they’re probably synthetic but hey who wants to go bald? I have nightmares dudes, either clumps just fallin out or I’m starin into a mirror looking at Mr. Patchydome Mcgee.

Whatever, he got damn lucky you saw the numbers, he wont get a second term fuck him, don’t worry about shit cause you’re all registered up know and have a little power like voting on Med. Mj. Good job on that guys cause it’s getting to where it should have been in the 60’s. You can be heard if you occupy meetings, hearings all the ings.

In one way I feel like I know what America just did, they don’t hate women. You know what America just did? America voted against war…war and Armageddon if the bible is right about the 3rd WW being the final one, then maybe, maybe…when it does come it will have probably been us who bombed ourselves into extinction. Then we meet up there for the life inspection interrogation at the pearly gate with ol St. Peter.

That’s my theory, I hope that’s what most of us did. Yeah some of these people were racist but you know fucking what, it just goes to show how damn racist some of America is on EVERY side. I bet $50 Hillary will have Trump killed.

You Clinton fanatics that are tearing shit up are probably the ones these infomercials are aimed at, you know the ones, they have such a hard time using a q-tip they stab their eardrum like they’re using an ice pick.

You know what? Fuck it, I’m blaming this on the Ghostbusters remake piece of shite that came with the tasty peanuts embedded. I bet if a 10-year-old girl saw it, it would be more around her taste in slapstick comedy excluding the queef joke which was most likely just improvised, as we know that they are sketch artists who do improv and we know improv isn’t always killin’.

This movie had some funny moments but they were just overshadowed by the sexism and manhating, by displaying us as assholes, pussies or so far beyond retard they’ve gone to plaid. Chris Hemsworth was funny cause he could deliver the lines convincingly but his stupidity was too stupid and women aren’t displayed like that unless it’s a parody…or porno… and this wasnt a parody but it feels like one. The only part I like to think I have a cool theory about is Bill Murray’s character, I thought it would be a cool twist they could’ve used. What if this is a continuance of the last movie, only the original team is out of the game and are made to keep quiet and be shamed as hoaxers, to discredit anyone claiming the existence of ghosts and the ghostbusters, paid by the FBI. And keeping it quiet wasnt hard since the public just believes whatever the media tells them, sound familiar? How does no one pull out a phone to record the horror that just drowned them all? 

That’s just bad movie making dude. This movie easily missed an audience level past 13 year olds and made a very obvious nod to Feminazi’s with a GIRL POWER warcry, right in the ghostnuts.

They didn’t even bother with some lesbianism from the character played by Kate Mckinnon, the only one who was actually funny as hell. To me it feels like they aimed for the kids to turn them into these despicable fem-villains we see today spewing hate and using the excuse that they are a woman after they act extra crazy as to why you aren’t allowed to take a tone, talk back or mirror what they just did, shit you can’t even say hello without gettin hit with a restraining order.

No ‘Do unto others’ for these biznitches they pick and choose when to be equal according to the situation, this pussy ass trend needs to die. These Diaper pin wearing safespace crybaby slothlike fuckery fucks need to be stopped before they bring Martial law! We should know what that’s like, we make movies about it every year trying to warn people the dangers of these possible paths. These idiots will probably join BLM in the racewar and the streets will flow with the blood of the non believers.

You need to realize that the world is a harsh place to live and men don’t ask for as much help while annoying the shit out of people just to cower in fear and get angry that someone pushed back. We just go through our shit and work at jobs we hate.

JLongbone made my favorite reaction to a reaction video in her reaction to the feminist reaction video, re: FEMINIST GHOSTBUSTERS REVIEW on YouTube…Lol, read that shit outloud really, really fast fuckers!

So how do I end this, sort of, honest rant now? I say sorry Hillary lovers, I know you really had your hopes up and got your hearts broken. Yes, it would be cool to have a woman president someday, but crazyface just wasn’t my cup of coffee flavored sugar. If you want a comparison, 50+ people associated with the Clintons have died, just like in the movie The Omen. All the death surrounding Damien was just as eerie as what surrounds Hillary and she’s got that look that kills.

  1. Also I didn’t vote for the Cheeto in the taupe, fuck him too. Its fucked up. How all this was predicted by the mass unappreciated conspiracy theorists, we told you they would spark racewars and you fuckers just fell for it like there was a taco on a plate under a box labelled ‘freedom taco supremedom’. There would have been morons rioting regardless of which candidate had won. I believe that in my Texas sized Mexican heart.

Be excellent to each other, the world is ending soon so get wasted and LEGALIZE!!!

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