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Everyone from all over the world should pool their finances and take a flight to Nigera to go get these girls, instead of this hashtag bull shit!


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Having some technical problems which won’t be resolve until the end of the week. Will be back this coming weekend at the earliest, Monday at the latest. Go check this out in the meantime if you haven’t already.

Organasm | 0.32 : Denton tonight and Q and A with Kenny Uptain


We’re back with another organasm. The last one we did was a little over six years ago (not much to see), but we’re bringing it back to focus on some of the best new shit here in sync with the shows. Stuff I love and since we’re still in soft mode, we’re going to do it slowly.

Aria: A Tess records anthology image is from

To put things in context, I used to have a bunch of CDs years ago, and I’m not talking about garbage music either, which is hard to believe being that I collected then as impulse buys in the 90’s.

Good taste is like a good guitar; if it’s built with a dovetail joint, it can be repaired for durability, but if it’s a hastily put together glue job then good luck on making that last. Eventually, you’re just gonna have to buy a guitar with a dovetail joint. You get what I’m saying here?

My collection had some hard-to-find stuff, including the only one compilation that Tess records ever released called Aria. Well, to my knowledge and apparently the internet’s from what I can tell. It hardly left my car’s CD player and kept me company on long drives to rural parts of town.

Dense on atmosphere, a low lying cloud at night made this stuff even better and Wiving captures that experience in vivid detail. Check out bodytalk below and tell me that doesn’t do something to you. For the time being, download that and go take a drive.

Only they know if they’re living a lie, but I doubt it. The article we referenced makes their sexual preference pretty clear, and shame on you for assuming too much, so we don’t want to dwell on it. But they can’t deny, they’re the only ones doing that. So Wiving has been a long time coming and I love the shit out of them. I’m just glad we have them and you don’t!

A Woman’s Touch. How Liz and Heather Larsen Discovered A Whole New Musical World. By Cory on Friday, March 14, 2014 at 1:02 PM

It takes a special type of mindset to pull off this darkwave. You’ve got to know your shit, and Pleasure Principle sure as shit do. They’ll be with Wiving tonight, performing with touring band Curse (Baltimore).

Pleasure Principle

These guys will also be sharing the stage with Wiving, Curse, and the already very well known Pinkish Black. This is going to be big and grey in epic proportions and PP isn’t overkill.

I mean, look at the dynamics here. Pleasure Principle has more a pop oriented approach but they… oh shit! For a second, they remind me of Electric Hellfire Club and front line assembly! So maybe they have a more industrial feel for their sound, and while these soundcloud files try to give you a better feel for what they’re like, it looks more like it’s a project you have to see live.

And you thought Texas was all about shit-kickers and Bibles. Pffft. Stay tuned for more info on all of these guys.

Alright guys. Start making plans to see them tonight at Rubber Gloves. Click this link for details. If you already know, then move along.

Q&A w/ Kenny Uptain (Foxtrot Uniform)

This Wednesday Foxtrot Uniform played their first of a series of shows at the Sundown next to Granada. I asked my mom to get out of my room and leave me alone, and then I told her she was ruining my life. Then I probed Kenny Uptain for information, to make sure he couldn’t see what I was thinking through my tin foil sombrero.
I don’t really have one. I’m a fraud.
Anyway. Since Wednesday nights are 1/2 whiskey nights at the Sundown, I figured I would ask about his drink preference.
Z.D: What’s your drink of choice and how does Dallas’ drink drunk crowd look from the stage?

K.U: Whiskey straight. No preference. Dallas’ drunk crowd always looks real pretty.

This guy’s the real deal. No preference, huh? Foxtrot Uniform used to hold more members from different bands but since they’re down to a trio, I wanted to see what Kenny thought about turn over.

Z.D: Damn yeah! Would you say that the ‘turn around’ of musicians in Foxtrot is handled professionally, or do you guys still go through the same drama every one else does? Basically, I assume everyone is pretty much grown up when you deal with that now?

K.U: I suppose it would depend on how the member takes it. We’ve been lucky to deal with grown ups. It’s all done to make the band a better and stronger group. Never to knock someone down.

He’s out there, with the people. Being that I haven’t left my apartment in months, I wanted to know if the bearded hipster-Ozarkians are still out there.

Z.D: Do you think music for beardos is at it’s peak? Do you get the sense that beardos are choosing the razor over their bikes?

K.U: I’m happy to say I don’t even know what a beardo is.

Enough about society. Time to get to the topic of the aural arts…

Z.D: The composition of a song is not only different per person and per band, but do you set any goals as to how many songs you feel you need to write and when?

K.U: Sometimes I feel pressure to get out new material, but to me it’s done best when I feel like I have something to say.
… and my place in the world. 
Z.D: What’s your impression of this guy sending you cheesy questions via email? (oh yeah, forgot to tell you, I’m a dude: deep voice)
K.U: Good punctuation.
I’m thinking in terms of that mindset where musicians are trying to ‘make it big’. 
Z.D: I’m going to assume that the our society has changed in such a way that you don’t have to float a job in let’s say, construction and a band at the same time these days. As a musician with a very real band, image and songs. Would you say that you’re any closer to living the life of a working and well-respected musician than you might have been a decade or more ago?K.U: Sure. I’m not positive what it was like a decade ago but somehow we found a way to exist and make money as a band, I’m sure that it was never easy.

I couldn’t help but think that bands and musicians are aiming for something that isn’t there.
Z.D: Is the music scene just an illusion or is it very real?K.U: It’s 100% real. We’ve played for years and was never recognized and supported until the “music scene” did.

I take the rotgut anytime.
Z.D: Are you too good for saloon well whiskey, the kind where they add turpentine to it for color?K.U: Hell no. I prefer it.

Where does all that music come from?
Z.D: What about your musical influences? Who are/were you thinking about when you first wanted to write songs and what are you listening to now?K.U: I was big on blues, old country, soul, southern rock and more.
As far as when I first started writing songs, it was lyrically influenced the most by Lynyrd Skynyrd & Jimi Hendrix. Now, I’m still into everything mentioned with a greater knowledge of bands and techniques.

What are Kenny’s priorities? You know, the stuff we all take seriously. 
Z.D: What’s your feeling about life right now and what you see for foxtrot in the near future?K.U: My feeling towards life is sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. That’s just life. As for Foxtrot, I see it continuing to grow and it will forever be a steady working band as long as we’re able to do it.

I figured, why not bring up Star Wars?
Z.D: What would you say if I told you that my actual first star wars theater experience was The Phantom Menace? And what would you say If I told you I was legitimately excited?
K.U: We’ll this tells me two things. First, you’re not old. Second, you’re not crazy. We were all excited.
Right on Kenny. Right on. Now. Whether you’re in Dallas or anywhere else, get dressed and GO SEE SOME SHOWS!

Commentary: "The Truth behind the Truth of the Ukraine Crisis 2014"

Two types of people love comment boards, libertarians and the unemployed. Here’s some some spill over from CNN’s disqus world.


“I have been posting rather prolifically on CNN’s Disqus forum in regards to the Ukraine Crisis. I felt there needed to be an objective voice of reason amidst a sea of anti-US, conspiracy theorists, and propagandists. I thought that if I could bust their lies with fact, that they would stop or that people would see the truth. I was wrong, but I was also vindicated.” – B.McKinney. 

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"BRONCHO is proof, you can start a band anytime you want"

BRONCHO plays “Try Me Out Sometime” and “I Don’t Really Want To Be Social” from Nathan Poppe on Vimeo.

The story on these guys is that their start was so casual that it didn’t occur to them to start a band until after the songs were practically done. All they needed (strategically speaking) was for someone to move fast, so fast that bassist Ford booked their first show before the rest of the band knew about it.

My first impulse when I read this was to see if Ford was still a member. Not that I would think that they aren’t seasoned professionals, timid for a first time gig at short notice. But it was just a fifteen minute set, and with a very supportive music scene, they have no reason to be nervous. Here is Dallas we’ve  become familiar with BRONCHO since 2010, and even farther back when Ryan Lindsey was with the now defunct indie rock favorite The Starlight Mints.

BRONCHO” is under License Some rights reserved by garann

The state of Texas could take a lesson on border security from our relationship with Oklahoma (just in case you need help, it’s that state North of Texas), where the flow is talent is consistent, and not just with any bands but some of the best. BRONCHO is rightly in the same league as other OK greats, and in that climate, a band can’t help but be raised right.

This band has the right natural rhythm to collaborate like they have. There’s no reason to think they rush anything in their process. As a matter of fact, they’ve been talking up their sophmore release for a few years now but have only just re-released their critically acclaimed debut album “Can’t Get Past The Lips*.(1)


I’m sure they didn’t mind being compared to seventies rock greats but, come on people! The seventies ended over thirty years ago. We need a clean slate where we accept BRONCHO for what they are, a band that’s easily earning it’s own way, on it’s own terms. Sure, they have that three-chord punk simplicity, and it shows but that’s as primal as a Teabilly in a white sheet. Just as natural as a Republican with a hunting license. Like a conservative and a red button in the same room. They’re gritty and pretty at the same time, with a pop sensibility that makes their songs lighthearted and  hearing them makes you feel good about life. You can’t help but nod in agreement as they unravel a story through their song, telling you how it is.

Which reminds me that if you can corner some truth in your life and share that with others, it might be something that can only come with age, you can be patient and start a band anytime you want. Can you believe, I threw a bass guitar at a band mate one time? Boy oh boy, to have a chance to do that again But these guys are real and they formed and stayed together because they are.

I want to forget the fact that BRONCHO is the perfect opener for GOASTT at Club Dada tonight. I see these guys as real and steadfast a people as they come who have something real to say. I’m say that because I sure as shit can’t stand the Beatles anymore. For my ear, I need to feel alive and not feel the looming presence of a great ghost.

DOWNLOAD: I Don’t Really Want To Be Social“,“Try Me Out Sometime” (3)

*maybe this is there take on the flaming lips?

1. “BRONCHO can’t get past the lips” (

2. “OKS Chatter: Ryan Lindsey” (

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4. Parade of Flesh presents . . .The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger / Broncho (