The Practicality Of Baby Moose Killing

Camper Josh Hohm and his baby moose pal.

Camper Josh Hohm and his baby moose pal.

Pretty disturbing to wake up to news that park officials from the Gallatin National Forest responded to a call from a camper — who had reported an orphaned baby moose in the area — by euthanizing it and then blowing up the remains.

Actually, it wasn’t as recent as today, this story might have first been published within the details of an article by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on the 29th of May about a forest service trail supervisor having a dynamite job. To be fair to the Chronicle, it doesn’t appear that they knew the baby moose had been euthanized as the report just reads:

A cow moose and two calves had died near the West Boulder Campground, 30 miles southwest of Big Timber. In a single blast, all three disappeared before they could attract bears.

Again, referring to the original sources for this story, the Bozeman Daily also published a story from the camper who made the call, Josh Hohm.

Go through and read those for yourself, but one thing is pretty clear from the last article; when the fact that the Fish, Wildlife and Parks official Andrea Jones says:

We don’t move or rehabilitate moose.

even if they didn’t intend to, comes across as defiant, where it’s something they don’t do, period.

That also goes for elk and deer, animals that are likely too common to waste any time rehabilitating anyway? And I’m reminded of the debate over the hunting of the white rhino where some say they need to be hunted to conserve them versus just letting them live.

It all comes down to money. If no one has the cash to nurture and rehabilitate these animals to give them a chance, then it’s just making it very clear that if someone doesn’t do something, then we obviously don’t want to go through the trouble.


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