Potential bullshit charges against Bowe Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl is a hero, for telling the U.S. military to go fuck itself. There, I said it.


USA PFC BoweBergdahl ACU Cropped

In a recent phone interview on All Things Considered, an army medic from Berghahl’s squad expressed anger at Bowe demanding that he be held accountable for abandoning his post five years ago, mostly because of the deaths of six soldiers who were specifically looking for Bergdahl after he disappeared.

Obviously the concern is that he just wasn’t loyal to the U.S. War in Afghanistan enough to stick around.

Bowe Bergdahl is a hero.

Anyone with common sense would do the same.

But those lives that were lost, would have been lost anyway whether they went to look for Bowe or not, and not because of why he abandoned his post but to hold him accountable for doing so.

Maybe the question should be whether they would have searched for him differently whether he abandoned his post for good or bad reasons, or if he had been kidnapped.

This same sentiment was expressed by the…

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Dallas' hidden cash hunt was a creepy social experiment

I hope no one I know fell for this thing?


Early Monday morning, I did what ever well-rounded mainstream dope does in this country and turned on the T.V. to the mainstream news.

Local affiliates are generally packed full of weather and traffic reports but to change things up a bit, they mentioned that the well-known hidden cash hunt was coming to Dallas and would take place at 6PM that evening.

It took seconds of hesitation before I changed the channel.

I’m human enough to be interested but rational enough to know it’s a waste of time.

A waste of time because they said the envelopes would be placed around Victory park, the city’s perfect world kit section of the city.

It’s a place where you can buy a shitty Heineken for nine dollars, where the Mavericks hold court, restaurants are at selfie-distance from lofts and the WFAA news studio has a panoramic view of the whole thing.

It’s basically a real…

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The working class versus the businesses class

Let’s say we start this civil war soon? Even though we’re considered small business, we’re really behind the workers for this increase.


Haven’t we had enough of this anti-minimum wage rhetoric? If you’ve been paying attention, than it’s pretty clear the business class is trying to dominate the conversation. They don’t get my sympathy on this and hopefully you don’t sympathize either. Click image to read post and help fund this small business, which is just one person who knows their limitations, unlike these dopes!

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"The Bowe Bergdahl exchange is such a non-story"

So this thing is still happening?


When news about this exchange took place, I knew it was going to do what it did; get the media hungry conservatives to launch attacks on the Obama administration for releasing five terrorists.

Knowing this and watching it play out exactly that way is embarrassing to watch.

Simply because we should be better than that, and we’re not.

I’m going to make a very real generalization as say there are two bases of opinion here.


Politicians against the nation

The first comes from the American people, who just want their family together and the politicians who want thrive off the double standard.

John McCain is one of the few who right on camera tries to congratulate the family and then starts stabbing war weary Americans with how it was done.

Then there are right-wing spooks like Mike Rogers who leads the party on the spy and national threat factor…

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