'New Year Resolution: 2013'

As 2012 draws to a close we kinda look back at this year and think… what the fuck just happened!? There were the ups and downs but there is a sense that we were just waiting for something to happen and it never did. Maybe we should just finish our drink or eat that double fried widow-maker you’re already halfway done with and just get into the mood of waiting for something to happen. It’s gonna happen, just give it time! Here are a few things that are going to happen here.

Speaking in the 3rd person here, we are currently involving projects that only we make and control under this moniker of The Incendiary Witchboard, and we are very excited about the ideas that we’ve had in development for this next year. To begin with, The Night of the Snakehorse series is in development. This involves a lot of writing and planning to be consistent and toward the end of the year, there have been some delays and things have slowed down a bit, but the series is getting done and we hope you enjoy what you have seen so far! We are having fun making them and viewers have given a lot of positive feed back.

The podcast is also delayed. We’re holding off until the new year to get it going again and we promise a lot of great content on the way.

The plan for the next year of 2013 is to make this name a solid brand name that we can stand behind completely and proudly display, if you are viewing this now then you are the first ones to be a part of this development. We strongly encourage you to subscribe to keep track of our earliest supporters. We are working on some incentive for this but we do want to get started now.

This next year is going to be fucking awesome!

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