The Charleston A.M.E. Church's Pitch Of Faith

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Jonathan Weisman of the New York Times wrote an article about the storied history of the Charleston church where nine people were killed in a mass shooting.

In the article it’s mentioned that a prayer vigil took place at the Morris Brown A.M.E Church nearby where:

A street minister, Mark Irvin, implored “all European-Americans, all non-African-Americans, whether you think your ancestors are innocent or guilty, bring yourselves to ask forgiveness from the Lord.

In keeping track of my travels on the internet, I left a comment on another article by the Dallas News regarding this very thing, where even during a tragedy, someone representing some faith based organization is trying to sell their faith-based initiative to anyone who’ll buy it.

Here’s the commensation from that post:

Comments About The Community And The Church

Yes, there’s a lot of talk about the church and its purpose in the New Testament. Actually, one section of it is devoted to letters written to many churches about how it has lapsed in its roll. To compare this to another recent event over the confederate flag on Texas state license plates, as the government’s document, they make the decision as to how that document is used so can the church do it to indoctrinate others.

But isn’t there a way out of that loop? Of course there is! A tragic event such as that mass shooting inspires people to unite, mourn and console each other. People who aren’t even religious are standing together with those who are in solidarity but it’s also crystal-fucking-clear that it’s an opportunity for church leaders, to take advantage of this in order to guilt trip others or somehow worm their way into gaining new members for their church.

And we’re okay with this?

UPDATE: 9:21 PM – CST: Title for post was corrected and changed from Charleston Churchs’ A.M.E. Faith Pitch to The Charleston A.M.E. Church’s Pitch Of Faith.


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